Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't You Hate It When you feel under-appreciated?

I have been gone, I understand that, but the loyalty astounds me!!! Really! I only lost ONE follower...which I think is kinda optimistic thinking on my part...ONLY ONE...except for that I have obsessed about it for the past few days, (okay maybe just the last few minutes).

Stupid, really...

But it's like a train wreck, I can't stop thinking about it, at least while I write this post, and that says something that is worth saying!

I love knowing that people out there enjoy what I write...I LOVE, LOVE it...just as much as I love people who enjoy my pictures or who enjoy watching something I choreographed...I believe it is the middle child in me who seeks for the praise and the pat-on-the-back or the JOB-WELL-DONE.

From my studies as a family and marriage counselor there are theories as to how a middle child behaves or turns out. One way is that they are shy, reserved, and abhor attention because growing up the attention is bestowed upon their older and younger siblings! They are okay and content with that...and are uncomfortable when thrown OUT of their comfort zone to be in the middle of any crowd or ANY kind of attention.

The other way is that they are ALWAYS seeking ways to get attention from their older and younger siblings, so they are outspoken, sometimes to the point of being obnoxious, in every bodies business, loud, sarcastic, easy to laughter, and very much a people person always striving to be the CENTER of attention.

I believe I fall into the latter category. Along with wanting all the attention, I have found I LOVE people, I love to see their differences, I love to know their stories, I love to gain new bonds and friendships and I virtually HATE to be shunned...


it seems with this follower thing that I feel shunned in a BLOG sort of way...that I haven't upheld my end of the bargain for that person and they have decided to give up on me...GIVE UP ON ME!

It's not that I haven't been de-followed before...I haven't mentioned it because I'm okay with people not liking my writing and I have usually figured out who de-followed me and realized why they did...usually because they were changing profile's or something like that...

OKAY-ONE person I offended and they wrote me a kind email letting me know that they were de-following me. I like to think they did it so that I would not worry why my follower numbers went down, it helps...(I simply don't know about the others and I love to be ignorant to it, so please don't come out now and tell me about offending I said, I'm more of a like-to-be-kept-in-the-dark about those sorts of things)

Anyway...Can't figure out who de-followed me...I'm not psycho...

(Not my best angle...i can give you that...thought the picture went well with the whole..."I'm not psycho" part of the post...feel free to make your own assumptions however!)

I just want to make sure that if I DID offend them, maybe from my last post about not HELPING people out, that I could talk about them behind their backs and say lots of nasty stuff about them...I mean...apologize. (I hope everyone knows I'm sarcasm there, about the talking about them BEHIND their backs, I would like to think I would say it to their face also...)

So on Christmas EVE when I opened my ANNUAL pajamas...let's just say...

I felt a little under-appreciated! :)

Okay, now I feel better about the whole ONE person who de-followed me. Writing about it is like freeing my inner-imprisoned, de-follower hater's SOUL!!! LOL--who winced when they read that!

I did when I wrote it...which is why I'm keeping it on this post...I want people to remember me...ya know?



P.S. Anyone else feel under-appreciated...or more importantly...recently SHUNNED???


Kristina P. said...

Too funny! I lost a follower this weekend for the first time too!

I don't have the widget on my blog, but I sometimes check to see who is following me on my dashboard. The thing is, I have absolutely no idea who it is. It bothered me for about 5 minutes, until I realized that I take people off my Reader all the time. It happens. The blogging world is fickle. And truthfully, they could have started using another way to track blogs, and took everyone off. Who knows?

I also gained another follower that same day. Go figure!

Annette Lyon said...

Middle child here. I think I fall under the first category.

And yeah, I've felt underappreciated and shunned recently. Not in blogland, per se, but elsewhere. Ain't fun.

clan of the cave hair said...

Doesn't your Oscar the Grouch shirt make you unapproachable? Which is your Christmas wish? Love it! Now you can be underappreciated AND unapproachable.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kristina--ooohhh maybe I will gain like 5 more followers...I remain optimistic!!! lol

Annette--So freakin' true...really! It's not a good feeling. I'm giving you a virtual pound right now that you are a middle child! :)

Clan of the Cave--Good point...I love that you made me think about it in a WHOLE other way! :)

Nan said...

Oh!! You are so funny, I hate it when I get de-followed too, but I didn't figure out who it was until I went through the blogs I followed and then it stuck out like a sore thumb who it was, cause if you follow me, I'll follow you, [youngest child here, a follower to the end! LOL ]

Barbaloot said...

I'm busy being amazed that I have any followers---so I try not to focus on the fact that you have like, 30 times more than me:)

And also, I think the reason you and I can/could co-exist so well is because I abhor attention. I have two older brothers that LOVE it and CRAVE it and SEEK it, and I'm happy to shove all mine off onto them:)

Barbaloot said...

And the fact that I have a blog and LOVE to have people read and comment on it is not the least bit hypocritical or ironic. At all.

Jessica said...

Dude, I just lost 3 followers. So that brings me up to a whopping total of 3 followers. I love my blog and all but I also very much appreciate the feedback and virtual pat on the back. With out that sometimes I think I might take it in another direction.
I sound pouty, but I'm really not! :)


Mariko said...

You should tell us why they de-followed you so we can all hate her together. :)
But actually, it's when I see that you have 72 followers more than me that I feel underappreciated. Hee hee.

Aubrey said...

Oh Shelle! I still love ya and in the end, that's what really matters. Right? LOL

Kate said...

I didnt think I would really care what complete strangers thought of my blog. since I just recently started it FOR ME(journal writing is not a strong point in my life) it didnt matter what others thought. but for some odd reason, I have 10 followers, and it totally DOES matter now.

Stacy said...

I hate when I lose followers - makes me over analyze everything I write about! Twitter is even worse - I lost two in one day about threw in the towel! You're a great blogger though - so don't let one party pooper get you down.

T said...

#1 - Love the Grouch shirt... need to know where to get one!

#2 - I guess I can never stop following (not that I'd want to) now that I've seen how handy you are with a pocket knife!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barbaloot-we WOULD totally do well together because we wouldn't fight each other for attention! I LOVE your blog BTW!

Jessica-I absolutely LOVE you tip of the week...seriously I do...I am always learning...but if you want to take it in another direction...I'm still here...for you!

Mariko--You are NOW my NEW best friend because you brought my stats up once again! :) I don't think you are snobby at all, even if crash says you are...I think your comments are BRILLIANT on crash's thanks for helping a sista out! :)'re is all that matters...thanks, thanks, and thanks! :)

Kate-its a weird obsession because you know people actually might READ what you write..but then they leave you and it's a strange you got an F on a paper!

Stacy--LOL--WOW we are so much alike! lol!

#2--LOL so glad you understand THE PICTURE! :)

Mother Goose said...

I am looking at evaluating who I follow too. I want to follow those who comment to me or who I find funny and interesting.

some people follow just to have followers like face book. I follow people who never leave me a comment. I don't like that.

I know you will have many new and followers once everything settles down.
If someone is a follower of my blog. I will then search out their blog for a week or two. If I like it, then I become a follower of them too. But, once I am a follower I always try to leave a comment on their posts. Some of my followers I never hear from them

Shannon said...

Have no fear... you'll never lose this follower! You're stuck with me for good, LOL!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Glad you are back. I missed you.
I am an oldest child and I feel your description fits me to a tee, except not a grouch tee. But especially the sarcastic part.
I love thinking that people are reading my stuff. I do cartwheels when they comment.
I will probably loose followers because everything is such a downer at my place lately.
Good news is I am so down I won't care too much when they leave me. One good thing about grieving.

Melanie J said...

I got de-followed once but I don't care because I didn't like her and I couldn't figure out why she was coming around anyway. I'm only kinda mean, though, because I adore the rest of my followers and would feel super stressed out and sad if I lost one, so I'll keep me my mouth shut so no one else defects too, sending me into a tizzy of depression.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

It wasn't me! I'm your undying follower, since I'm not a leader. I'm coveting your t-shirt! I need one of those so my family knows when to back off, which is at least a couple times a month.

Sue said...

The whole following thing is STUPID. STUPID. HIGH SCHOOL. PETTY.

So it only bothered me a LITTLE when three people delisted me this weekend. Not that I was paying attention. Or anything.

Seriously, that stupid following thing is from the devil. One of these days I'm TOTALLY taking it off of my blog.


Krissy said...

lol ... I'm TOTALLY a follower... and the only blogs I take off my reader are those that deserve it. lol You friend, do not deserve to be de-followed. :D As for shunned... oh boy. Do I EVER know how that feels!! Let's talk for a minute about a best friend I've had since I was 15 years old just recently cut me out of her life, only to find out she still leaves messages on my mom and sisters Facebook pages AND follows ALL their blogs. I'm VERY bitter at the moment. Pass me that pocket knife, will ya? lol

CJ, the Purple Diva said... are too funny! And I'm not going to de-follow you!
I love that shirt and so wish I could get one in like fat lady size! LOL
And I've lost them too...the first time it happened I was devasted! I just lost one over Christmas...but I gained a new one the next day!
I had one lady write me and tell me that I posted too much and she couldn't keep up! So she de-followed me! LOL
Hang in there! We ♥ ya!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, I'm back! My internet is working again! YAY! And I'm so sorry someone defollowed you. You don't deserve it. No one in their right mind would defollow you, or steal your tithing money or ask you for a ride home from Albertsons! You're toooooooo awesome!

Jen said...

Since I only have thirty-five followers to your EIGHTY!!!, I suppose I should feel under-appreciated.

But, since you do rock, and since I too strive to find blog-follower-peace, I suppose I'll come through it okay. It's just the way the blog bounces, right?

nick said...

Shelle- I absolutely love you! And as you know, I am a horrible blogger. I feel like an alien in the blogging world since I haven't really gotten into it. But I love all the beautiful pics that you take! -Kelly

binks said...

I am totally going to de-follow you and then follow you again. Just so my face pops up on your follower list. My follower picture is one of the first ones and you have to scroll through 20 pages of followers to find me. Let's face it, you know this is all about me.
Shelle, no snorting aloud, you promised.
BTW, I love the Oscar pjs!

Kritta22 said...

The only thing I use that follower thing for is to link to people. Oh and to keep a non-prime number. yeah I'm that weird.

Ashley said...

I can relate with you completely! I seek approval and attention too and I LOVE it when people enjoy what I write or post. Seriously, when I do a post and get hardly any comments on it it makes me feel sad. And I'm not even a middle child, so I have no excuse for it!

Channon said...

Well look at all these comments, seems like you were missed!!

I couldn't un-follow you, actually I looked at your blog and a couple others over the long weekend for consolation just to make sure I wasn't the only one blogging!! I think we all took a break!

American in Norway said...

I sooo hear you! I haven't figured out who stopped following me, but it happened after I did my FAT post... hmmm.

I have been gone a lot lately & found MORE people following me while I am GONE.. weird or?
Happy New Year!

Annie Valentine said...

I jumped on the Shelle wagon because I think you are SO AWESOME. And my opinion counts for at least seven.

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