Monday, August 10, 2009

So I got a new lens...

I got a new lens this last week and so I HAD to take it out and use it right when the mail guy dropped it off because I'm mature like that.

Give me a break... you already know I have zero patience so don't act so surprised!

But go ahead and be surprised at this... when I asked my begrudgingly loyal subjects (DCar and PeePs) to go outside with me so that I could experiment with my new lens they BOTH asked me, "How long Mom? We are watching TV!" and "Do we HAVE to?" and "Why me?"

PPPPPFFFFTTTTT! Can you BELIEVE that? Who doesn't want to get their picture taken? I mean people DREAM about becoming famous and having paparazzi camera's all up in their faces, right?

I mean, that's why I would want to become famous... it would make wearing my big baggy sweats around the house a little trickier and I would DEFINITELY have to pay for a new stomach before I went out of the house with my bathing suit on... but I can't BELIEVE my kids don't want to drop what they are doing so that I can take pictures of them???

So I compromised and said, "How long? Well NOW for the rest of the day! You can RECORD the dang TV... and as long as you live under MY roof the 'Do we have to?' question is a moot point because you're kids and so the answer is always 'YES, YOU HAVE TO' try and remember that... and YOU are the lucky and chosen ones... that is WHY YOU! Now let's go before I decide to dress you up!"

My kids didn't get a lot of features from me to identify that they are mine... my husband has NO DOUBT that they are his because they look so much like him! If I didn't birth my second one, I would wonder, because she looks almost identical to her dad's side of the family.

So SUE me if I like to take pictures of the one thing that stamps them as mine... their EYES--well, more like their eye color, but whose being technical...

Can you tell he tried to just HURRY and do what he was suppose to so that he could be done?

Or that she wasn't so HAPPY to be there?

And don't you DARE take away my THUNDER by suggesting that the eye color could come from someone on my husband's side of the family, that it might be a RECESSIVE gene???

Cause if you don't have anything nice to say... don't say ANYTHING at all! Didn't your parents teach you anything???

Well you all did awesome at the Random Comments on Friday! Sage was standing in for Kritta and Just Jules is more random then I first thought... learn something new everyday!

But April takes the cake on receiving my new honorary COMMENT of the day...which is a new feature on my site! I laugh everyday by something ONE of you says in my comment box... so I've decided that I need to start sharing your guys' wit with everybody else!



P.S. Sage wrote a post over on Real World Venus vs. Mars about finances... who knew rednecks had money, let alone know how to be smart about using it!!! GO Check it out!


Kristina P. said...

You all have the most amazing eyes!


That new lens is awesome seriously those pictures are amazing too great job!!!

Barbaloot said...

Maybe it's the new lens, but I fully think your son looks like you in that last picture.

Annette Lyon said...

They both look really intense. Maybe they knew that the sooner they got serious, the sooner it'd be over?

Great shot, gorgeous kids. But you know that.

ZenMom said...


And I don't blame you about being so excited about a new lens - I'm the same way!

Southern Sage said...

ohhhh pretty babies!!!
huns eyes must be the color of mine!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kristina... U have incredible eyes so it is easier for u to recognize it! :)

LifeChanges... Thanks sis! Now get over to my house and watch SYTYCD!

Barb... I have now changed my Will to include you...if I have any money u get it! Hey $20 bucks is $20 bucks!

Annette... They did really hard to do exactly as I u can probably tell.

ZenMom...yay! I found its okay to be immature about that stuff!

Sage... Thank You...if ur eyes r hazel and turn green or blue depending on what ur wearing...then yes u do! Does Clint Eastwood have hazel eyes?

Malea said...

So I get this from total strangers most of the time: (to the three youngest) Wow are you twins/triplets? Where did you get those dark eyes/hair. me: "their dad". them: well they sure do look like him, because they are sooo cute. Hmm, your oldest seems to look like you.

I think the clicking in my jaw is the result of me both gritting my teeth and biting my tongue.

Jessica Stier said...

So cute!!! Life is hard when cute kids rebel against getting their picture taken. One day they will understand! :)

So what lens is it??????????????????????


Trooper Thorn said...

Very professional. Much better than getting kids photos taken at the booth in the mall.

I am now following you. Never realized I wasn't (eventhough you follow me). Thanks for the Heads Up.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Awesome pics, my friend. Wish my eyes were that blue and that beautiful!

mother goose said...

beautiful shots, but you never did say what lens it was that arrived on your door stop. My guess a 50mm fixed 1.8 or 2.8??

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Soooooo....what lens did you get?! I'm dying to know! I'm doing some lens shopping myself.

You have beautiful babies!

T said...

Hello - Dcar SO takes after you in more than just the gorgeous peepers :)

and... my apologies for being commentless for the past few days - I've been keeping up... being touched... crying and all... but the laptop gets annoyed when I try to comment..?.. go figure!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

It was a 50mm fixed 1.8... not that expensive but makes SUCH a difference! :)

I wuv it!

Amber Lynae said...

Those are some pretty eyes. it is like Harry Potter, he looks just like his father but he has his mother's eyes....

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I have that lens and love it!

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