Monday, May 26, 2008

Seriously Can't Believe it

May 26, 2008
Did not take the picture above...but let me just tell you my wonderful day...ummm...not! Okay, I LOVE Memorial Day because it's a holiday, which translates into husband having work off and us playing all day together with the kids.
Remember the post below...the WOE IS ME post? Good I had hoped you had forgotten about it. Well remember how I mentioned a little bad habit I have of PROCRASTINATING everything? Yea...everything...MountainSport Man can attest to that!
For my job we are suppose to get Turn Schedules out for the next month at least two weeks out! My job is flexible...I procrastinated as I do...and so I had to get up and go to work on this day, this HOLIDAY, that I get paid for anyway!
I had every good intention of getting up REALLY early and going to work so that I would be done before my family decided to do anything. On Sunday my cute nieces asked if I would take their pictures so their Grandma Viv would have an updated pic of them! So, being how I LOVE my new photography hobby I immediately agreed. I decided that I would be fine...that my work could get done on Monday...there would be no problem!
A couple of hours of happily snapping pictures my battery died...and NO I haven't gotten an extra battery yet. So we ended our session...I seriously could have snapped for much longer...I's a sickness!
Then I HAD to edited some of them pronto...and plus they were excited to see how they turned out! So I spent the rest of the night and into the early morning hours editing and saving the pics to a DVD disk for them!

Here's just one...not bad eh? You can view the rest at my PlushMoments blog...they turned out great! Well at least I think so...

Well as you can probably guess...I got really was like 1 am when I got home...I should have just gone straight to work...but I was I went to sleep with every intention of getting up at 6 am.

I rolled out of bed at 7 something in the morning and headed to work...totally bugged that I couldn't get my lazy self up anyearlier...I must have pressed snooze on my phone but don't I had MSM (my back up alarm) grope, squeeze, and pinch me awake to get me out of bed!

I got to work and dug into it to finish and get the hubs their schedules. Yea, let's just cut this short and say that I worked all day until 4:30 pm while my daughter lay sick in bed, with her Mammy watching her, and my husband and son having an incredible time without me at the lake with his brother and family riding the new Sea Doo's!

I'm going to try and Salvage this Memorial Day by eating away my jealous-s-ness with a big fat Angus Burger! YUM...I'll hopefully burn it off tomorrow!


P.S. Why in the world does BLOGHER (the ads on the upper left hand side of my blog...I give you permisison to click on them as much as you'd like...there is some really cool stuff and you can win things give your pointer finger some decide to post my WOE IS ME article...I write some up beat funny stuff most of the time...that's how I roll...and they choose the Whiny Complainy Post! UGGGHHH! That's what I get I guess.


DeGraffenried's said...

At least the pics turned out really nice and you got to eat a "nice juicy burger"! Sorry to hear about Peeps! It's been going around up here too!

Amanda said...

It rained all day here... that sucked too.

P.S. I've been waiting for my girls to get their hair cut for pictures. So they won't look too much like homeless kids.

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