Monday, January 17, 2011

Neutral, cool, laid back.

My husband and I are mostly just really good friends. We love each other sure... but we are best friends besides all of the other stuff that comes with love. If we weren't in love, I'm pretty sure we'd still kick it as friends or keep in touch with each other.

What I love mostly is that he really is kind of a tough guy, especially when it comes to gifts on ANY holiday. He always is saying, "I don't need anything." For a gift GIVER like myself, that's hard to swallow. For years I still bought him gifts with no other outcome then a slow, "thanks" as he would toss it aside. It's not that he never liked what I gave him, he just doesn't really react dramatically on either end of the scale--always neutral, cool, laid back.

But as you learn more about someone, you learn how to get some kind of reaction other than a neutral, cool, and laid back one.

The key? Instead of giving them something that they WANT or NEED... give them something that will shock them or is completely unexpected.

I know, I'm a genius. Only took me like 8 years to figure that out, so the last three have been kind of fun! :)

So let me fill you in. On Christmas Eve our family tradition is to open one gift under the tree. For the kids it's from Mom and Dad, and for each other it's, well, from each other. I hope you are still with me.

Anyway... it's always pajamas, even for MountainSport Man and I, it's some form of lounge wear.

So here he is, neutral, cool, laid back.

I told him to smile at the camera... he looks like he's plotting my demise... so bad azz.

But when he opened the present... Freaking Long Johns!!! lol... he laughed, and I succeeded! Plus, he can use them for when he snowboards!  Double Win for Shelle!

So what's the worst or best present your received for ANY holiday?


Kristina P. said...


We are opposite. My husband needs to give gifts, and I don't need any. I just buy what I want. My love language is time.

I feel bad about this now, but a few years ago, on Valentine's Day, I was PISSED that he sent me flowers at work. I had asked him not to. I know my coworkers thought I was super ungrateful. But all I wanted was to go to a nice restaurant, and he spent our dinner budget on flowers that died 3 days later.

He definitely won't do that again.

Devri said...

lol Kristina.. But I feel the same, I would rather go to a movie and dinner than, flowers, but I have to admit, getting them once in a blue moon has been nice :)

lol My hubby would use them for underclothes for his work too. nice

T said...

love his reaction - makes it all worth it.

I have to ditto KP on the flowers thing - convinced ManOfTheHouse years ago that unless we're rolling in dough (ahem, yeah right...) I don't want 'em.

Of course, bringing home one single rose (from a neighbor's bush) as a surprise is still sweet... especially if he does it in the middle of the day for no reason.

See, I'm incredibly difficult to please.

SciFi Dad said...

I've never received something as bad as long underwear.

Mae Rae said...

its been years since we gave gifts to each other so it is hard to say. the worst gift i got this year was used body butter. Yup, i kid you not.

Kazzy said...

Great smile you got out of him! Very sweet.

Stephanie Faris said...

I spent the morning shopping for my husband's birthday. It's so hard to know what to get him! He won't clue me in...every now and then he'll blurt out something and I'll make a mental note of it but I always feel like that's not all that surprising.

Homer and Queen said...

You are the gift wisperer!

And KP and my hubby would get along great. I WANT flowers because he won't send them. Although he does buy me guns.And an imac!! Yes...he rocks.

Emily said...

That is awesome! I love the long johns! I once received a battery charger. Then I thought it the lamest gift ever but now? I totally love it!

Barbaloot said...

Brilliant! I keep wanting to get my brothers some of those but haven't yet. Thanks for the reminder:)

See Mom Smile said...

Worst gift was car wash gift certificates. BEST gift was my kindle. I love getting gifts. My honey, not so much.

CityMom2 said...

Men are SO hard to buy for...this year I got a fabulous ring (from him) and 2 years ago he told the owner of our local scrapbook store to fill a box with stuff I wanted.
I'm very blessed. I like to get and he likes to give!

wendy said...

I like his bad azz look. Long Johns....brilliant.

over the years I have had my share of "duds" for gifts. I love it when I FIND THE RIGHT thing that you KNOW really gets them excited. that is hard to do sometimes.

surprises are the best!!!

... said...

You rock Shelle!! Klayton is a lucky man!! Dirk got a v-neck tshirt as part of his PJ's on Christmas eve and his disappointment was obvious. I'll have to do better next year.

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