Saturday, April 24, 2010

So once in a while I get bugged...

I never use this blog as a platform for anything really. I mean I don't make it a habit.

Sometimes I read things and I want to vent my little heart out, but then I see something sparkle and I'm off to see what it is.

So basically I don't have the attention span to really promote anything or have a passionate cause or something...

I've even slightly lost track in what I was going to say to drag, you the reader, in to continue reading, but I probably lost you up there somewhere with "I never use this blog"...

So let me just say.

This post has kept my attention and yea, it bugs me.

So what better way than to share it and let you be bugged or not...

I guess it really depends on you.

Ya'll know I'm LDS.

So yea... this crap bugs. It happens a lot and not just to the LDS religion, but sometimes I think people like to say asinine things just because they either want to sway the masses or bug the masses or whatever reason they do what they do, or maybe because there just sad people and doing this kind of thing makes them feel better about themselves???? To me they just sound like the first syllable of the word AS-I-NINE. (I know I know... so bad of me)

Click HERE if you want to know the site I got this from. But this is being copied verbatim from the blog post...

Granted, media bias is a favorite chew-toy for bloggers. And while it certainly exists, its probably best to grin and bear it and move on with more important things.

However, I think it’s appropriate to call out a journalist when they have a pattern of deeply unfair stories. The Associated Press’ Jennifer Dobner certainly falls into that category with stories that repeatedly give Church critics a platform to bash the Church, no matter how out of place or unfair (e.g. President Monson’s calling as prophet or gay activist protests against the Church).

Dobner’s latest offense occurs in covering today’s news that a Utah judge approved a convicted murderer’s execution and the convict’s choice of method: firing squad.

Lydia Kalish, Amnesty International’s death penalty abolition coordinator for Utah said her organization opposes the state’s effort to see Gardner executed. But despite Utah’s strong religious roots — it’s the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — most here support the use of the death penalty.

“I think in Utah, when it suits their purposes, they go back to the Old Testament and the ‘eye for an eye’ kind of thing,” Kalish said. “These people may be the worst of the worst, but if the best we can do is repeat the same thing, it’s so obviously wrong.”
(Gardner gets to choose death by firing squad since he was convicted before the state removed the option in 2004.)

Yes, the state of Utah still has the death penalty, but so do 34 other states. Never mind that in the “modern era” of U.S. capital punishment, Utah has only executed 6 people in the past 34 years and the last one was in 1999. In order to advance the notion that Utah’s – and the LDS Church’s – “eye for an eye” bloodlust, it might be helpful to compare its record to the 19 other states that have had more executions in that same period.

Since mentioning Utah apparently requires mentioning religion, Dobner injects her personal assumption that there is a contradiction between a community of “strong religious roots” that supports capital punishment. Pardon my link to Wikipedia (as an outraged defensive blogger it’s a requirement), but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If the Church is going to be inexplicably dragged into this coverage, it might be useful to ask the Church for a comment or at least mention that the LDS Church officially has no policy on capital punishment, neither promoting or opposing it. But apparently an Amnesty International spokesperson was sufficient.

It’s hard to get exercised when over-the-top South Park gang set their target on the Church for satire, because any reasonable person won’t take them (too) seriously. But it is frustrating when the supposedly serious Associated Press acts just as clownish.

I mean that's it. But really?


Any feelings? You don't have to be LDS, just wondering overall what you think when media does this in general? Freedom of Speech and all of that, but whatever happen to getting facts straight?



Kristina P. said...

Becasue mentioning Mormons right now makes for interesting, senstational news. Blame the Mormons is a popular theme. It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad state of affairs, seems someone is always blaming something on some religious group....our world has broken down to a very sad place.


T said...

I've always found it odd that the entire STATE gets linked to the predominant religion (which is coming close to not being predominant at all... there are a LOT of people here) and that anyone in the news who also happens to be LDS has to have their religion mentioned.

Yes, I would expect better of the AP - sources people... argh!

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, I was thinking it felt a bit lopsided as far as the facts go.

But then is it really surprising that they sway the stuff the way they want.............I mean take a look at the politics.
Now that's skewed!

Maybe South Park will be a bit more reliable than the AP.

SciFi Dad said...

Murder is murder; whether or not it is state sanctioned is irrelevant.

mother goose said...

Murder and the death penalty. I find it funny how people or media like to twist it to their advantage point, and how it was stated that we revert to an eye for an eye. There was a crime committed. There was a verdict. Both done judicially and legally. The result was execution. Completely in the legal realm, so now lets bring religion INTO it, when they have fought so hard to KEEP it out! Now, who's using religion?? You are convicted, you are going to die, would you like firing squad, gas, or the chair?
I would pick the firing squad also.
This has been the in accordance with the laws of the land, the rest of the judgement will be God's.

April said...

It irks me when religion is brought up by those who would just slander it in the name of "news". To those of us who hold our religion dear to our hearts (whatever that religion may be), this is just unacceptable.

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