Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photographic Evidence that I was THERE at CBC!

Besides meeting everyone and thank goodness other people were taking pictures because HERE is proof I was there!!! Yay! This is me when you first meet me...

And this is me in real life after you meet me... and YES, baby got back!

Anyway, thanks for Devri and Shauna for those pics that I stole off of FaceBook.

 And here is one with me in it... I'm in the back... with the peeps I mostly hung out with during the weekend.  I can safely say, "I love their guts" (no pun intended Annie).

One of the best things was listening to Mindy Gledhill and Cameron Rafati Friday night for the social event.  They were both so great and amazing.  Mindy took off so I didn't get any pictures with her... but here is one with Cameron Rafati!

Cameron had mommy bloggers swooning over him and even dancing pregnant for his music... I'm sure he'll never be the same! LOL!

But really what a great personality!  He was so personable and although he had ADD while taking pictures-he's worse then most of my children clients! :) "Cameron, look at the camera Cameron.  Hey Cameron!  Right here... can you look at the lens right here." I do have photographic evidence which I will post for you when it's not midnight!

Anyway, check out the dancing pregnant chicks here:

And Cameron's NEW video right here!  Just click play!

There is so much more I could say, but my husbands snoring and my everything from my hair follicles to my toes are sore.  My husband has started me on this new workout thing he's doing and as a supportive spouse fight it everyday I work out with him.  People... did you KNOW that you need your lower back muscles to drink water?  Yea, neither did I.  My fingers are striking because they have to continue to work out while I type this post and they are even sore.  It's sad... really really sad.  But you DID see that BOOT-TAY up there in that second pic right?  Just sayin.

Go check out Mindy and Cameron (yea, we are totally on a first name basis <--not really) they are awesome.

OH!  And look over there on my RIGHT hand side bar.  I have a BLOG FROG community... peeps, I could spend a whole post about how awesome it is... but just go over there and click and look for yourself... or wait for my post... because I love it, and the people that are the FOUNDERS of it.

Okay... later.

Check out Real World Venus vs. Mars. We have a Guest Contributor writing about Religion--her and her spouses differences--and how it effects her relationship. Go give your opinion cause I've met some of you, and BELIEVE me, you have them! :)


Garden of Egan said...

You were totally rockin' girl! I love that second picture!
And I don't want to hear you diss on your BOOTay! You are too darling for words!
Ya, your dimples!

I didn't see you up there dancin with Cameron did I? Hmmm maybe I have photographic evidence of that....I shall have to check.

I need to learn more about BlogFrog. It sounded so great and now I'm trying to figure it out still. (it probably would help to NOT have to work)

Gucci Mama said...

You're gorgeous. Totally no reason you can't be supportive of these work outs from afar and chuckle to yourself a little when you can move the next day and your husband needs a wheelchair. I mean, that's what I'd do.

DCHY said...

Thanks for indulging the sadistic nature in me with your comments on how sore you are. ;)

Devri said...

Loved it all, specially our second shot! I pretty much loved all the chicks who you hung out wit! the end.

Kristina P. said...

Hey I have a community now too! Rustin set it up for me at the CBC. I have no idea what it means, but whatever.

Sher said...

Yay, I made the cut! And I took that pic of you and Cameron! Does that make me the honorary apprentice photographer?

Love yer guts!

Barbaloot said...

Dancing pregnant women---love it:)

What work-out are you guys doing?

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Pregnant dancing is the BEST! Wish I could have been there. :(

T said...

ManOfTheHouse has been forcing the exercise routine around here as well... and finally the spin bike is not making me black and blue in places that even I can't see.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Maybe if I had been pregnant I would have busted a move too. But I chickened out. I was much more comfortable looking like a dork while chair dancing.

wendy said...

Great pictures. I bet the whole event was a blast.
I WANTED TO BE THERE (could you hear the whinning in my voice)
So what's this work out thing you and your hubby are doing??

Homer and Queen said...

Do not talk to me about working out because I am gaining weight as we speak. Eating all day long in the hospital. Great videos!

Kazzy said...

Cute pregnant dancers! And could you be any more photogenic?

mother goose said...

so so fun! i wonder who i would have hung out with, i need to start blogging again. pregger dancing!! LOL woohoo!!! go mama go mama! i want to be there but then I get all itchy about it and break out into hives! so fun that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers, i recognize alyson, sherri, devri, cynthia, annie and shauna but i don't know the purple shirt girl or the others. isn't it funny that we all kinda know each other, yet i know i have never met any of them either.

annie valentine said...

Oh my gosh, you really posted that. When did my arms get so fat? I didn't know I was pregnant in my arms.

Anonymous said...

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Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What workout program are you doing? Is it the p90x thingy? A few of my friends at work are doing it with their husbands. Seems to be a couples

Jack said...

Ok, I am usually up on music but I have no idea who that Cameron guy is.

See Mom Smile said...

glad there were some pics of you! you did an awesome job. Love the the pics on FB.

Danielle said...

As always, you look amazing!!!

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