Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow Day messed up my plans

So I'm not sure if you knew this, but it snowed where I live yesterday. That's pretty significant since on average it snows about... never in a year.

Well it really screwed up my plans.

You see... I found out on New Year's Day that Dillards has this crazy sale day. My husband mistakenly found out about it when he was looking for shoes for me and the lady told him about it... well, according to him it was "ladies" telling him about it and "helping" him pick shoes/boots out for me.

Uh huh.

Anyway... so we went to this sale and bought killer boots an awesome deal and I was going to wear them yesterday.

But I couldn't. I couldn't because it snowed... and my boots wouldn't have done well with the snow... because of the water snow holds.


Way to screw up my plans Mother Nature you use to be so consistent in this desert weather!

On the other hand... finding the glass half full, aren't my children super adorable in the snow! They were up at the crack of dawn to play with it before it melted!

Taken from my phone camera

Taken from my camera phone


The Napkin Dad said...

Wear them around your house in your bathrobe and curlers and take pictures! (and post them) THAT is the seeing the glass half full! haha

Garden of Egan said...

Uh, I am confused......arent boots for snow?
Hello, snow boots.....hello!

Barbaloot said...

So when it melts you need to wear the boots and show us a picture of that:)

Kristina P. said...

I need to step up my boots. You would think I would have good winter boots, but no. All my boots have heels, or they are very thin suede. I am an idiot.

Devri said...

lmbo.. I live in the south pole, and I didn't own a pair of snow boots, until Friday cuz my husband made me! They are over rated if you ask me! ;)

Anonymous said...

It hasn't really snowed here since 1977 so if it happened here, I would definitely understand your pain.

Tammy said...

Yay for snow! :) We don't get it much up here either. We did get it before Thanksgiving this year! We are hoping for more!

Hey...I love your blog design. Are you on WP or blogger...just wondering...your design is so clean and easy to read!

Alex said...

Boo for snow. I hate snow. Can I move to the desert where it snows like never? PLEASE?

lol your kids are adorable playing in the snow :) Enjoy it!!

T said...

I am still cleaning up the little messes from all the snow and wet they dragged into the house... not to mention that they trashed the camping closet while digging out their cold weather gear...

oh shoot - the bright side? I'm counting that as my "cold weather outing" for the year... now if I could just convince ManOfTheHouse that I don't have to go along on the annual sledding trip we'd be GOLDEN!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Napkin Dad--be careful what you ask for around here! I may just do that and then I won't pay for your therapy bills!

Garden of Egan--ummm these are more stylish rather than SNOW boots... because usually I wouldn't NEED snow boots!

Barb--Okay I will take you up on that!

Kristina P--mine have suede... sigh, so can't wear them in the snow! But they are super hot!

Devri--I hear ya! I don't really need snow boots... but I NEEDED those stylish boots I bought and they are NOT overrated hehehe :)

CityMom2 said...

oooh Shelle, I have a boot fetish. Maybe you should sponsor a boot fetish follow.

I have a pair of Totes snow boots disguised to look like English Riding boots...therefore maintaining my fashion sense.
Wear the boots SOON & post pics.

See Mom Smile said...

We got snow too an it screwed up my day big time. You will have to have cute boot day another day!

SciFi Dad said...

I'm probably going to regret asking this, but... what's the difference between a "phone camera" and a "camera phone"?

Stephanie Faris said...

Well worth not getting to wear your boots! It snows rarely here, too, and when it does, it shuts the whole town down. I'll bet your grocery stores are insane when snow is in the forecast, right?

Tiaras said...

I hate snow! It all melted here - i was so happy!!

Happy new Year!

... said...

First of all, I am glad it screwed up your day since I was not told about this awesome SALE!!! I am quite jealous I love new boots! Thanks again for this morning!

Steph said...

I have always said the snow is a jerk.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Anonymous--well then I'm sure I'd love where u live! :)

Tammy- I don't really hope for it, I like it if I don't have to deal with it for very long! :). I'm a blogger gal! I had someone do my design though... She's awesome! Let me know if you want her name!

T-yea the cleaning of the snow stinks... No fun at all! Annual sledding trip? Yea, I don't envy you! :)

Seemomsmile- I did I wore them the next day but can you believe I didn't take one darn picture of them!?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Citymom2-i will wear them again and take pics!!! I have a recent boot fetish three pairs in under two weks! A boot fetish following... I'm game!

SciFi- so cut me some slack, it's camera phone! I'm never claimed to be perfect... But if I were to guess a difference I would say it's a classier way to say it the way I did!

Alex-im with you! Boo for snow! But I'm happy for my kids I guess :)

Stephanie-everything is insane! Stores and traffic and well just those things, but still!

Tiaras-it's melted here now also and I couldn't be happier!

...-i had noi idea either until that morning of the sale!!! But then again I'm getting you back for that other time you didn't tell me about the True Religion sale!

Steph- amen! Total jerk!

3GirlKnight said...

The last town I lived in, in CA, had their 100 year snow day in 1998. Everything shut down. The snow was melted off an hour later, but everyone just stayed home anyway. Free vacation!

Oh wait, unpaid vacation...booo

Melissa said...

Oh, girl, I know exactly what you mean! I hate it when I can't wear my boots because of the snow! And we do need a picture of the boots when the snow melts!


wendy said...

I am with Tauna....aren't boots for snow?? unless they are hooker boots.........and I KNOW (don't I) that you are NOT a hooker. (tee,hee)

crazy weather everywhere. I am sittiing in a blizzard right now fighting with my hubby over who should take the dog out to pee.
It is WINDY.......and that would mean I have to pull out my hooker boots.

Papa K said...

I have a gift for being able to shop for shoes for my wife too! I guess your husband and I have the same gift!

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