Tuesday, December 16, 2008


***UPDATE: Okay here are the TOP TWO--except for there was a tie amongst the panel, so to appease everyone, and because it's my contest, my rules (which can change at anytime)-- And just to clairfy...my panel consisted of people that don't read my blog often (except for one of them who is UBER dedicated!... and I knew would show no impartiality--but whomever wins...it was probably someone's Aunt/Cousin/Sister in law twice removed--so I'm just getting that out there so no one can argue later!!!)

Here are the top TWO/THREE in NO particular order:
1. Emily/Sewl--we all agreed that she has had some ROUGH times...yet we laughed at her!!! (goes to show who I selected to judge)

2. Binks--She has entered many times...but I honestly laughed SO hard at this...partially because I have a similar experience that I'll have to tell you about someday...but this post had just the right CREEPY/DRY-Heave/Funny mix-which won the panel over!!!

3. Lisa at the CLan of the cave Hair--I'm sorry, but this one literally made me vomit in my mouth...really it did...and then I had just finished Binks' and was nautious the rest of the day! We all agreed that if we weren't vomiting in our mouths we would have been ROFL--but that would have caused major clean up!

Congrats ladies. Now it is up to your FANS to vote for you!

The rules about voting--there are no rules...Vote as many times as you want! And the winner will be determed by 5pm MST on December 18, 2008 (Thursday).
Holy Gross, funny, crazy, and just Freaky funny you guys are! Seriously! Way to really put my panel to the test...this is hard to choose!

Sometime today I will announce with an update on this post who the top two are...then it is up to you to choose who the Grand Prize Winner is.

I kept reading..."I am going to enter again in hopes of winning or I'm going to enter ONE more time"--come on guys...make this seem like BINGO where you just keep trying and trying to be the one who ultimately stands up making a fool out of themselves...but they don't care because they WON!!!

So just keep doing it...just keep entering and being a part of the club! Some day YOU will be the ultimate fool standing up and waving your hands around, and all of us will smile, yet think in the back of our brains..."they must know the person yelling the numbers...this thing is fixed!" Yet we will show up next week to play again anyway!!!

Be like that...K...

Cause I look forward to hearing from you guys...even if it might only be once a month now!

Now quiet children...I need to read along with these other qualified judges on my panel to decide who is up for this month's Don't You Hate It When Grand Prize!!!



P.S. I'm more of a BUNCO chick...I just want that out there...BINGO is not really my style! But I used BINGO as my example...because I didn't remember I liked BUNCO better until after and I'm not very good at editing, you would know that if you read my BLOG faithfully...

So insert BUNCO for BINGO for me! Thanks!


binks said...

And by gross, I assume you mean me. lol
My ultimate goal in life - to make you throw up a little in your mouth.
Oh, and laugh!
Luv ya Shelle!

clan of the cave hair said...

What's a DYHIW contest without a little gagging?

Barbaloot said...

I used to be a bunco girl...then I got sick of playing with all the married ladies who only talked about their children and brought prizes for decorating the home I did not own. I should find some single friends...

georgie said...

I'm not a bingo or bunco gal ima BUD light with Lime gal :-) good luck pickin the winners

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Binks--yes I mean you...but it was funny also! :)

Clan of the cave man said it better than I could!

Barb--I'm so sorry...having only played Bunco after being married I didn't even think how it is with the single gals! :(

Georgie-nice one!--this is really hard...but I think we have almost decided! :)

Susan said...

Hey, don't tell, but I was addicted to bingo when I was pregnant with my first daughter - I seriously would go play with my inlaws and sit in a hall with hundreds of mean ol' men and women that would swear and curse every time someone other than themselves would yell "BINGO"!!! They were horrible! Probably where my potty mouth stemmed from since my mom always wanted to be a nun.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh man...you are killing me here. Who are the finalists???? :) Yes- I am impatient ;)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Oy my goodness, I can finally comment on your blog. What the heck? I laughed myself silly yesterday. Thanks everyone.

Aubrey said...

You are too funny Shelle! I've never played Bunco...hmmm...gotta look into that!

Mina said...

Hi. I'm new here. Because I voted for my BCF. (best cousin forever--my kids actually made that one up.) Bunco is fun--i did that once. But in our family we LOVE BINGO!! It's a semi-frequent FHE activity. I think the thing the kids like best is to be the basket operator.

Funny Blog. Great photography. And rampriot is cracking me up. I always get annoyed, because I actually remain seated. Then I'm last.

I'll be back.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Stopping by to wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

Nan said...

I'm not voting till SOME one comes and kisses my butt for the many hours worth of work in that purse... so, be the first to come and comment on it to me, and you'll get my vote.... heeheehee...:)

But seriously, great choices on the finalists. I give the ultimatum because I can't decide who to vote for and I guess if you really want the purse and not just the gift cards, well, you'll tell me and then I'll vote for YOU!

Jen said...

I have to say that one of these times I'm going to actually enter you little contest.

How's that for a threat?

But now I have to go read those entries, because they definitely sound noteworthy.

Jen said...

I have to say that one of these times I'm going to actually enter you little contest.

How's that for a threat?

But now I have to go read those entries, because they definitely sound noteworthy.

Soxy Deb said...

I voted yesterday but it's not allowing me to vote today!! What's the problem? Any thougths?

I hope you will add on another for Binks since the poll is not working correctly. Please....

Channon said...

My vote is in! Good Luck ladies, you all had great stories and there's a pretty awesome gift coming your way!

Gotta love the DYHIW, always brings a laugh or two for the day!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

THanks Channon..I'm sorry about the vote Soxy Deb...I'll look into it...hmmmm

This has been way fun!

Brooks said...

Congrats ladies! I am voting now!!!

binks said...

Gotta hand it to me peeps, they are tenacious.
Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I tried real hard for you sister, but I am no match for 2 computers at the same time voting furiously with me. Crap, my wrist hurts! Is it even legal to vote that many times for oneself??? Oh well, I have a bunch of gum wrappers somewhere, I'll see if I can whip them up into a suitcase for you, so you can go visit Shelle again! hehehe

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