Tuesday, May 27, 2008


DCar is so cool! He just is...I don't know how that is, seeing how he came from me, but he's cool. What makes him cooler is that he doesn't see it in himself...but people and friends are always telling him so, to which he casually shrugs his shoulders, scrunches up his cute cheeks, and laughs!
I signed him up for a Hip-Hop class taught by a guy here in town. I initially signed him up for the class because I didn't want my kid to be one of those boys at dances in middle school and high school where they just sat by the wall because they were "too cool"...which translates into them not having any rhythm or being scared to get out there.

Not my kid...coming from my genes the boy was going to know how to pick a beat and bust a move...hence the hip hop lessons...because it still allows him to be cool without kids thinking he's a pansy for taking dance lessons!

He's actually loved the class...and would practice moves, such as the "worm" so that he could do more FREESTYLE during class...it was hilarious...his rythmn and beat have a little to be desired but the kids is working on it! :)

This is his outfit or costume if you will...the sweatshirt was ordered at the first of the year...and DCar has sprouted like a weed and it barely fit...they wanted the LOOSE look, but we had to adjust to what we had been given!

This is one of those BY-Chance pictures...he is just way to pretty!!! lol! He wouldn't like me to say that...he likes to be thought of as ruggedly handsome like I call his Dad...but sorry DCar...you are pretty...if I didn't know you were all boy...by this picture I would almost mistake you for a very pretty girl! SUCKA!!!lol!

DCar is the one to the left of the middle line!

An ability DCar DOES get from me is the ability to take himself away from the "REAL" world and daydream. Cocooning inside of himself to fall deeply into his "OWN LITTLE WORLD".

Here DCar is, minding his own business...enjoying his tube that we did not rent, but he somehow ended up with!

Then his friend Tony decides that DCar isn't paying enough attention and needs to be messed with.

Tony is dragging him into the shallow zone where the tube is NOT allowed so that DCar will get whistled at...instead of being a proactive Mom like most of you would be...I decide to keep shooting the camera...secretly I wanted him to get whistled at too...or to see what he would do about the unexpected attack! Look at DCar's eyes...he's slowly coming out of his lethargic, dream-like, state!

Tony is having a bit of trouble getting the tube over the barrier! DCar is using his body to an advantage and taunting Tony saying, "Can't you do better than that Tony? Look no hands!"
Then he gives the classic DCar grin and slowly pulls away...not even a challenge...

And swims blissfully off on his own to get back to what he was doing!

See...he's just COOL!

Remember what I told you I was going to do to retaliate on my Holiday-Day...I was going to go divulge in a HUGE, JUICY, ANGUS BURGER...custom made to my liking...

and I did just that...I turned off the computer, ran upstairs, drooled...and then ran back downstairs because I think of you guys always...I wanted to share in my ecstasy...oh yea I did...I took a picture just for you guys. That tells you how much I care...instead of thinking about my selfish need to eat myself out of my jealous-s-ness state of the Memorial Holiday, I paused to take a picture!

Now I didn't get to eat it all...it was a lot of work opening my mouth that big, and my eyes were way bigger than my stomach...and there is also the small fact that I hate a hefty amount of tater tots and fruit before we sat down to actually eat the burger...but it was YUM!
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Mamarazzi said...

I agree, DCar is cool...and pretty. i love that you have him in hip hop. my brother owns a gym and they started a hip hop class just for boys 2 days a week...my nephews are awesome dancers now. i think my brother, who was a total dork when we were growing up, had the same thought in mind when he started the classes...'please let my boys know how to dance'. VERY funny!

Di said...

What a cool cat! I want to put Tyden in ballroom dance, but I think hip hop will sound better to him when he gets older if anything. That's awesome he likes it.

Staci said...

Thats so awesome with Slayde he is one cool kid I wish I could go swimmin that looks so refreshing!


He is so freaking cute! I am just glad that I am related to him!!! I love you guys! Stop eating those hamburgers and workout!!! Just kidding love ya!

Anonymous said...

And YES he would be a pretty girl--because he looks just like you! and you are Gorgeous!
Oh ya...
That burger looks delicious!! :)

insane mama said...

That is pretty cool that he is in Hip Hop... and here I am buying my kid "grow a girlfriends" Go figure
He is super cute!

insane mama said...

That is pretty cool that he is in Hip Hop... and here I am buying my kid "grow a girlfriends" Go figure
He is super cute!

Natalie Sue said...

What a fun post - he looks so much like you! And I bet he's a pro at hip hop. oooo.. and I loved the memorial day burger too.. except I ate ALL of mine, plus the fruit and chips and potato salad, and beans, and the ice cream, and I'll stop there!

Amanda said...

I've never noticed how much he looks like you. Man, pretty boy for sure.

Great picture of your hamburger.

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