Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Mom and Mammy

One more day and it's Mother's Day! So Enjoy the fun! I am posting a couple pics and videos of my what I am proud of, being a Mom...the first pics are of MY mom, whom I love and adore, and I will have a special post about her on my PlushMoments tomorrow for Mother's Day so make sure to come back and read about it...ummm...if you want...the rest are videos and a peek in my life and why I LOVE being a Mom!!! Well, they are pretty much all I have right now that are stored on the computer...

Mammy and PeePs!!! She is an incredible Grandma! They call her "Mammy" and they all love and adore her, just as we, her kids, do!

Here is my MOM in all her beauty and Glory! Tomorrow I will have a post on PlushMoments that you should check out...I wrote about the one quality I took from my mom!
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So DCar is multi talented...he can do back flips underwater...(don't you just love the sound of being under water?) I do!

And he can do one on the tramp...well sort heart leaps into my stomach every time I watch, but as you'll hear with my sqeaky, whiny voice, I try and be supportive! But I get REALLY excited when he lands the front flip!

MountainSport Man and PeePs then have to show me their talent...aaaahhhh!

This is my DCar in his end of year Spirit Festival, where they sang to "All For One" by High School Musical 2...I'm totally planning on using it for blackmail later in his life...the dance and choreography repeat itself twice...but at least watch until you see him swing his hips back and forth with his hands up in the air...hahaha...a little too feminine? So cute! He in the very back in the middle of the shot!

Okay I am showing you this video not because I am necessarily proud of PeePs...she just stands there watching, in awe of what is going on, I think...because the real reason I am showing you this video from Disneyland is because right when this started that girl, in front of PeePs, I call her, Wedge in the Bum, stand RIGHT IN FRONT of PeePs! Kinda aggravated me, but we laughed too because PeePs didn't seem to care, but REALLY, look around you and see that there are other "wannabe princess'" learning the dance and you are TOO BIG to be standing in the anybody with me on this? Okay, I'm done for everyone and world peace and all that...PeePs is the one with the paper crown on and NO princess dress (which she totally thought was unfair!)

Sometimes I am proud of dances I choreograph...not necessarily because I am GOOD or anything, it's because I love to choreograph a dance number, give them an idea for a costume, and then leave it! I did this piece for a local high school, took me three mornings to teach it to them and then I didn't have anything else to do with it, and I thought they cleaned it up and danced it out pretty well! They were awesome girls to work with and it is always fun to see what they did with the piece...they actually kept it pretty much exactly how I choreographed it! I tried to keep the piece fun and humorous, and tried to keep it close to their dance ability, since a lot of their other numbers in the concert where more dark and serious!

So here you go...a little piece of me...or my brain...or whatever...hopefully you enjoy what you watch! The dance number is to "Love Today" by Mika...hopefully you can see it...all I had for all these videos is my little point and shoot camera...we are working on investing in an actual video camera with a hard drive...but haven't gotten there yet!


Bennett Family said...

totally with you on learning the princess dance. i noticed that she kept trying to do something with her shirt...maybe she should have pulled down a little more to hide the ummm, "wedge in the bum". i'm sure you weren't the only mom who was aggravated.....good thing you were visiting the happiest place on earth and you held yourself back from drop-kicking her in the face.


For real that girl/lady was so lame for standing right in front of you. Also, loved slayde's hip shaking, for real!!! He was like the best one. So when are you coming out to see me??? I think we should make an offical date, it would be totally cheap, I will pick you up we will have so much fun!!! Anyways, LOVE


So you ask how it is out here? Honestly it gets a little better each and every day. . .The only hard part is that Derek is gone all day and since I am not working I try to keep myself busy, but there is only so much to do. Sometimes the wives all go for a walk abd stuff or just hang out in the office, but I want to get out. ya know, see the place. I am going to go to a yoga class today. I just need to get out of the apartment. But it gets better each and everyday and there are some gret trails behind way nice neighborhoods. I just need to get more comfortable and it will get better. I tried for a summer internship and hopefully I can get that. If not then I am going to look for a job cause I don't think I can do this everyday ya know just sitting here. Well, that is the spill. I really want you and your whole family to come out. They say there is really cool zoo's around, mall of america, and I am sure I can find plenty more. So I will do that. Well love ya! Miss you tons!

Natalie Sue said...

Fun post..again! I LOVED your choreograpy!.....And cute pictures, and stories, and neat videos!

Anonymous said...

You have an awesome family!!!

Amanda said...

Can't women be princess fans too? Just kidding, she is dumb.

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