Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Communication is KEY!

I think this is a classic case of how my husband and I communicate.

No lie. (Got this in an email).

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she'd like to have for her Birthday.

'I'd like to be six again', she replied, still looking in the

On the morning of her
Birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day!

He put he r on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Monster Roller Coaster, everything
there was.

Five hours later they
staggered out of the theme park.
Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down.

He then took her to a McDonald's where he ordered her
a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake.

Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adventure! Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted. He leaned over his wife with a big smile and lovingly asked, 'Well Dear,
what was it like being six again?'

Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed. 'I meant my dress size, you retard!!!!'

The moral of the story:
Even when a man is listening,
he is gonna get it

Getting my degree in Family Science, focusing on Marriage, they pound in you CONSTANTLY that communication is VERY important in a relationship.

In fact, TOP 3...depending on who you ask it may be put first or third, but always in the top 3...along with sex and finances.

To me, you need to communicate about finances in order for them to work...and you need communication to get the most out of itimacy also...right?

So communication is key right? I mean to a healthy, happy relationship.

So if I ask for him to make this birthday a little special this actually acknowledge it, I tell him that POINT BLANK so there is no questions...(because I'm hitting one of those bumps in the road where you look back and say...HOLY COW HOW DID I GET SO OLD)...and I want for ONCE for my birthday to be more than just another day.

I've even given him some GREAT ideas on what would be a perfect celebration of me getting yet ONE YEAR older...I started about a month that he wouldn't have any excuse of NOT being prepared...

And then today he asks me, "Now what are you doing for your birthday?"

Would you say that is bad communication and should I be worried?




Kristina P. said...

Hmmm, I think the poor communicator in the email was the wife. I don't blame him! I would have said, "I'd like to be A six again."

But that's neither here nor there. And I hear you about the birthday. Boo.

Klayton said...

yes, I think you should be worried. It is hard when you make other plans to go out of town with your sisters and mom on your birthday. It feels like I am second choice. I guess we will see what happens I still have a week.

Klayton said...

yes, I think you should be worried. It is hard when you make other plans to go out of town with your sisters and mom on your birthday. It feels like I am second choice. I guess we will see what happens I still have a week.

Sher said...

Amen. I has taken years, but I think my hubby and i have finally come to a place where we understand each other.
or at least we have come to accept that we can't understand each other, and we're Ok with it.

Annette Lyon said...

Hints don't equal communication with men. You have to explain it with giant dots and connect the dots with a huge, red sharpie.

blogismycopilot said...

that's when you answer "I am standing back and letting YOU make it the best day ever. If you need some guidance as to what I would consider the best day ever, I will be happy to clarify. Any questions?"

springrose said...

If I want a specific item bought for b-day or christmas I usually go and register for it at Target or where ever it is at. I know sounds weird using the bridal or baby registry, but it takes all the guess work out, size color etc. I usually two or three things so I am still surprised and he knows exactly what I would like! I have been told I am hard to shop for, whats hard about a gift certificate to my favorite book store? I'm like a kid in a candy store there!!

binks said...

Oh my, my.
If Klayton says to be worried, I might be worried.
Knowing your husband, it might be a huge ploy to just freak you right out and surprise your old self.

Oh what I wouldn't give for my birthday to be a bump again instead of the giant mountain that it is.

Barbaloot said...

I must be broken when it comes to thinking like a girl---cuz the whole time I read that I was thinking how that was soawesome of her husband and it would be such a fun date.
Guess that takes away any questions as to why I'm still single:)

Mariah said...

Hmmm. Men! I bet he has surprise for you and he's trying to play it cool. When's your bday? Mine is the 28th

Kritta22 said...

Ut-oh says Connor. I think you found your communication says Kritta. Hope you are doing okay! I heart you. Happy almost birthday!

Ann On and On... said...

I think they learned the nod and agree as children...monkey see monkey do.


BE WORRIED VERY WORRIED!!! Just kidding! anyways, love ya and I really can't believe you are turning **** I'll keep it a secret!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


When is your birthday? When when when? I don't want to miss it.

How old are you now? 25?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yeppers, I'd be worried. I tell ya, how can such smart men be so dumb? I have been married for nealry 23 years and I still can't get over how they can mess things up. Are men smart? Yeahno

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I used to tape pictures of what I wanted on the fridge. Now, I just go buy it myself. But Roy does have an I let him off the hook~
♥ Lilly

Susan said...

Oh, your poor husband! I'm totally on your side!

Natalie Sue said...

Maybe it's a trick! Birthdays are a big deal, especially specially-numbered birthdays. When is it? That's exciting! Good luck....hopefully this post has been a good hint too. :) They need a lot of them sometimes. :)

Annie Valentine said...

I like to use the accidental bedroom shin kick method to get my point across. Just kick him a few times consecutively and say, "Oops, I was just thinking about how much my birthday was going to suck...did I accidentally kick you, Dear?"

Annie Valentine said...

That should be done in bed, after the lights are out and before he falls asleep (be fast, they're usually zonked in .7 seconds).

T said...

I'm loving Springrose's idea... I think Target should start advertising the "wife birthday registry" right alongside the wedding and baby registries!

Hints are useless... it might be time to create the birthday agenda with the birthday breakfast in bed menu listed out all the way down to when he'll be massaging your toes!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I think Binks is right and that he is trying to catch you off gaurd.

I also like Annie's idea.

Happy almost birthday and I hate those bumpy days.

sara said...

I hate to say that he sounds like a typical guy, but he really does. I usually just buy stuff for myself and tell him what he got me. That's the only way he'll ever get it right.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Hey, my February 28th birthday twin! Sounds so much like my husband that it's making me laugh.

Heatherlyn said...

I'm over here visiting from clan of the cave hair. Your posts really draw people in.

You are right about the importance of communication. I don't think that even good communication is the same as PERSUASION. I think our spouse sometimes hears what we want, but that is different than persuading them that it is what they want to do!

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