Monday, May 5, 2008

KT I'm taking a stand!

Let me just preface this by saying that I LOVE KT, my sister-in-law...but this does need to get off my chest! So here it is KT I'm taking a stand!

Let's go back. I've known KT now for 9 almost 10 years. In that time I have found out many things about KT...the things I love really out number the one and only thing I HATE...but, I can't keep this inside anymore.
You see...KT is somewhat of a DESSERT GURU...QUEEN OF DESSERTS AND SWEET TREATS, if you will, the girl knows about every YUMMY dessert known to man...I'm not doesn't matter where it came from, she knows about it! This is where my hate comes in to play... KT Loves to share her most recent discovery with me...which is not helping in my quest to re-shape my body.
When I go to visit she always has yummy treats in her snack swedish fish...oh how I love the sweet taste and texture of PURE sugar with taste! I cannot, NOT, eat some...when I say some, I mean whatever she has left in the jar. Like the last weekend I went up to visit...I ate the rest of her Cinnamon! My mouth is seriously watering and my body is contracting just thinking about the taste of a Cinnamon Bear or Swedish Fish...SO good!

eWait...I'm getting off track here, let's see, KT...dessert...treats...hate...oh yes, now I remember. I made a pact...a covenant of sorts. This covenant with myself is that I am NOT, absolutely NOT, will NOT, try anymore NEW desserts or treats! I don't need to add to the already HUGE list of known desserts/treats that are to DIE for, literally! I can't help looking at one and eating it...I don't even know I am eating them sometimes. When I eye body goes in auto mode...I see the dessert/treat and my mouth starts watering remembering exactly what it tastes like, then my body starts convulsing and jumps into HUNGRY mode...regardless if I have eaten just minutes before eyeing the delectable stuff! I have to have it, I NEED to taste it, and so it is like my spirit and all will power leave my body...I literally have NO control and therefore allow myself just a BITE of what is being offered! Just a bite, boohahahah, just a bite!lol! That's funny!

Is my body satisfied with just a bite? Ummmm....NO!

This becomes a problem when I am at a real classy events, (okay as classy as I get, which isn't much, usually a party like Pampered Chef or Discovery Toys where I can get away for an hour to have ME time...) where a lot of genetically skinny and beautiful girls are (you know the ones you try to hate, but can't, because their beauty is shining out from within them! And they are still skinny after 4 kids!) Anyhow, I try to hold myself back from taking whatever is left and binging on it...then I get a dessert or treat envy because those same said skinny girls have a plate with desserts on it and fruit and after a couple of bites claim that they are FULL...let me just fill you in if you are one of these lucky aren't fooling us...just eat the dang brownie and by pass the'd make us feel a lot better if you did! :) Just letting you run with it!

Anyhow...back to KT...after making this covenant with myself I go to Women's Conference with KT. First day I go to the same classes as her, and at lunch time we are starving...we opt for the $5.00 Subway, not because we are necessarily healthy, but because it's the least expensive!

KT keeps raving out these MINT CHOCOLATE BROWNIES that BYU makes. She HAS to get one...I think to myself, oh no...I'm in trouble...they are probably going to be one of the best brownies ever CREATED!

KT goes off to find the brownies while I wait in line at Subway! 10 minutes later KT is back and shoving in my face a beautifully made brownie with light green frosting smashed between brownie and chocolate frosting. I don't want to HURT her feelings by telling her I couldn't have a bite, because of this unbreakable covenant with myself, and I am a nice person :) I took a bite...utter ECSTASY! They are delicious...and therefore, I am in trouble, screwed! (excuse my language).

I not only ate her other brownie...(subconciously, I'm sure it was out of spite for her introducing me to them)...but I bought 2 whole boxes...six in a "share" with everyone (booohahaha), and take some home to my family, nice of me right? I'm not going to tell you if the brownies made it home, I'll let you hang in suspense...

But KT...I hate you...I do...I am taking a stand against your delicious taste in treats...

:) and I love you! But seriously, I don't want to know about the next great TASTY treat.

p.s. did you know that they have the recipe for those brownies on the internet for you to make at home...just saying!


Anonymous said...

Reading about all those SWEETS made me want some SUGAR!!

Amber & Ubaldo said...

Hey, now you know what I went through on a daily basis! But I love her so much!

Jess said...

Um..after I lose like 10 ounds I am so looking these up. I love mint and chocolate mixed, but just the thought of these and I think I gained at least a pound!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

I am eating a chocolate chip cookie while reading this. LoL. I think I gained a pound by reading all this...I am drooling over the brownies.
Came over from BlogHer...
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Enjoyed reading over here!

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