Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mail CAN be GOOD! So Pay-It-Forward!

Usually when I receive mail, it holds things like, "Payment Due" or "Reminder" about this or that, or "In need of a Hearing Aide?" some how I am on the mailing list for Medicare and Hearing Aide supplies...(yea, my husband gets a kick out of that--my parents don't even receive hearing aide mail...can someone say, PUNK'D?)

Well not lately...

All those that were like, "Shelle, get a life! Blogging is going to take you no where!"

Can move into my line of spit...because even though it has TAKEN me NO WHERE...I'll concede on that point...

It has supplied me with MANY laughs and it makes me feel popular in a middle-class-popular kind of way...

Plus...I have started to WIN things and RECEIVE them in the MAIL!!! It's like the Price is Right except without PLINKO, LIGHTS, and TV...oh, and the WHEEL...

Last month I entered at MOMSHOTS.COM and received a VERY helpful photography book!

Then I entered this SPOOK-A-RAMA contest with CRASH Test Dummies site as one of the hosts, HER being the other...and was one of the qualifiers for the FUNNY SPOOK STORY category--

I was FIRST loser to JEN (because she stuffed the ballot...and her Aunt's Husband's Nephew was on the panel...just saying) and here is how she spent her money...Keep in mind I would have spent it on the starving pigs in New Guinea...

But when MY prizes came in the mail from SeriouslySOBlessed...who CARES about money?

Relief Society sisters went BIZERK over this t-shirt at SUPER SAT!!! Thanks!

And this BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork came in the mail that I have FALLEN IN LOVE WITH... (my video Catwalk I recordedof my children showing it off wasn't working)...that will come later...so I snatched this pic of what Vanessa does over at A Fanciful Twist...

She's AMAZING...believe me...you NEED to look her up and get some stuff!!!

Then I jumped in and tried to be one of the TOP THREE commenters to win this camera STRAP by MOMSHOTS.COM again...and guess what! I did...I commented as fast as I could and was one of the top three!

This is what it looked like...except for different material...
THIS material! Believe me...when I get my video I did of my models, modeling this stuff, you will be FULLY impressed! Thanks Jessica!!!
So now I want to continue to Pay-IT-Forward...so in order to participate all you need to do is be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and be willing to Pay-IT-Forward also!!!
So if you are NOT willing to continue with the fun...then don't comment until I get my FIRST THREE okay?

Now being that I have NO time for crafty or creative...and with Photography I only pretty much shoot People...I have decided to give away something I'm passionate about...and that is AMAZON.COM!!!

First three commenters get a $10.00 AMAZON.COM card. If you've never purchased something from AMAZON you might be weary of winning this because it's totally addicting and I'm not even getting PAID to say that!

K...Be one of the FIRST THREE commenters and win the card...other than that...

What have YOU won?




mrsb said...

LOL, I just finished mailing off the last of my Pay It Forwards. Might as well jump in for some more!

Susan said...

Ok...this is my first pay it forward - tried yesterday but missed top 3 commenters by like 100 people on another site!!! Can you help give me some past ideas so I can be creative and kind in paying it forward to new blogger friends!!!??? Thanks!

Annette Lyon said...

Am I seriously #3? (YES! Unless someone else is commenting right now . . . better hurry!) I've won a book and a few other things before. I'll definitely be doing a giveaway soon.

Barbaloot said...

Ouch-#4. I feel like a part of me just died...
Okay-I'm not that dramatic, but still. Bummer. I commented though, so that whoever else is after me won't feel bad being the first loser:)

Marie said...

So sad that I didn't make your top 3. Bo-Ho!

But I will comment anyway because I love ya! I have won a few things on blogs. I won a scrapbooking challenge on one site and got scrapbooking supplies (not much, just a little envelope of stuff). On another scrapping site I won a stamp.

And that is all that I have won as of now. But I have been putting in my two cents for all sorts of giveaways. Most specifically for this cool blogger who does a contest called "Don't you hate it when" where I get to share some totally non-interesting things about my life in a funny way. But I haven't won there yet either. Only time will tell if I am worthy enough of such recognition.

Candid Carrie said...

One of my favorite prizes was winning you as a friend ;)

McEwens said...

I am not the first three, BUT I am a winner! Ed McMan told me so.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That t-shirt is so hilarious! I bet a lot of Mormon ladies can relate to that. I, however, never started on diet, so no need to get off.

I won a painting by Art-n-Sewl and I'm in love with it!


DARN IT!!! I missed it! I really wanted a prize! oh well, better luck next time!

Kristina P. said...

I have won gift cards from TAMN, a $25 gift card, cupcakes, and an iPod Shuffle. Yay!

Nan said...

Well... the COOLEST thing I ever won on a blog contest... just came by Fed X last night! I didn't realize it was for me, because my husband was expecting medicine that comes that way, so.. I just set it aside! DAH! When he went to open it last night he said "This isn't my medicine, it's addressed to you."

So... the coolest thing I ever won? My Shuffle from Shelle! It's charging as I write this. Thanks Shelle! I started walking today with a neighbor, but when she doesn't go, I will be rockin' now!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

I've NEVER WON ANYTHING!!!! I am losing my patience too. I am cursed in the whole blogland giveaway thing. I NEVER win...whaaaaaah...poor me...lol!

Glad you got Vanessa's print. Which one did she send you? She is fab.

Amanda said...

Did I read that right? You posted this at 4:01 AM?!! AM means in the morning, right?

Crazy lady.

Jessica said...

Man I wanna be popular in a middle class kind of way too! :) I loved that phrase, by the way.

It took like 4 hours for me to get my three people. I'm popular in a street bum kinda way I think...


devri said...

oops too late, oh well next time,

you got some pretty cool stuff there lady!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

What a good idea! But that darn time change in Hawaii! We're always lagging behind.

I tied once in a Don't You Hate it When contest!

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the quilt.

Scary Mommy said...

Wow, that's awesome!!! I won a bottle of bbq sauce. That's my claim to fame. Wow, I feel like a loser, in a middle school kinda way ;)

Sher said...

Drat! i'm too late! That's what I get for not reading any blogs for 2 days.
The ONLY things I've ever won from a blog giveaway are hairbows from Devri. They are awesome, and my girls love them!

binks said...

Wow - nowhere even remotely close to top 3.
What happened to me? I feel so out of the loop.
It's okay, I have no idea what I was suppose to do anyway. I am brain dead.
I won some cool, patriotic ceramic spoon rest and candle holders and stuff and a fantabulous print from Vanessa.
And once I came close to a PW giveaway.
I was only 11,397th place.
Darn, so close.

Tiff said...

Congrats on winning such cool loot!
So far I've won a couple of awesome books and a beautiful print from another bloggy friend.
I wish I could quit my job and just spend all my time signing up to win stuff!

Kritta22 said...

Holy moley! Top 3 huh? I should have your blog set up so it updates to my phone...any ideas on how to do that?
I love this pay it forward stuff....so fun!
I was just asked yesterday by a friend what I have won and I couldn't remember all the stuff so I'm going to try and list it all. Remember you asked!
1. Twilight series for YOU! (Thanks)
2. Drama Queen series books
3. Shoes for Connor
4. Water for food storage
5. candy
6. Halloween decorations
7. Soccer Mom DVD
I think there is more but I seriously can't remember. How ungrateful am I?! I'm sorry if I didn't list yours everybody!

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