Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TimeLess Tuesday

May 20, 2008

A lot of COOL people have Flashback Friday...and I might go ahead and do that also...like when I get cool...but I thought, what is more timeless than a picture? I know, as much as anyone that grew up in the 80's-- early 90's, that TIMELESS brings on a whole new meaning! What better way to blackmail someone than to capture them in a picture, especially if they grew up in the time era that I did!

Let's face it...our parents generation was classic and brought about a lot of our free thinkers if you will, but it started going downhill about the 70's...but then they make sitcoms like "That 70's Show" and it makes that era cool...and I'm all for the 80's movies back in the day...but come on, that generation will never be CLASSY, sorry...it's just how it is...but it makes looking back at pictures more fun, it brings joy to ones life by looking back and seeing how ridiculous we dressed and looked! I love it, and I have tons, if not gargantuous amounts of humiliating, yet funny, pictures of me growing up...

You may want to bring a trash can by your side...just in case...and especially if you are pregnant and prone to morning sickness...these images may disturb you and you may want to skip my Timeless Tuesday posts from now on...because I feel a need to document my upbringing...pointing out the good and the bad...
I mean...
What's a blog for, if not for journaling?

As much as I aspire to make millions off my blog so that I can sit and enjoy hours of computer time without feeling guilty, I understand that I am just not THAT interesting, yet, I still have hope. I understand that I don't live on a REALLY cool cattle ranch to document raising cattle and kids, or have a romantic love story like her; nor do I have crazy writing skills, like extremely good and funny, and a grudge against a certain religion which is to remain unamed, to write about (okay not sure if she has a grudge, but she is not for the religion by any means) as she does...
I know, I am just plain envious...
so I have decided that I will document my past, at LEAST once a week with really bad pictures, some good, of growing up; and the fun, scary, and humiliating experiences that come along with them! At least for my TimeLess Tuesday's, and when I'm cool, I'll throw in a FlashBack Friday...but I want to try and make that a VIDEO FlashBack Friday, because I also have A LOT of those...my mom LOVED camera's!

Just remember when looking at these photos that this was the year of our LORD 1990 and I can't be blamed for things my Mom introduced to me as COOL! In other words, I didn't have a choice...my mom bought my clothes...LOVE YOU MOM!

This picture above is of Dance Masta, Suns Fan #2, and ME...my sisters...we were told to do a jazz number. Dance Masta made it up, and my younger sister and I had got to do it and perform it with her.

Let's just say, on average, that I tended to blank when out on the Dance Floor...and...if my body hadn't memorized the steps so that it could go into shut down mode...I always, always, messed everything up! Either by cracking up in the middle of the dance, because that's what I do, laugh at the most awkward times...or I would literally mess up by falling on my face, missing a step, or all together walking the wrong way...but that is NOTHING compared to me having to wear BIKER shorts, with my bangs feathered, and a pre-camel toe coming on...it's embarrassin', and yet, I thought, at the time, that I was the coolest thing EV-A because I got to dance with my Older Sister...(Not my younger one because at that time in my life she was just plain annoying!) :)

This is Easter of 1990...and as you can see we ALL got swimming suits for EASTER. Where I grew up it was warm enough to go outside and swim or LAYOUT! I want you to look really close at the washed out perm I had and don't miss my "knocked knees", I wasn't cool like my older brother and sister who had space between their knees and where slightly bull legged...no, I was BLESSED with my knees hitting before my ankles... and note: when I was "in charge" of my hair forget about the feathering...I tried to phase it out slowly so I didn't hurt my Mom's feelings.

Having middle child syndrome...it is a syndrome you know, lots better people would go to counseling for it, but not me, I thrive on all that comes with being a middle child and as you can see from this picture...if I could step slightly away from the group to stand out, (seeing I had a chance), I would take it! lol!
Note: The shorts up to my waste...and the modesty preserved by the length no shorter than 6 inches above me knee! Again with the NO FEATHER approach on the bangs...I was letting them grow out...but it brought about another evil, that of me never looking like I did ANYTHING with my hair!

On another Note...I want to reinforce the talent that is coming out of our great state of Utah by this interview with Nigel Lythgoe!

And check out what they got during auditions in Salt Lake City, UT for "So You Think You Can Dance" which premiere's this THURSDAY don't miss it...if you do, then check back here because I will definitely be giving a voice to most, if not every, episode...it is my ALL TIME favorite Reality TV Show to watch...and I sit like a fly on a garbage can waiting for it every week when it's on!!!

Song I wish I could play on the guitar and sing too, "Where I stood" by Missy Higgins
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Di said...

Love the 80s pictures! Mine are just as funny, but I don't know if I would ever dare post them on my blog... ha ha. I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance and your analysis!

Amanda said...

"Pre-camel toe coming on" gave me real tears. Hilarious!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Love the pics, especially with the no-feathering of the hair. The bathing suit picture is a keeper!

P & J said...

Love the outfits!! They look a lot like mine growing up and I actually think that I had that same swim suit!!

Natalie Sue said...

I just loved growing up in the 80's! Hey, looking at these pics gave me a flashback memory.... It seems that we were about this age when we had some sort of family reuion. I started teasing Ryan and Jessica about "liking" each other and sang that rhyme about sittin' in a tree! Anyway, Jess started crying, Ryan didn't seem to care, but I got in BIG trouble, by EVERYONE. I remember I felt so stupid! I had thought it was a funny joke cause they were cousins!

Anonymous said...


Boy....they brought back a LOT OF MEMORIES!!!!


you are awesome Shelle!!!!

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