Sunday, May 11, 2008

My influences--MOM's

May 11, 2008
There have been many women who have influenced my life to make me a better person which makes me a better Mom! I entered a paper about my mom and what quality I learned Most from her influence as a Mother for Gregory E. Lang, who is doing a book called, "Mom's Little Angel" here it is if you'd like to take the time to read it, "If I didn't have you as a Mother, I would choose you for a friend!" or you can go to my PlushMoments site, I have it in that post...looks similar to this one, but I included the paper! ENJOY!
To all you mothers or mothers-to-be...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

This is my Great Grandma Jesse (On my Mom's side)--I have read her journal entries and I believe and hope I get my persistance and endurance from her...okay, I'm working on's an extremely refined art!

This is my Grandma Robinson (on my Mom's side)--I think I get my spunky personality from her...and her influence of dance has brought a lot of joy in my life!

This is my Mom in her younger days...of course, she has been MOST influential because I get the best of her and she gets the best from Grandma Robinson who gets the best from Grandma they are ALL such a great part of me...hopefully just the good part of me!!! :)

My Grandma Matesen (On my Dad's Side)-Is such an example of service and classiness and organization--all of which I don't have but continually strive for! I truly hope I can one day achieve any or all three of those wonderful qualities! Don't mind my CREEPY eyes...really weird, I'm tripping out about them...I don't think they are usually that buggy!

This is my mother-in-law Viv...I love her and her influence on me is definitely compassion and how to be strong when having to stand alone!!! Oh and continual patience :)

My sisters are my best friends along with my Mom...we all share the same middle name, Ann!

My older sister aka Dance Masta, has shown me how to let my kids PEAK at their own time...not to push to much or rush them, and not to feel like they aren't the BEST because they may not be the strongest kicker, or best shot, or biggest competitor...their time will come to shine in whatever they decide to excel in!!!

My younger sister aka Suns Fan #2, has shown me how to have patience with my kids when they are whiny and clingy and always right by my side, because that's how she was ALL THE TIME growing up...I would turn around and there she would be, "Shelle will you read me a book tonight?" I LOVE to read and she would get like 10 Disney books for me to read...I would start the first one and Kiss would be OUT...and I would stay up all night reading everyone of those books, OUT LOUD, even though she was asleep, ya know, just in case she woke up, plus I couldn't help myself...I couldn't sleep unless I finished all of those books! Most of all though, they have both influenced me on how to rely on our brother, Jesus Christ, and the gospel when going through our most difficult times...that is immeasureable!!!

All of my sister-in-laws are seriously some of the greatest MOM's around...(or soon to be), I love them and appreciate their kindness towards me...without them in my lives I doubt I would be the same person...I have learned many things from ALL OF THEM...THANKS...



Stodds Crew said...

Love you mothers day tribute!!!! You are awesome. Someday I hope to be like you!!

Love Lisa

Anonymous said...

Great Mother's Day post!!!



Natalie Sue said...

I love these pictures.. of course! Happy Mother's Day to you!

The Wright Family said...

This is really cool!! Good job! I saw it a while ago, but thought I should leave a comment, because you're obsessed!! lol

The Wright Family said...

This is really cool!! Good job! I saw it a while ago, but thought I should leave a comment, because you're obsessed!! lol

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