Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where I talk to PeePs about love...

This is a day to go down in history.

The day that I talked to my daughter about love.

Picture taken by FunnyFace Photography.


Me: While doing my hair, out of the corner of my eye, I see PeePs walk by and say, "PeePs, I love you..." in my best mother drawl.

PeePs: "I don't love you." I hear her say as she walks into her bedroom.

Me: Not to worried about it, I shrug and say, "That's rude..." in my best...should be astonished voice.

PeePs: "When you take me to McDonalds then I will love you." In her fairy-high-squeaky-voice.

Me: WOW...now I'm bugged, "PeePs! That is not where you take someone when you love them...have I taught you nothing? McDonalds is a trashy way to tell someone you love them. If you are going to show your love to someone and REALLY show you care for them you take them somewhere a little classier than MCDONALDS. Listen up PeePs and listen well...you take people to Wendy's. Got it?"-***Shakes head***

PeePs: "OOOOkkkkaaayy Mom...can I get a chocolate frosty when we go?"

Me: "No I gotta go to work...Mammy is taking you to McDonald's. Have fun 'kay?"

And here I thought I had taught her better. I mean she has been on this Earth for 3 years...3 YEARS people...that's enough time to know the difference? Wouldn't you say?

I better double check her seat belt on the airplane the next time we fly...maybe she doesn't follow that Etiquette rule either!!!

I'm so ashamed!

Did your talk go any better with your kids? This raising them stuff is hard!



P.S. If you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

P.S.S.--Results just in...CONGRATS Crash--you DUMMY! You get the Quilt and the Amazon.com $25.00 gift card!!! :)


Jen said...

Oooooo, in my family love = Taco Bell.

But Wendy's is good too, and DOWN with McDonald's!!

Kristina P. said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

Kritta22 said...

She is so gorgeous!

Love in our family is Papa Murphy's. With pop and cinnamon bread. That's time well spent!
Although when I was prego my hubby would bring me home a McFlurry and I pretty much kissed the ground he walked on. (If I could have bent down that far!)

binks said...

I love that face on Peeps.
Such doubt and distain.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiff said...

Yep, raising kiddos is TOUGH, but you do such a great job of it!
Congrats to Crash Test Dummy!!! Wow, way to go!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's cute! I agree, you don't take them to McDonalds. ANY other place is better!

Happy Thanksgiving!

mrsb said...

Dude. Really? In my house love means a double chocolate chip frappacino from Starbucks. With whip.


Shannon said...

PeePs is so darn cute.

Little Miss does the same thing... "I only love you if you buy me this/ take me here/ let me do that/ etc."

Outnumbered2to1 said...

First, the picture is gorgeous. You have to enter it into some contest and actually win something with it.

Second, I could not agree with you more. The night my boyfriend treated me to a spicy chicken combo with a side salad and diet coke, I knew I'd marry him one day. And I did.

Annette Lyon said...

I agree--Wendy's over McDonalds's. Can't convince the rest of the family of that--just #3. She and I know what true love is. :D

georgie said...

she is just so so so precious!!!! and yes Wendys beats McDonalds any day!
Hope you have a Happy thanksgiving!

Karen said...

your so funny! thats why we need to hang out more!! long time no see! happy thanksgiving!

Karen said...

uh whoops shelle, i guess i'm signed on as my mom!! haha your like who the heck is karen?!?! it's brooke, ya know....the one that lives by ya!!

Lara said...

That picture of her is to die for!

And I SO agree. McDonald's is awful...Wendy's is totally where it's at. I've been training my husband for 10 years and he still doesn't quite get it. Sigh.

Aubrey said...

Wen-DYs. Woot-Woot. *in my best gangsta voice*

Barbaloot said...

If someone took me to McDonald's for breakfast then I would kind of love them. A lot.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh... your daughter is absolutely beautiful... and with personality too?!!! Such a cute story... have a great Thanksgiving!

Natalie said...

She IS strikingly beautiful! Now, as far as the McDonald's vs. Wendy's thing... my vote is for Jack In the Box. Just sayin'...

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Love the picture of Peeps ... great conversation.

Natalie Sue said...

So cute, so funny!

Pat said...

I agree totally, Wendys is so much better than McDonalds. And way to indoctrinate her young that food = love.
Have a great turkey day.

Kritta22 said...

COngrats Crash!!

Shelle- I'm soooooo sorry for stupid people! I can't believe people are so rude some times. I do hate that. I'm so sorry you even add to write a post like that. Totally just so dumb.

Thanks to whoever wrote the email for ruining it for us all...note the sarcasm!! You guys are mean and rude. Don't follow me either!

Shelle-I hope you have a great turkey day. I'm so grateful for you and all you do!! I heart you lots!

Mariko said...

I know you closed the comments on the latest post, so I'm posting on this one! HA HA!
Only thing I have to say is "hear hear!"
My husband's first response to any story about annoying people is, "Let's go throw rocks at them!"
I love your contest. I'm sad that it might end. You should still have it, just without prizes. 'Cause I love reading the stories.

Mariah said...

Burger king is the bomb, for sure!! :) Sorry about the whole contest mess, I hate when stuff like that happens. The internet is weird

Nan said...

OK, I haven't commented in a while, don't want to be a "lurker" LOL, first off, this picture is too cute! Also, just like the commercial, "Wendy's is WAAAAY better then 'fast food'!!"

Secondly, I am sorry about the out come of the contest, I know you have a prize to give from me, if you would rather not run the contest any longer, consider it my gift to you if you choose not to hold it any longer, you keep the purse and consider it your payment for the frustration, but I'm with Mariko in that I hate to see the contest end, there's too many great 'don't you hate it when' moments out there that would go unheard if it ends!

I'd like to see the 'DYHIW" moments to still be featured, just do away with the contest part and then everyone wins, we get to laugh our butts off at each others funny or embarrassing moments with no competition to spoil it. Or.... hee hee... you COULD let who ever donates the prize for that month be the final vote!! Hee hee.... I'd be glad to pick one next month.... of course, there would be none of my friends or family who could participate! Anyway, sorry this became a negative for you. Hugs, Nan

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I agree with Barbaloot. McDonald's breakfasts are da bomb!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Daughter: cute and cantankerous
DYHIW: Hilarious. Please don't quit because of haters.
Haters: Nast.
McDonald's: Nastr. Or nas-t-er.

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