Monday, April 26, 2010

Daddy Can't Hear You..

I rarely promote blogs or anything... (dripping with sarcasm)

But there is a blog that just kind of started and I want to tell ya about it.

It's Daddy Can't Hear You... and I'm proud to say that I kinda came up with that name. It was a glitch in my mind I'm sure but either way...

He is a dad that tells his view point of raising his children and being married while also being deaf.

It's very interesting. He has a "Deaf P.O.V." series where he writes his point of view of daily things that we kinda take for granted, and a "Say What" series where he writes how sometimes he misinterprets while reading people's lips.

He also answers any questions you might have for him. Here is a post he wrote to answer my question on how he communicates with his girls...

Here's an excerpt but you should click over and read it...
"I will tell you was very frustrating for me to try to understand what my daughters were saying as they went through their babbling stage and their mispronounciation of words stage. What most people don't realize is how equally frustrating it can be for them when their daddy cannot comprehend what is being said to him.

You could be thinking "What about his hearing wife?" Yes, she does step in and help clear up the chaotic messages...when she is there. She has a job so she can't be there 24/7. Now, you can see how frustrating it can be for all of us."
So you should go check him out and follow.

That's all. Carry on.

I'm shutting off comments in hopes that you'll scurry on over there, or runway walk yourself over there... or mosey, run, jump, skip, which ever is your chosen way of "surfing" the interent.. or just click, but that is SO not creative... okay freak, click already!!!


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