Thursday, August 20, 2009


Like I said last weekend we went to a family reunion on my husbands side!

I camped... that says a lot and re-iterates that it was my husbands side of the family... they are campers...(There's some fine print for ya!)

But seriously... it was a KOA, it had showers and toilets and a pool... I can't complain.

Anyway... I LOVE my nieces and nephews on both sides of the family and I never get to see enough of any of them. But today I'm highlighting one of the coolest little boys you will ever meet!

Meet my Nephew K-NOCKS...

the kid is a walking delight. There is no way you can hang out with him and not instantly crush on him... seriously, I'm hooked. Even when he screamed for a good 20 minutes because he didn't want to go to bed I still wuv wuv wuv him.

You dig?
So we took enough video of him that most would think he is our third child...but NO, we just think he's really cool! :)

Now look at what we captured during the reunion of the little guy...

Here he is swimming:

Here he is trying to knock down one of those punchy bag blow up things... at first the punch bag thing is winning, but K-Nocks wins in the end!

This video makes me laugh of my niece...she looks like one of those zero gravity videos you see the astronauts do... where they can't quite seem to control what's happening to them...


So this is my question for you guys today... did the way I "camped" (we were in a tent mind you) qualify as "roughing it" if I'm not a regular camper? Or do I have to poo and pee in nature? Just wondering.

Random Thought Friday for tomorrow... so get your best Random Thought out let's see whose thought makes us LOL and ROFL and LMBO!!! There were MANY last week... but if you're friends with me, there is an infinite number of random thoughts going through your brain, and it's okay if they all don't make sense... let them out in my comment box!

Until Friday!



Barbaloot said...

What a cool kid! Are the other kids jealous you like him best? I definitely have a favorite neice...hopefully the other ones never catch on!

April said...

Boooooo! The videos won't load! But I do have to say that I am totally the wrong one to ask about roughing it with camping. I AM NOT A CAMPER! The fact that you had a pool to bathe in tells me that this was not roughing it. But then again, sleeping on the ground would be agony for me. I'm a baby! I want my feather pillow, my body pillow and my comfy bed or a Marriott. I'm not picky. And I am sooo proud of you for going!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barb-Okay yea... we won't let any of the others know how much I dig him... unless they read my blog of course! lol!

and I don't know if I can allow you to be my friend anymore because I'm so jealous of your trip to Australia and New Zealand!

April--we are TWO peas in the same pod girl! REALLY! I love MY body pillow and my feather soft pillow for my head AND my super duper cool mattress... I feel better now that you're proud of me though... KNUCKLE PUNCH sista! hehehe!

Malea said...

I glamp. I help set up the camp. I do all of the fun hiking/biking/cookout/stories under the stars. Then I find a nice indoor bed with indoor plumbing where I retire. The only place I will actually sleep in an actual tent, on an actual air matress is in Hawaii. The air is always the same, a comfy warm and a little breezy.

Kristina P. said...

If you think you might be killed by a serial killer on the way to the bathroom, I call that real camping.

Homer and Queen said...

Alright KP...I live in Vegas...we ALWAYS fear the serial killers when we walk to the bathroom!!!

I grew up I'm old I'm into 4 star "camp grounds"!

Wheelchair boy doesn't do well on the ground...I knew that handicapped boy would come in handy some day!!!

SciFi Dad said...

OK, so my idea of roughing involves the omission of any of the following items:
- high speed internet
- wireless coverage
- indoor plumbing
- indoor heating
- an actual building to sleep in

So yeah, by my standards, you were roughing it.

Missty said...

very cute boy!! But hey I LOVE little boys!
And camping, roughing it, yes you did! I NEVER liked camping till last year. Matt and I alone, it was heaven.

What I realize is I HATE all the work involved with "family camping" It is not a vacation. Just the two of us in a tent, was nice. We cooked a little and went out to dinner in town a few times. so nice!

Try it. ;o)

Devri said...

HOly fridging poop! I didn't even read your post today! I just am screaming I made the comment of the day box! yippee!

ok now I will go read your post! lol

Devri said...

First I vote Kristinas comment for tommorrow! lol rofl!

ok vids won't load for me either Boo!

And do you have to pee and poo in dah wildreness? Have you seen my bathroom lately... I am peeing in dah wilderness everyday!-------------WHAT?!

Cherie said...

That little guy is a cutie pie! Isn't funny the way some kids can just lasso your heart!!

Yes my friend - You qualify as roughing it - We are campers too and have done it for years but we have a trailer because I need to carry around my own potty! It is a 2 ft. x 4 ft. space so I still consider that roughing it!! hee hee
Hey we cook our food outside!!

Youngblood4ever said...

That is TOTALLY camping. My FIL was building a house, and still pooped outside. I didn't consider him roughing it, though, because he stayed in his house, slept in a bed, had all the lovely amenities that we all enjoy. I think the use of the "facilities" doesn't determine your roughing it status!

ZenMom said...

Heh. Well, we're backpackers, so we make a distinction between "car-camping" and "real" camping - if you don't have to haul your stuff in and out on your back, it's not "rough". ;)

But ... I give you props for actually sleeping in a tent! ;)

Since the boys are still too young to strap a pack onto, we've been doing a lot more car camping lately - complete with plumbing and everything.

It still counts! ;)

Mama Belle said...

We are not campers. I've only been camping once in my life. I love electricity and mattresses. No advice from me.

Chief said...

if you slept in a tent and pooed more than twice in a public restroom with other roughed it my friend

Debbie said...

Is that your camera that does the underwater shots? My hubby was trying to convince me yesterday that he wanted one of those new video cameras.

Camping in a tent is camping in my opnion.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

see I love that you guys validate me!

of course I was roughing it! And it's good that I'm not all alone with that!

Well except for ZenMom who back packs? Come on... leave that to those in the pre-historic age! :)

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