Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Politics and Relationships and Freedom is not Free... but not here.

I posted about something scary... POLITICS over at Real World today... and yes, how it affects relationships.

If you have a minute... stop by and tell me what you think.

Venus and Mars

**Click the pic**

--Finding my "NICHE" is below this... and so far nobody, well maybe two, have helped me think of anything worth anything!!! Where's my peeps at!?

I need a "Niche"--or a place to curl up and suck my thumb.


Andrea -The Blogging Literary Mama said...

I read the niche post and didn't comment cause...I just don't get bathroom humor. I raised that there are some things (like bathroom stuff) that you just Never Ever Talk About. Sorry.

But politics, hey that's free game!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Andrea! This isn't fiction--this is MY LIFE! Sigh... But I get that the market for my bathroom stories isn't very big.

Thanks for going over to comment on the politics post! That one was hard for me.

Garden of Egan said...

I think you would be surprised at the vast field of bathroom stories there are out there. I'm sure EVERYONE could contribute.

Your niche? Well, maybe you should just go on a worldwide quest to find cuter dimples that yours.

Kazzy said...

How about your artistic eye? Photography? I don't know your writing enough yet to offer anything else. I believe in niches though. :)

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Hi Shelle!

Found you thru Kristina-the-freak...you have a great looking Blog, and you're funny as he...um...youre really funny.



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