Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Thoughts-it's been a while we are due.

It's been a while since I had Random Thought anything.

But I'm feeling like we are due a Random Thought post. Just remember. After reading this you are required asked to put your random thoughts in my comment box. Some times I make you famous by posting them on twitter! Your. Welcome.


*My kids flew up with Grandma and Grandpa to their cousins. MSM and I have three whole days together just to ourselves. We have two VERY different idea on how we want to spend this time together.

MSM--He wants our house to now be a Nudist Colony. That's right. He wants to do everything with our clothes off. He wants to cook naked, watch TV naked, eat naked, sleep naked, play games naked, and do something I cannot discuss on my PG (sometimes PG-13) rated blog but he wants to do IT everywhere and you guessed it--NAKED, and etc... AAACCCKKK!!!

ME--Have a READ-A-THON!!! Go to the library and find a bunch of books, at least 10, buy a bunch of treats, and curl up, totally clothed (big sweatshirt and lounge pants) with a snuggie or down blanket, on our King Size Bed--him on one side, me on the either--and read. Read, rEaD, READ!!! Order in for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. After finishing a book discussing our ONE favorite part before we begin our next book.

My idea is totally better!

Okay. That's it. I think I better stop with my Random Thoughts and just make it a Random THOUGHT. Because I think I've shocked some of you by saying the word naked and I apologize.

FTR--we compromised. We read a children's book naked with pictures while doing IT.

HA! I kid, I kid.

We've been out to stores, seen a movie, eaten out a few times, cooked and eaten in a few times. Picked up and left somewhere just because we COULD, watched OUR shows during the day (caught up on DVR shows we've missed because DISNEY and NICK seem to have precedence in our house) went out with ADULTS for ice cream and talked about ADULT stuff!!! We've shopped at stores without kids hanging on our hands or crawling around in carts saying, "MOM! I need this!" or "MOM-DAD-so and so is touching me". We get to listen to the music in the car that WE want to listen to.

Just a few things.

We might even go crazy tonight and he's going to work on homework and I'm going to edit pictures... UNINTERRUPTED!!!

That's right... you heard it here first guys. I'll let you know how that goes.

Now leave your Random Thought or THOUGHTS in my comment box and maybe I'll TWITTER IT! YAY!


P.S. On more thought I just thought of. When you want to sound excited do you write--YAY, YEA, or YEAH? Let me know.

P.S.S. Over at Real World we are talking about homework. How does that relate to a relationship you ask? Go over and see!!!


Adoption of Jane said...

I say do what he wants the first day and get that crap out the way then make him owe you big time for the rest of your alone time!! Anything you want!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Your husband and my husband seem to be on similar brain paths...

I loved your idea! Tha would be my dream weekend.

My kids have been sleeping till 7. So when do I keep waking up? 5.


... said...

Definitely say "YAY"!!

Shelle, your idea of a fun weekend is exactly how I would've described mine! And well, I think my hubby would've agreed more with your sweet hubby... go figure! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Anonymous said...

He is ready to kill himself if you made him do all that crap. See I would have stayed home naked and did that thing whenever u got back from stores and shows and ice cream.

He really needs to be taught how to train his woman.

Barbaloot said...

Definitely YEA.

Random thought: cereal without milk is gross. Cereal with rotten milk is disgusting. Maybe I had to learn that the hard way this morning.

Kristina P. said...

You do know you could have a naked readathon, right?

Malea said...

Nakey parties are Matt's forte any time we have 24 hours w/o the kiddo's. Just be happy that you're 30 with childbirth battle wounds and he still wants to see you naked.

Anjeny said...

That would be "YAY" with as tons of exclamation marks. I like your idea way better but then I can change it up and read naked in bed with my hub nakedly cooking and feeding yummy food and getting something something at the same time. He gets what he wants and I get what I want. (Ahahah, how's the for a PG-13?)

Shelle, you have to give up the battle and go with the will always have some nakedness involved in their thinking or wish list..ahahah.

wendy said...

I LOVE NAKED--except for that whole seeing all the body part stuff.
Nothing like sex after reading a childrens book together --------YAWN!

and when I get excited.. I don't really say anything...I GET NAKED.

Lisa said...

I write YAY! Yeah is like yes to me.

I think all men love the word naked...and us being it.
I like reading naked but if its cold...I'm under the covers and do not pull them down!

SciFi Dad said...

Why be so difficult? You could just let him cook bacon naked. The whole nudist thing would last five minutes and be over.

PJ - Our life said...

Yea or Yeah. Shopping is my idea!!

Random thought: I want to cut my throat out because it is killing me - stupid strep!

Just Jules said...

I stayed up too late now I am tired

I am finding out that my mind has not changed since HS and college, I still can not concentrate on a text book

your scrolling thing right beside me is driving me nuts

I wonder if I have adult ADD

What was I saying?

I need to go to town today and be part of society - scary

How can one feel so lonely when they are not alone?

that scrolling thing..... grrrrr

I have a dull headache in the back of my head

you know what is really good? a bagel with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar - yummmm

I gave up a chance to go to Florida, I am now wondering what kinda crazy I was.

I haven't gotten a massage from someone I didn't have to pay since college.

It has been above freezing here since the weekend - it even rained. Grass is indeed still under the snow.

also, on that note, how do some things stay green under months of snow?

damn that scrolly thing.......

I need a movie night - but can't afford one.

random? I got em

T said...

this rainy week is perfect for reading... naked is okay - but I usually can't get more than 5 or 6 pages read before I get "interrupted"

Anonymous said...

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American in Norway said...

oh many random thought over here I don't know where to start...LOL

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