Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sad...but true

May 22, 2008

No WORDLESS WEDNESDAY because I had extremely important things to do when I got home from my 12 hour day of eat--#1, and watch Dancing with the Stars FINALE--totally knew Kristie was going to take it from the get go...#2, and Finale of American Idol with the David' you see why I couldn't make the post...

then today DCar's Kindergarten graduation...which I will post of later, of course, and Results show for American Idol-Yea for David Cook--either one I was happy with!

Plus I had to catch up on all of your blogs...and I laughed, snorted, tried to breathe, laughed some more, almost fainted from loss of air, laughed...some where sad or had meaning...and my heart was with you, or you were angry and frustrated and I was right there on your boat, behind you on the venting podium--when I got overwhelmed with all the serious, frustrated, and sad...I jumped over to the ones that made me laugh again...I had so much fun blog surfing today if you couldn't didn't have time to work on MY blog...but now I do...


My mother...who is suppose to love me unconditionally, with all of my unique quirks, think about it...she had a hand in the way I turned out, but yet I see her not taking too much responsibility for it.

I wandered over to her blog and read this that she wrote about her Favorite Middle Child...can you believe the nerve?

She is lucky I deseperately need to live in her basement right now or I would give her a piece of my mind... :) Here's what she wrote:

L to R: PeePs, MountainSport Man, Shelle, & DCar. This is TRULY a MIRACLE for them to be EARLY to church!!! Shelle has developed the ROBINSON/WRIGHT ability to be late to church to a NEW LEVEL!!!

Every Sunday, Grandma M. calls me to ask if I am going to Church! Every Sunday, I tell her, "Where else would I go?" Then she asks if Shelle's Family is coming? I tell her, "Yes!" She then asks if they will be coming early and I LIE and say, "They will TRY!" I hope the Lord knows that I tell her that so she won't get upset! I know that they will be late but I am trying to save her sanity! Ha! Ha! I LOVE THEM!!

Sad thing about all of that is, it is totally true...I'm ashamed, really I am, but yet it doesn't seem to phase me come church time...oh well...I feel I am doing great if we make it to partake of the sacrament...that's most important right?

She posted this picture with takes time to look like this...see PeePs' curly sue hair...perfection takes time..ya know? lol!


So I told you about PeePs' Mini Chef Class...well here she is with some girls in her class...She wouldn't stand straight and still. The teacher kept saying, "PeePs, turn straight so your Grandma can take your picture" ( I was at work) and she said, "I no wanna stand that way I stand like this!"--oh that girl can be frustrating!

Pose it up PeePs...look how obedient the other girls would that be?

The other girls gave they joined in PeePs fun! So does that mean she was born to be a leader??? I hope that is what she has going for loves that "k-whass"!!!

Some times you do things for your kids and you are not sure if they are going to hate you forever for making them do it or they will cling on to it with joy on their faces and happiness in their hearts...okay a little OVER dramatic...but this class makes her happy and she likes yea...I patted myself on my back and chalked one up for being a FUN mom!!!

What do you have your kids doing this summer?

So far for me...I have swimming lessons, soccer and skateboarding camp, mini chef classes, cartoon drawing class, reading time...oh and lots, and lots of play time!
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Clint, Brielle, and Molly J. said...

O i am glad you found my blog- yours if awful fun to look at. I finally got photo shop now I have to learn how to use it.
Small world- I know both Mikki and Mandy suche cute girls.

Marci said...

Rachelle - I don't know your work schedule, but we are meeting at the Verthen Worthen PArk today at 3pm and would love to see you and your kids if you are able to make it!

Anonymous said...

You are One Busy Mom! You are doing a great job though...just look at your little family's Smiling are definitely doing somrthing right :)

and yes...the Sacrament is the most important part :)

D&BC said...

Oh my!! We here at our house are doing NOTHING!!! Your kids are lucky your so nice to sign them up for all that stuff!!! Where are the cooking classes? That looks like fun! I bet my K would like that!! And where did you sign your kids up for swimming lessons? My kids desperatly(sp) need those......what a mean mom I am!!!

Marie + Jeff said...

Of course I know you Shelle. I have actually been reading your blog for some time, just not commenting. But not that you have found me out, I will come out of the closet.
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. And may I say that you are very funny. And have a cute family. Tell Klayton that I said "hi".

Staci said...

wow sounds like they will have an exciting summer ahead of them I will try and get mason to the pool it just depends on when baby is comin!

Staci said...

Hey I was meanin to ask what happened at fathers and sons that was so scary?

LiteralDan said...

It sounds like you and I share a sense of time. The world just doesn't understand us.

Natalie Sue said...

I did read this post on your mom's blog! Cute pics. And hey, I'm sure you're doing great compared to me... I only have one low-maintenance male child and still manage to be late to 1 o'clock church!

Mindy said...

If you make it before the sacrament is passed, aren't you on time??? I think so! I'm lucky if I make it to any of that first hour these days! Sad but true, and I am ashamed, and I truly try each week....but what can I say, I have time issues! Not to mention the last minute puke, pee, meltdowns, etc. that come with children;) By the way, PeePs looks so cute!! I love that outfit!

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