Monday, August 17, 2009

Girl whose name I can't remember

Okay I need your guys' expert opinions... or better yet, your help.

I went to a family reunion this weekend for my husbands side of the family.

We had to DRIVE there.

I know, you can all feel bad for me. We could have hopped on a plane and flew to LA twice, for the time it took to get to the reunion... but whose counting.

Anyway... on our drive we had to stop at a gas station because one of the kids, DCAR, was a pansy and said he couldn't hold it another hour and a half!!! I'm failing as a mother.

SO... we stop at a Gas station that has a Dairy Queen, because I needed it and I walk into the bathroom and see someone I recognize.

Now the emphasis is on RECOGNIZE... okay? I knew by her face that I knew her... but I'm HORRIBLE with names.

No, like I suck at remembering names. I would have been a TERRIBLE teacher... when I taught dance, by the end of the year I finally got all their names down just for it to be done and then I would get new students to have to remember...

Anyway... I see her and it's too late not to say anything because I saw that "Hey I know you" spark in her eye... so I had to see this through.

Me: "HHHHEEEEEYYYY" cause it's so much more convincing that you KNOW them if you drag out the HEY like Fonz... "how are YOU doing?" I say with a 'I totally know you' smile.

Girl whose name I don't remember: "Hi SHELLE! Wow! How are you? What have you been up to?"

Me: "Just kids, and husband going to school, and work... ya know, LIFE! What about you?" hahaha-awkward laugh.

Girl whose name I don't remember proceeds to tell me what she has been up to.

I nod when appropriate.

Then we both go into our respective stalls to go to the bathroom.

I figure I'm in the clear cause I wait for her to finish, and I feel, give her ample time to wash her hands and leave.

So imagine my surprise, when I get out of the stall and open the door and proceed to the sinks, to see that she was standing there WAITING for me to continue our conversation.

I was good, no need to say her name, even though... she knew mine RIGHT out of the gate... we walk out and the GODS were against me, because who was there to greet me but my husband and kids who were standing in the DQ line.

Girl whose name I don't remember: "OH! Is this your family?"

Me: "Yes. This is Dcar and Peeps and my Husband MSM... guys this is..." awkward silence... "this is a friend from school!"

They say their Hi's and nice to meet you's and we separate.

Now this is where you guys come in... how do you ASK someone their name... when they already know yours... without either person feeling stupid???

PLEASE... help a sista out!

And everyone that participated in our Random Friday Thought post... OMGOSH I love you guys... I kept getting emails all weekend... each one making me laugh! I have the best blog friends EVA! Check it out if you missed it... it was hilarious! :)



Kristina P. said...

I don't know! I do the same thing as you. I totally just pretend I know who they are.

This just happened at work. There's a girl who works in another building during graves, and she knew all about me and who I was, and I had no idea her name! I still need to figure out who she is.

ZenMom said...

Actually, I've got this one covered!

I can be really, really terrible about names at times. Especially if I see someone out of their usual context.

Like, if I know you casually through my work, but then I see you at a social function or the grocery store or something, I will quite probably draw a total blank on your name.

BUT, fortunately, my husband KNOWS THIS ABOUT ME.

So, if say to someone, "Oh, hi, how are you, this is my husband, ZENHUSBAND ... and I DON'T offer the other person's name in return, then he knows that OMG I don't remember! And he knows he needs to bail me out by saying, "Hi, nice to met you. I'm sorry, what was your name?"


The REAL problem is when we BOTH should know someone's name and we BOTH totally space on it!

THEN we are in real trouble! ;)

Barbaloot said...

Whatever-your family totally dropped the blog on that one! It's your husband's (or kid's) job to say "I'm _____." and then stop so girl who's name you don't know will then say hers. My mama trained me that way. I've also been trained that when friends come over I say, "Mom, you remember _________" so she can respond, "Of course, I do. How are you ________?" You might wanna start training you family soon.

Jessica said...

I'm such a goober, I just say, "Hey, I feel really bad but for the life of my your name is totally escaping me. What is it?'

That's just way I rolllll...

So, umm, what was your name again? :) j/k


SciFi Dad said...

I'm honest to a fault. I would just say to the person, "I'm sorry, but you seem to have me at a disadvantage. What's your name again?"

Youngblood4ever said...

I got nuthin' for this one. I am horrible with names. I love that I am not the only one, though.

Cherie said...

I probably would have done the same thing as you so I am no help at all!
I am SO bad at names. So bad!

Becky said...

You just gotta bite the bullet. Be quick, be succinct, be a little embarrassed. "I feel so stupid, but even though I know I know you, I can't for the life of me remember your name." The End.

I'm saying this because I KNOW it works. Not for me, but for other people I know...

Seriously, though, good luck with that. :)

Chief said...

K so Zenmom has the right answer here. Pawn it off to the hubby.

One time, I made up some story about how I thought I saw their name in the paper but then I realized that the last name was all wrong. "How do you spell your name?" hoping that the last name would trigger the first name somewhere in my numb skull. "Oh scrap! Smith? Silly me!" giggle giggle.

I'm worthless

Chief said...

PS I wonder if it was the same establishment I saw the strange guys bum in?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'm going to look into this Random Friday thing, sounds suspicious...

I say just say something along the lines of "I'm a dweeb/dork/nerd but I can't think of your name. I'm so silly!"

Or do what I do - which is exactly what YOU did. Maybe there's a program for people like us, ya think?

Youngblood4ever said...

I love the- "make the hubby take care of it" idea. I'll go with that answer for $500, Alex.

April said...

I forget names ALL the time! Sher...Uh Shelle. I seriously had a notebook that was a cheat-sheet for names. I had a gift store and I would put a description of the customer and then their name (which I retrieved from either their check or cc).

But I like what's-her-names idea better. Use the hubby to get out of the situation.

brooken'dus said...

I'm like you!! I can NEVER remember anyone's name. So I couldn't advise you on what to do!!! I wanted to say hi quick I hope you and your family are doing ok!! I haven't seen you in forever!!!! Miss ya!!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kristina P... check, no help.

ZenMom--THat is going to take some time and training! I will work on that!

Barbaloot--they did drop the ball or blog on me! Totally... that's it, I know what we are doing for family night tonight!

Jessica--right but the point is NOT to feel like a goober... I was pulling for creative.

SciFi--It's never good for me when i tell someone they have me at a disadvantage... just saying

YoungBlood--glad you feel better about yourself... check, no help!

Cherie-Check, no help!

Becky--point is not to feel stupid--great I was really pushing for you... check, no help!

Chief--it very well could of been that establishment... :) Oh and I've tried that trick, back fired on me also! SHIST!

Blogging Mama--That's why we get along, we are the same. But again, don't REALLY want to show how stupid I am... check, no help!

Youngblood--hehehehe! I love jeopardy!

April--SERIOUSLY! No help from you either??? WAAAAHHHH! Check, no help!

Brooke! HEY I MISS YOU SO MUCH! we only live around the corner and can't get it together... wtheck is that all about??? I'm going to call ya!

K guys... you are really not helpin out... ZenMom has a good suggestion but it will take time and commitment from others... which might be hard! hmmmm

I'll get back to ya'll!

roy/elisabeth dean said... need to stay OUT of public restrooms!

PJ - Our life said...

You either do what Zenmom says and have your hubby help you out. That is what I do for mine, he always forgets people's names. Or you just have to say "sorry I've had 3 kids and each one took some of my memory - what is your name again?"

April said...

Helloooo, I said I had a notebook! What, you didn't like that idea?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Lilly--TRUE TRUE!!! i TRY, that's my problem!

PJ-HA! Good one... I could use that... THANKS!

April--To much remembering to carry a notebook around! :)hehehe

Michele Horne said...

I totally need help with this one. I am awful with the mom's from my daughters activities. Last week a mom was putting my number in her cell when Ariana went for a play date and the lady says "I am sorry, I have forgotten your name." I could have, in turn, asked hers right then. But, NOOO, I am a complete moron and choked up and now still don't know her name... and my daughter was at her house playing!!!!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I am soooooo bad at remembering names too. I've just learned to be honest and say, "your name is escaping me. I'm horrible at remembering names. Sorry. I even forget my best friend's name!" No one seems to be offended when I just am honest. I think most people understand.

Aubrey said...

This JUST happened to me a couple weeks ago when I was shopping with all 3 of my kiddos at the mall. I was paying for my stuff at Bath & Body works and the lady checking out at the next register looks at me and says "AUBREY!!!" in the loudest but friendliest voice. I was a bit startled. WTFish?!

Right away she asked how my "baby" was and I pointed him out (no longer a baby but a bad ass 3 yo) to her. "I can't believe how big he is. Are you still at home? How have you been? She just kept talking and asking questions and on and on and on.
I knew she looked familiar but could not put a name to the face. My teen said I did really well and didn't let on. Phew!
I did what you did. Asked her what she had been up to. She told me and then FINALLY, she asked if I saw her daughter (which she called by name). The light bulb finally went off! She was the wife of an attorney I used to work for.
Good times. can tell me to shut up now! LOL

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