Friday, May 23, 2008

SYTYCD Premiere...Thoughts?

Okay, so I sat for two hours completely immobile, which is to no ones amazement...extremely easy for watch the premiere of MY favorite REALITY TV series (I DVR'd it, so it wasn't quite two hours)! So You Think You Can Dance!

This week is was audtions in LA...and "SEX" was back. If you don't know who that is then you haven't been an avid watcher like myself. He really is not worth video space on this post, but I mention him because its amazing what one person will do to themselves to get on TV, and because he's...well...gross (you can youtube him and put sex and so you think you can dance as your search terms)! Sorry, it's true though, unless you are into that, and NOT that I mind or judge you in front of your face, just don't let me know. Even though I would put on a smiling face for you, I would definitely judge you in my mind! lol...I kid...sort of

So here are my favorites from LA in case you were interested, which I'm sure you are not...but in case you are!

This guy is so good at what he does...he's a contortionist/popper...and he's amazing! He was MountainSport Man's favorite of the night.

Yes, MSM watches with me. I thought it was because he wanted to spend time with me and enjoy what I enjoy, like when I watch his old martial arts, he HAS to watch it because the ladies at his work, (he works with only ladies...he's the only guy) and they talk about the show and he doesn't like to NOT know what is going on...

so thanks to MSM's co-workers!!! :)

Since I love all things contemporary...I would much rather choreograph a lyrical than a fast jazz or character...I loved this girl from last night! Soccer and Dance...a girl from my heart...she actually reminds me of Lauren from last season...the energy and personality! Watch their exits after they get their tickets to Vegas!

Now here's Lauren from last years auditions:

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Marie + Jeff said...

What about the CRAZY guy who did his whole audition in his UNDERWEAR! Was that Sex? I didn't catch his name, but...what was he thinking?!?
And the Russian lady?
And the guy from Vegas who thought his weight made him unique in the dancing world?
I could go on.

D&BC said...

That guy in your video you posted is awesome!! I don't watch that show but I just might have to now!!

Natalie Sue said...

Yeah! The contortionist/popper was incredible - so fun to watch. I missed the girl's audition, but I unfortunately did not miss the guy in his tighty-whiteys. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. What was he thinking? Just wanted to get on TV I'm sure. I can't wait to watch next week's....!

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness i don't even know where to start! it's like we are freaking kindred spirits or something! you were SO MEANT to pop by my blog today...and your comment was awesome, so thanks!

NOW i am here soaking up YOUR bloggy goodness and like wow...SYTYCD...i was all over it yesterday...i made my honey watch too. our thoughts are sooo in sync on the show so far. and umm yeah, why did they let that guy "sex" have more air time...i kind of feel sorry for you really think he is that clueless?!

oh so much to talk about...i WILL be back!! i am adding you to my google reader so i can remember to come back again soon!

come see me too...maybe we can work on getting you some "bling" for your blog!! woot!

pssst...i almost don't add video when i hear my voice...but i am beginning to get over!

nick said...

The popper was definitely entertaining. I LOVE this show. My favorite dancers are the "B Dancers" like Sarah, Hok, and Dominic from last year. I hope there are more of them this season! -Kelly

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