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Great Grandma M., PeePs, and Church

May 18, 2008
Note/Update: MountainSport Man actually read my recent post about him...SHOCKER...because the guy hates to read anything over 2 paragraphs...he'd rather just look at's not that he's not smart...just the's that he would rather fill his time up with other things. Pictures is a quick fix and he can get the gist of the story.
Seeing how the post was about him, I guess he took the time to read it, because on Wednesday, before I left to fly up North for my GNO, MountainSport Man said, "Thanks for making me sound like a jerk on your blog"...
I was like, "Well the truth hurts mister!" no, I kid
what I really said was,
"Oh, I didn't mean for it to make you sound like a jerk, I was trying to get the point across that we both have different ways that we want to be loved and we love each other the way we want and not the way the other wants..."
He rolled his eyes and said, "well it still sounded like I was a big jerk, regardless of what you meant by it" then he nuzzled my neck, kissed my ear, then my cheek, and then my lips, and said, "I don't care...I know I'm not Mr. Sensitive" then he laughed.
After I caught my breath I said...
well never mind that...
my point is...
my husband is NOT a jerk...he's kind, does a lot of things for me, is an incredible father, and is getting better at loving me the way I want to be's a work in progress...and to be completely honest...I pretty much SUCK at loving him the way he would like...massages, scratching the back, and impromptu, always on the mind, guy stuff! But this blog is written solely by it's centered around ME, which is why I am obsessed OVERLY DEDICATED to it!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:
Every Sunday we get ourselves up, MountainSport Man being the sprite he is in the morning is usually up before any of us...although, DCar, sometimes is up at the crack of dawn like his Dad!
MSM begins the morning by making breakfast for's usually pancakes and they usually have some sort of food coloring in them...and he usually has pancake art out of more than one pancake, such as, Mickey Mouse, spiders, and snakes--Oh My! Sorry couldn't resist.
If I manage to wake my over tired body up at the same time as my husband, I get a say in breakfast, and I usually demand request French Toast! Since that is very rare, we usually end up with pancakes and over easy eggs.
Then we get ready for church. We shower, rush around like chickens with our heads cutt off, and run, trip, stumble, push, and shove, our way out to the car with "Church Bag" in tow (church bag: filled with silent things to play with or do during church...books, coloring, figurines...oh and snacks...lots of snacks...for the little ones of course, and an extra pair of underwear for PeePs, just in case!)
The kids leave with Mammy and Bampa because I am usually the last one getting hair takes longer...and my attention is always pulled here and there, so it seems that I am never ready when it's time to go. OKay, ALL justifications, but that is my story and I'm sticking to it!
MSM and I walk into church usually while they are singing and sit down at the saved sits that my Mom and Grandma have saved, with each kid taking a seat on one of our laps, or squished in right next to us. After opening exercises and sacrament, this is what I usually see, so I had to take a picture of it. I really wish I knew my Great-Grandparents as well as my kids are getting to know theirs! Such a tender sight!

PeePs' Great-Grandma M. drawing with her!

PeePs is looking up at Bampa on the stand.

But not for too long...she is back to watching Great-Grandma...who is an excellent artist!

Every Sunday this is what I get to see...Great-Grandma M. has always brought some extra paper and a pencil, and PeePs usually crawls off my lap after the passing of the sacrament, to sit by her Great-Grandma so they can draw together! So cute!

MSM was totally embarrassed that I whipped out my Verizon Wireless Chocolate phone to snap a picture of them...but hey, my mind works in Blog mode...if I see a moment, I want to capture it and share it with all of you!

Do you remember any of your Great Granparents?

Love, Shelle

This happened this morning...I signed PeePs up for a Mini Chef class. It starts at 9:00am. PeePs is my sleeper...if you wake her up before her body alarm goes off then your in for a whiny, very indepedent, and irrational little husband says she reminds him of me...rude...but true...

So I woke her up saying, "PeePs, you get to go to class just like are such a big girl! You have to wake up!"

She stretched and grunted and curled her toes and gave a little whine...then sat up from her "stink bug" position (face turned one way or the other with bum sticking up in air and laying on her knees) and looked at me through her hair over her face and said, "I not got to class Mom, I go swimming first...oh tay?...this is see-wee-us...I go swimming, then I go to c-wass".

I started laughing and said, "No you go to class first, PeePs, now get out of bed so I can get you ready!"

This is where she proceeded to throw herself on her bed, pull her covers over her head, and yelled, "I no get ready...I go swimming...O.TAY. MOM!"

You know I won...and she has gone to her Mini Chef class...but where they heck did she decide that swimming was the activity that HAD to happen first thing today?


nick said...

Emmy and I are just like you and PeePs. We are VERY grumpy if we get woken up too early. Whereas, Ryan is the alarm clock in the house. And that is cool that your hubby (MSM) makes pancakes! Nick made hamburgers for breakfast this morning while I did homework and hot dogs for breakfast the other day! I just don't think hamburgers for breakfast sounds too good! But I am not complaining, he is a great big help to me.

D&BC said...

ahhh you always entertain me.....
taking pictures during church! haha!! I love it!!
I do remember a couple of my great who actually didn't pass until about 6 years ago, and it was really great to know her and I'm glad I got to be old enough to remember it. My other great grandma lived up north so I didn't get to see her as much, we just called her the grandma with red hair! But a very nice lady, who I wished I got to know better! But some day I will.....right?!?!

D&BC said...

Oh yes I wanted to see if you had found anything out about dispatch?!?! Your awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I remember my great-grandma....especially during the last couple of FEISTY years of her life....i'd tell ou a story but it is not "appropriate" for your blog! maybe i'll email it to ya!!

that is funny about your husband...mine would have done the same thing :)

Erica said...

I want you to know that I daily stalk your blog! I am just terrible at leaving comments. Your blog gives me a daily laugh which I appreciate. Your post about how your husband shows affection cracked me up because I actually read this book once called love language and it was all about what you were writing about. So when I cuddle and tickle Cody's back he thinks he's getting some lovin', but no is he ever wrong! Maybe if he's lucky! Just kidding, but I think it is a funny subject to talk about. We still need to get together! I haven't been down in St. George, but when I actually decide to get my lazy butt down there I'll call you!

Mindy said...

Your kids will love the memories with great-grandparents! I knew almost all of mine but they had all died by my early teen years. I still miss them. Kate has been able to have a great relationship with Jason's grandparents in CA and a good relationship with the rest of the greats. I hope Ethan can too, especially since he's named (middle name, Kenneth) after Jason's grandpa!

Mindy said...

...and I love that your hubby started reading with the post about him. Same thing happened to me this weekend! I also didn't mean to make Jason sound like a jerk (about the "trust" talk with Kate) but he felt like he was portrayed that way. When you figure out how to convince your hubby you need more woman-type romance more often, let me know the secret;)

Natalie Sue said...

Such a cute story - she just had to go swimming first, huh!
And those are cute pictures of her with her great grandma. The great grandparents I remember are of course Gma and Gpa Robinson. And we always tease my dad that he will be just like Gpa Robinson cause he likes to tease so much...and will get stuck on one joke like, "Look at that cute little boy!"

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