Friday, March 5, 2010

SciFi Dad interviewed me... over embellishes much?


First of all. Your. Welcome. for leaving that Marshmallow post up for TWO whole days!

If you weren't in LOVE with me before, you have to be now!

It's the HUGE cheeks that get me every time... and then when I take the Mallows out, the cheeks look the same size!

Anyway--one of the contestants Grasshoppa's husband gets on the end of hers and says something like, "I've never been more attracted to her in my life"! HA!

I bet that was what my husband was thinking while holding that backdrop for me and counting.

Sigh--It's that kind of love where people look at ME and then look at HIM and then think, "HUH!? Love IS blind". (I'll only admit this once, he's the hotter one!)

Princess Sarcasm won with 17 MALLOWS--17!!! (there is a joke there somewhere, but I'm not touching it).

Okay okay!

I got on to tell you I GOT INTERVIEWED by SciFi Dad. He totally mocks me guys. And let me say, FTR, he's one of those writers that kinda over flowers and enhances his writing-over embellishes! I know this because although the words I wrote on that interview were what I said, ... he twists them to his ADVANTAGE!

Typical male. AND typical interview-er.

It's hard to be famous. I'm just glad he recognized I AM famous (in my own mind) and interviewed me! He swears I asked to be interviewed...but it was more like I felt I needed to volunteer as a friend. I said something like, "If you have NO ONE else to interview, like NO ONE, like I am the LAST blogger alive... then SURE, I'll do it. Ya know, if you need someone...desperately."

What!? Are you accusing MUAH of overembellishing? PSHAW! Whatev.

You should go read it. And tell his readers that I'm NOT a crazy LDS girl! Go NOW--PLEASE! I'm BEGGING YOU! I've never needed the support of my peeps more than this interview at this time!

(hehehe, go if you want to.)



The Boob Nazi said...

I will say you aren't a crazy LDS girl, but only because you asked nicely.

Barbaloot said...

Loved the interview, Shelle. 'Member how I wanted to get a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy once, too? And then I started to and remembered I hate school with a fiery passion. I hope you have more luck (or determinination) than I do!

SciFi Dad said...

I made you sound crazy and I didn't even use the marshmallow video. That's talent.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my momma told me never to lie, but for you I will...even though we all know u r crazy;) lol

Kritta22 said...

I walked past the big marshmellows at the grocery store today.

Thought of you.

Going to read your interview.

Anjeny said...

I guess if you roam around the blogasphere with voodoo dolls, you're bound to be called crazy esp. if you have voices following you LOL :p

You know I like you girl, crazy or not. Between you and me, I also dream about having a couple of sister wives who clean and cook so I can just sit around and blog and read to my heart's content...eheh.

I looooove love the interview..the way SciFi wrote, I can actually visualize you guys sitting across from each other on a set somewhere having that interview. Great job, both of you.

T said...

running over to read it... just noticed that we have a house of cards competition to look forward to... can't wait (my kids always get SO mad that they can't make card houses as good as mom... but to be honest mine just suck less because they're not all that wonderful!)

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April said...

I see you have some anonymous friends! Sweet! I had to disagree with T. You are on the crazy side. Fun, crazy! It's awesome! :)

wendy said...

Well, I am glad you cleared up the whole BIG LOVE concept.
I wonder what it would be like to have more then one husband ----OH YEAH, I forgot. I did....have more then one husband.....just not at the same time.
Guess I AM a crazy LDS girl.
Don't let that get around.

I have never been "interviewed" unless counseling counts
or when I was cuffed

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