Wednesday, March 10, 2010

House of Falling Cards and a Flash Back Picture... you've been warned.

Okay House of Cards!

OH MY H. E. Double ToothPICKS!!!

That took HOURS of my life I can never get back and I have SQUAT really to show for it.

Challenge 4 for Supah Survivor was to make a House of Cards!


Following is the proof. Please have trash can near you because this first picture was taken right before subject (me) went jogging, no one should have to see that... Trash can ready? Okay--here is your evidence!!!

That's me and the cards I'm using...

This is the proof that there is nothing in the middle of the cards... like a block base or whatever.

Level one...

Level two...

Level three...

And right when I got to take a picture of Lever four. It collapsed... the whole D.A.#.*. thing!


I got three levels. I already know I lost. But I want to say to the winner. I bow down before you... I have little patience as it is and to get more than the levels I got means you should be beamed up to Godhood or something.

The end.

No I'm adding a picture of me when I was like 11 or 12 for this weeks Birthday Challenge over at Amber's and Meg's! This is as close to the 80's as I get that I could find. No seriously. This is like 1990 or 91? Close enough right?

My favorite movie though was of course Sixteen Candles. Loved Loved Loved that movie ANd Girls Just Wanna Have Fun--DUH--that's a given!

My mom still did my hair at that age... anyone top that???


Amber said...

Good Job! I love the way you were doing your house!

The pic is close enough!

SupahMommy said...

OMG... your shorts !! and your poised look. . LOVE IT.

i wanna move into that RV. :)

UR EYES are too pretty!

ur house o cards is awesome and so are you


Anonymous said...

Love the glasses!!!!
woot woot

I never ever jog unless something is chasing me!! Then it is like 20 steps and turn and fight!

Fat people ought never to jog!

House of cards is pretty so-so ifn you ask me.


Your hair is far to short to be a proper 80's girl!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I am enjoying living vicariously through you and this survivor thing. I am so loving the season as well. Colby is got to be my all time favorite and I was so glad when he was saved last week.

And things look good for Courtney as well at this point. Although if they went to tribal again, I wonder seeing as how she is so so skinny. But it seems likely that the clash between the titans Rob and Russ will take place before they get around to picking off the weaker players. Should be interesting. HMmmm.

Just Jules said...

the ever dancer - look at your ....what is that again? third position stance?

yeah on the house of cards - it is HARD!!!!!!

Typical Teen said...

I like your blog follow mine? (:

Lisa said...

You are so dressed 80's!! I love it!

wendy said...

House of Cards??

and that photo of you is sooooooo cute. Nice pose.

April said...

What kind of villain can't build a house of cards? Isn't that what villains do? hmmmm.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh you! I know a fake house of cards when I see it. ;)

And look at your perfect eyebrows. Holy Cow. And your BOLD blue eyes. Lub the glasses, btw.

So, my favorite movie was Sixteen Candles too. And believe it or not I looked more like Molly Ringwald than you did in that photo. People used to tell me "I saw you at the movies last night" all the time. I WAS Molly incarnated.

Zu said...

I hate card house building. I've tried it once, never again. hehe You got a lot further than I did. lol

OMG that's the cutest pic! Awww! :-)

♥Georgie♥ said...

I am pretty sure we were separated at birth or umm at least in the 80s...gosh you are beautiful!

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