Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Because I love me some twitter friends...

Come join in the twitter fun.

This is #yotweeps and it's a group of people that want to find fun twitter followers and friends.

I'm joining in. Click on the twitter button on my side bar over --------------->>>>>>> the blue bird and it will direct you to my twitter home page and then just follow me! Or click on my icon here:

DIRECTIONS: To play along and increase your twitter twaffic do the following:

1. Follow the first 5 Twitter Twaffic hosts listed on the linky. Netiquette and courtesy! They'll reciprocate your love on twitter!

2. MAKE A BLOG POST LIKE I am doing. Copy and Paste these directions.

3. Grab the YO Tweeps Twaffic Exchange Button pictured below. Put him in your post. (He's so cute. Put him on your sidebar too if you're that kinda girl. Netiquette... not a hairspray lol )

5. Put YOUR OWN twitter icon / link on your blog post like I did. It should directly link to your TWITTER PROFILE.

6. Now link up your post below in the linky!

7. Visit some other #YOtweeps linkers on the list.
8. Follow them if you choose and shout out to them on twitter that you are following so they can instantly follow you if they're on. (Follow their blog as well if you're interested.)

Example: @personsname #yotweeps I'm following!

9. If someone follows you JUST reciprocate on twitter. It's that easy. Join in the fun and grab the code to paste the linky in your own site ! Spread the word. WE'LL BE BACK every THURSDAY TO DO THIS AGAIN! (starting again next week)

p.s. is AWESOME and makes this game of twitter SO MUCH EASIER and fun.

So click on that picture above with the super hero cape and go link up to find others who are playing along.

Later today... my SCARE video for Supah Survivor!!! HA! So funny!



SciFi Dad said...

So basically this is a twitter chain letter? What happens if I don't do it? Seven years bad luck? My hair going to fall out?

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