Monday, March 22, 2010

Me and a country song

All I'm asking for is to be the star subject of a country song… or have a country song written about me.

Let me just say I love romance, or the IDEA of romance. I do (I may react silly when someone 'hubs' tries to be romantic because I am just not USE to it… but I bet I could get over that quickly… I think…) and what better way to be romantic then have a SONG written about you?

That is why I love country so much. You have these portrayed GUYS GUYS--(cause hello they're country boys and country boys are tough-don't let Brokeback fool you) talking about how they love or what they love about the women they choose.

It's melting to the heart and I swoon and drift off to fantasy land everytime I hear one of those special songs.


Okay I'm back.

I understand it's really rare to find a Guys guy that is also truly romantic-or naturally romantic.

But is it TOO much to ask that I be the subject of a romantic country song? I say NAY!

Like "Good Morning Beautiful" (I might have to wake up every morning before the guy ever does and brush my hair and teeth and apply just a layer of mascara and pinch my cheeks and lips for that natural rosy color so that when he wakes up he THINKS I'm beautiful--instead of the monster my husband has to wake up to every morning and FORGET about kissing--if neither of us pops a tic tac before we turn to look at each other in the morning, neither of us is talkin or getting ANYTHING-if you catch my drift)

...or "Little Moments" where my hubs just laughs at all the scatter brained crap I do. I mean… he can pretend it doesn't frustrate him right? Like saying "oops" after "bumping" into something with a brand new car is way cute and hot right? It's at the point where he puts bets up about how long it will be before I dent or scratch our car somehow. Sigh.

…or "Invisible" where my hubs falls in love with me all over again just by watching me just be being naturally and simply me? (nice thought right?) Like when I'm singing out loud-off key in the van… or when I dance alone in my room because I still wish I was 21 again and dancing everyday? Or picking my dry boogs from my nose--but in a cute way--because those things will irritate me until I die from irritation!?

…or "I Want to be your Everything" come on now! Who did he write that for??? Gah! Lucky girl.

I'm just sayin… it isn't so much to ask is it?

So whomever would like to get on top of that right away and write a country song where I'm the star/subject, that'd be great!

I'm not asking for a ton just needs to be--

1) all about me
2) all about me and how cute all my quirks are that are really irritating but of course not to you because you could never think any of my quirks were irritating.
3) all about me and how you couldn't look at another girl ever again because I'm perfect and it would just boggle your mind to NOT think of me.
4) all about me and how you couldn't live without me.
5) all about me.

Of course add your own creativity into it-just don't waiver to much from my guidelines...

I'm okay if you're a girl and you want to write a song about me also just make sure your voice is husky… it will ruin the effect if not.

Okay… over and out. Get to work.

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Kim@SoManyKids said...

Seriously!!! I don't think that is too much to ask at all!

Adoption of Jane said...

DITTO!! (can i at least be on the B side of the Album? That's all I ask!)

Just Jules said...

ok, I am surprised there are only 2 comments here - I figured you would have tons of songs already and that you would be flown off already to star in the video. they write songs about me all the time, but I'm not gonna show off and name them.

Untypically Jia said...

No one does it better than country. And Brad Paisley is the king! Especially since you know who is wife is and how she's been in a few of his videos. His songs are so personal.

My husband can't even listen to "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley without tearing up cause he says it reminds him of me.

mother goose said...

the guidelines are so easy! I think this should be a request that your hubz works on! He can do the lyrics and I'll pick the song and then make sure he has a guitar and a hat when he sings it! can we say VIDEO TIME!!!!

April said...

Duh! (That's all I've got....I need to get more food in me so my head can start working again.)

Lisa said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what you want.
My hubby once said (while walking and me being slow was way behind) have you heard that song waiting on a woman? I said yes,I like that song.
Then it hit me that he was saying I was slow.....
I yelled least you got a woman to wait on!

SO I never had a song wrote for me either BUT I was described as one!

Cherie said...

Ahhh You don't ask for much you are definately a low maintenance woman! (wink)
I personally would be happy if BJ (Bon Jovi) would write and dedicate his next little diddy to me - That would make my day!!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Brad Paisley is the best!

wendy said...

You want a song about you'
How about the one from Toby Keith...I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME. (ONLY He meant you)

I guess mine could be ALL MY X' in Utah.

oh yeah, but this is about you. Your country song........about Lurv
How about

I am brilliant, I just made that up.

wendy said...

Not MY spurs....but your hubbys.
and p.s. YES cowboys GOT IT.

Stacey said...

That is definitely not too much to ask! I often listen to Keith Urban and imagine he's singing about me ;)

Anonymous said...

You could check out "Rockin the Beer Gut" It isn't about you but its funny!

The country guys only act romantic to get in your dungarees.

Conway Twitty "Love to Lay You Down"

That is "game" right there.

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

I've been trying to tap into my country side. I could write you a song, but it probably wouldn't be very romantic, unless I pretended I was actually writing it for C, or I pretended I was into Brokeback cowgirls.

annie valentine said...

John Michael Montgomery's "I Love the Way you Love Me" was written for me. Just thought you might want to know.

(And I'm so excited you'll be at the Service Soap Box next month, yay!)

Melissa said...

I love Little Moments! I sure do wish hubby thought all the "little" stuff I did was cute and he'd laugh. If I'd have backed his truck up into anything...I may not be alive.

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