Saturday, May 17, 2008

GNO Breath of Fresh Air

May 15, 2008

I was SO lucky to have another Girls Night Out...this time with my friends in West Jordan, or that I met while in my HOUSE...that is not my HOUSE anymore, but my OLD HOUSE now...only that I haven't replaced it with a new one what does that make it? Hmmm...the HOUSE that I lived in before our lives were knocked around and thrown upside down...that house.

I blog stalk my West Jordan Friends daily...unless my husband hides the computer...other than that...a daily blog stalk...I'm in love with their kids...They hang out with me even though they are all a class above me...they inspire me, make me laugh, make me think, make me feel normal, and oh...make me laugh!!! I love I attacked their blogs last month and asked them to meet up with me in May and have some fun together!

Not all of my friends could come...some I'm sure I forgot to invite...and others were busy, but the ones that came...THANKS...I had a blast and you were a breath of fresh air in my everyday ordinary and somewhat crazy life. Oh how I wish I could still go over to her house to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and string my fingers through her daughters incredibly gorgeous hair, which I'm totally envious of, and snort at her husbands dry and sarcastic humor...or carve pumpkins with her and her girls and husband while eating meatball sandwiches...or have a dinner and watch a U of U vs. BYU game while eating really fattening foods with them (and walk around the neighborhood venting to each other) and them! Or laugh with her about the most random events!

But life came at us...handed us an opportunity we couldn't pass up...and the earth, stars, and sun all lined up for us to pack up our secure and comfortable and perfectly blessed lives to venture to the unknown (at least to my husband) and enter in to COLLEGE life once again!

Here's the highlights!

The evening of the 14th I packed up PeePs and I, and we flew up North so that I could attend GNO!...Thursday the 15th started off with sleeping in...aaaahhhh, PeePs is a sleeper...blessing when I want to sleep, curse when I need to get somewhere in the morning...KT and I packed our kids up and went to the park...this shot was PeePs acting like her usual FUN self...

KT and PeePs...this shot was taken while KT was showing Beau (her daughter) how to do a cheek to cheek shot!

Knox...just waking around minding his business...and yes...he has a binky for every outfit!

PeePs and Beau...laughing at something I can't remember...probably me...I'm probably pulling and absurd face so they will both smile at the same time!

PeePs and I...two peas from the same pod as far as personality goes, curse my independence!

Beau...just because she's adorable and has the most beautiful color of hair!

Well at 4:30 pm it was Pedicure time and Kels, Minds, and Di came to enjoy in the fun...we had fun lauging at everything and, of course, we talked about blogging! Can't seem to have anything else on my mind...ha! Kels is so beautiful...but that is not the half of it...she is more beautiful once you get to know her because her beauty shines from within...I know how that sounds but it is honestly true!
Di...she is pregnant and you can hardly tell...she has such a beauty about her...and her skin is incredible...can you tell I'm envious...well, I am...I have a red head complexion as far as skin I have to work to get DI's natural skin tone it's hopeless to have such natural beauty as far as skin goes!

Minds...I kept blurring out her face with my camera and finally got one in...Never a boring moment with Minds...always something to talk about with her!

Final result...Yes all my toes look like fingers and practically all the same length except for the little one...but I still love them...they look nice all pedicured up!

L to R: Minds, Me, Dels, Apes, Kels, and Di...all eating at the Cheesecake Factory...that's right read and was de-lish...we caught up on all Reality TV and, yet again, blogging! Then we got crazy and attended an impromptu, last minute, movie...

Perfectly fitting and SO funny!!!

THANKS, THANKS, AND THANKS girls...I definitely enjoyed myself, for those I forgot to invite I'm sorry and definitely next time, WE MISSED YOU...for those who couldn't make it, WE MISSED YOU TOO!

What would be your favorite thing to do with your friends if you had a night out with them? Give me some ideas for next time!


nick said...

Your blog was so wonderful and you made me feel so good. You are one of my greatest friends and you always make me laugh. One of my favorite things about you is that you are so laid back. When we decided to catch the movie at the last minute it reminded me of back in the day in WJ when you would call us up after church and we would have a spur of the moment dinner together.
We have to have a Twilight GNO and we can get popcorn and candy and have a ragin' time watching Edward and Bella on the big screen!
You are so beautiful! I feel like we have known each other forever! Let's get together sooner than later!
This is long (sorry) but GNO was so fun. I was cracking up!

Mcewen Family said...

Thanks for the fun night. I am always up for GNO. Cant wait for the next one. Take care Delia

Merrianne said...

i am so jealous!!!

Amanda said...

You are so cool.

Di said...

Thanks for the compliment about my skin although I don't look that great in the photo you posted of me :)
Thanks for including me in your GNO... it was fun! You sure know how to have a good time. Too bad I couldn't go the movie. I got home to a sick little boy with a 104 degree temperature!

Mindy said...

Thank you SO much for kicking our butts in gear and flying up for a GNO! You're the best:) The night out was so fun...and the kids were in bed when I got home! I absolutely love you (and the other girls too) and hope you fly up again soon!

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