Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Timeless Tuesday -Kids Say and MSM!

May 6, 2008

Just a note here: If this post doesn't make sense it's because I'm having serious brownie withdrawals...read post below...no really...it took a long time to type this because I am shaking...I think I should bake some..and slowly ease into the whole "body shaping" thing...what do you think?

Here is a funny story about one of my sister's friend's little girl, who wanted to remain anonymous...but the story was so funny and reminded me SO much of my little PeePs that I had to post it!

A couple days ago when I drove up to SLC with the girls Brynlie kept
dropping things in the back seat! She always does this, which is annoying
because she can't reach it and I can't reach it while I'm driving, so she just
sits and whines. Anyway, I can't even remember what she dropped this particular time (either her blanky, dog "Bajenta", or her purse) but sure enough I hear "Mom, I dropped my purse; I need you to get it!"

And I reply with frustration, "Brynlie, look at me! Does it look like I can get it? NO! I'm driving right now!"

Here comes the funny part! She remarks right back to me "MOM, look at me! I'm in my carseat! Does it look like I can get it? NO!"

Ha ha! Wow! She sure knows how to throw it right back in my face!!! :)

See this is the difference between girls and boys...my boy would have just found something else to entertain himself...but my girl, my beautiful and "independent, determined" little girl, wouldn't have let up until, by some miracle or pulling over, I would have gotten the dang toy for her...seriously!

I also got permission from my new Blog friend over at Families are Forever to post this about her amazing daughter...this is one of those ahhhh moments, or dang I really am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!


Shout out to my husband...this is "so last season" of a picture...but he has been itching to get out and go biking...he hasn't been able to with work and school and so this weekend, I believe, will be the first SPRING ride...him and some friends this summer are taking a road trip to Canada to ride the famous "Whistler"...that's what THEY tell me...I have know idea if it's really famous, but they are going and MountainSport Man insists that he needs to get a lot of riding in so that he is in shape for the more difficult trails up in Canada! So MSM I am excited for you...and you look really hot on your bike!!! :)

Here is the song I wish I could play on the guitar and sing along, "Hometown Glory" by ADELE:

Here is the piano version...such a great voice...and the musicality is beautiful...wait is musicality a word? Or is that an UNWORD I can submit?


Merrianne said...

1. cute, funny, all too familiar story about the little girl in the backseat!

2. awesome pics of your hubby on the bike!

3. i like the word "Musicality".

4. THANK YOU for the sweet comments about Libby's story & linking it to your post! Shoot--i know I'm not smarter than a 5th grader--Libby's only in FOURTH GRADE and she has me beat!!


Merrianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess said...

The car seat story hits so close to home. Sweet, now I know I am not the only mother who talks sarcastically to my kid..and it comes back to bite me in the butt!

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