Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day off: Gravity--addiction--people at cross walks

Today is my "day off"

But I had to tell you about something.

So You Think You Can Dance was on last night.

Mia Michaels piece last night moved me. Her inspiration for the piece was addiction... the song, Gravity by Sara Bareilles

It was beautiful... maybe it's one of those things that you only understand if you understand dance, but I don't see how that is the case with this dance. Just the song is incredible in and of itself, but she creates a story.

Maybe I understand it because I understand addiction. Maybe not a drug addiction, but I do understand addiction in my own way. Things I've had to solve, things I'm still trying to overcome...but I understand it.

Anyway... I'm sharing it with you if you weren't able to see it. Not my addiction :), but the SYTYCD piece from last night. (Start watching it at about 1:16) The guy in this piece is from HAWAII--just thought I'd let all my Hawaiian peeps know that! :)

Random Thought: Why when people cross the road on a cross walk do they slow down and then look at you with a smirk while you sit in your car waiting for them. WHY? Don't they remember driving in a car? Don't they remember what it's like to want to run those cross walk people over who are walking slow just because they feel that POWER of control???

Karma people... Karma...



Jessica said...

Yeah! I was wondering when you were going to do a post on this season's SYTYCD...This seasons dancers are all outstanding dancers I have a hard time choosing someone to vote for each week!

Kristina P. said...

I loved this piece! Very moving.

the eternal list said...

everyone in blogland keeps telling me to watch this show...i'm an IDOL devotee, but...

Barbaloot said...

I did like this piece, although I can live without Kupono...he irritates me.

And Janine...have you noticed how she ALWAYS pulls her skirt up while she dances?! Fine-you have nice legs, but relax. We don't need to see them ALL the time!! Watch the Singin' in the Rain piece they did last week (two weeks ago?) and you'll totally notice it. Drove me crazy!!

Denise said...

Holy crap. I don't know if I'm PMSing or just needed a good cry, but this song, this dance, really really really got me. The power, anger, desperation, violence... the entire performance was moving. I'm in awe.

Thanks for sharing!

IWA (e - va) said...

Thanks for the song, this is an awesome song, if you only knew how much Ive been needing it! .... and yes if there is anything that hawaii peeps love... is other famous hawaiians doing their thang!

PJ - Our life said...

I loved this piece too! First one that has really moved me this season. And thanks for finally talking about SYTYCD!!!

T said...

still have to watch the video - just wanted to point out that I ALWAYS hurry across crosswalks - ALWAYS.

Kritta22 said...

I'm with Denise! Seriously got me.

I'm sorry you have to struggle with addiction. I heart you even more.

Kritta22 said...

and I'm with T on sidwalk thing. People die up here when they slow down. NO freaking jOKE!

Last year there were more than 10 hit in crosswalks because of road rage!

Still wanna come to alaska? :)

clan of the cave hair said...

That dance really was stunning. The violence was almost shocking. and although Nigel complained that he couldn't see her face through her hair, I almost felt that this added to the message. An addict loses his or her identity when the addiction takes over, it was perfect. I found the peice almost disturbing to watch, but that's the sign of a successful performance, right? when it evokes a strong emotion, one way or the other.

This Mom said...

Aren't you addicited to SYTYCD???

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Jessica--You are right. They are ALL amazing. The dancers technical abilities are amazing, but then their personalities and looks. They are great. Awesome season!

Eternal List--YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. Stop trying to miss the band wagon and just JUMP ON!

Barb--HAHAHA! I understand. I think my favorite's are Randi (because she is from my sisters studio and where my niece dances) Kayla, Brandon, Ade, Ballerina chic, and Janine :) even if she likes to show us leg! lol!

Denise--I hear ya Denise. I was like ooohhing and aaahhing while I was watching it... so moved me I can't even say. I LOVE that!

Iwa--I KNOW about those Hawaiians! lol! I'm also a BIG fan of the son, but I've been a fan of it since the album came out!

PJ--I will talk about it more. I am never sure how many people will actually want to know! But then again... who cares right? It's MY blog... DOI! lol!

T--Good thing, because one of these days I might give in and bump the person crossing the cross walk... just a light tap, ya know?

Kritta--I hurry across cross walks also so I'll be fine in Alaska, so YES I still want to come up and visit.

And thanks @ the addiction thing!

COTCH--Yes, it served its purpose. It's beautifully disturbing right??? :)

This Mom-You so get me! :)

Amber Lynae said...

I loved the dance it was very moving.

I am not a lingerer in the crosswalk for the specific reason you listed. I remember what it is like to be on the other side of the steering wheel.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

I LOVE SYTYCD. This was an awesome dance. soooo moving!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Amber Lynae--Oh I'm so glad you liked the dance... was it disturbing or just weird or you liked it liked it just because? See, it's us who remember that are going to be saved in the end! :) lol

Emily-- You watch SYTYCD??!!! YEA! YEA! YEA!

Erica said...

So maybe it's because I'm pregnant, or just the fact that I love to watch dancing. But when I watched that dance I started crying! What is wrong with me? Okay, maybe I love the show a little too much. But I was wondering when you were going to comment on the show. Last year I couldn't wait to see what you had to say about it every week.

April said...

Our fam is addicted to SYTYCD! True story. This was my favorite dance so far. I didn't understand Nigel's critique about seeing Kayla's face. He's just a perv sometimes.

But Kupono really touched my heart this week. He's growing on me.

And YES I am so happy Phillip gets to do continue on and do his popping on tour!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

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