Friday, February 5, 2010

Way to GO younger self!!!

I've been married for a DECADE!!! Which means... I'm okay to die now.

I posted these picture last year... but they still hold true.

Here we are the day we got married 10 years ago: (We didn't have enough money for a REAL thing I will always regret...what kind of even AMATEUR photographer gets red eyes???)

Here we are today... 10 years later... yea, I laughed also.

For my husbands birthday last year I wrote this HUGE post about all the things he does for me. (Really good read...)

And honestly...going back and reading it...I cried.

Now though, is a different scenario. It's our Anniversary!

From the favorite thing about him is that to the outside world he seems laid back and an easy going guy...which he is--

But for ME(And close friends and Family)...he will get little boy silly...and do crazy things with me. I LOVE it. I married him because he pretty much made me smile everyday over something.

( These are some more fun pics I found of us...the BEFORE years!!!)

(And the AFTER marriage years!!! or more likely the NOW...because I didn't have enough time to rummage through old totes to find stupid film pics!!!)

All I'm saying is that 10 years and two kids later...I still feel like I'm getting to know him. He's my VERY best friend, my confidant, my lover, my co-conspirator, my happy place, aggravating, stubborn, prideful, and the love of my life for this one and the next.

Here's to a Happy, Sad, Crazy, Fun, stressful, and Emotional, yet incredible 10 year ride...

GAH I'm glad it never ends!!! :)

And I am patting my younger self on the back for making such a good choice at such a young age!



SciFi Dad said...

Happy Anniversary.

(I find it fascinating that you haven't aged, yet he has. This only leads more credibility to my "Shelle is an alien" theory.)

TQ Writer said...

happy anniversary

Emma said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

I love the old school pictures!

Happy 10!!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys looks os good together (love the wedding flowers!)

I think he may kill you for posting the face mask and barrette pics though! lol

Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary! You seem perfect for each other!

Anonymous said...

happy ten, and many more;) it must be true love, he let you do that to his hair and face, and then post it

Homer and Queen said...

I think you are more beautiful now than you were when you were first married! You just keep getting better.

Tiaras said...

what a great (sweet) post! We just had our 9 year anniversary and literally - we both almost forgot - how terrible is that!

PJ - Our life said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Tracie said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are adorable!

brooken'dus said...

YOu guys both look great!! Happy ANniversary! :)

Cherie said...

Happy Anniversary!! The years fly by fast don't they!!

He even still has his hair - ha ha. I love looking at before and after pic's and most of the time the guy has lost so much hair (including my own hubby).

Great pictures - You look like you are a perfect match :D

Kritta22 said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are superstars!

Malea said...

Wow! 10! You were a baby bride. But you seem so wonderful together, so many happinesses for many more years to come!

Anonymous said...

So fun!!!! You guys are great together. BTW...he should leave his hair long!

mother goose said...

fun pics! happy anniversary!

April said...

Happy Anniversary! Have fun you cute couple!!!

John Deere Mom said...

Yep, it's official. I hate you. How have you only gotten prettier and younger looking with age?! I have only gotten wider. And more tired. And then I have to see you and your crazy cute self!

Oh, and happy anniversary! :)

wendy said...

Did you know Emma --comment above, is my lovely daughter!!
You gotta love wedding photos --no matter red eye or whatever.
You guys are pretty "chic" now for sure. Very handsome couple.

and you gotta love a guy who makes you laugh, makes you happy, is your friend, and lover and Mr. EVERYTHING. forever.

I am not educated on the text,computer talk sometimes.
What is GAH
(good and horney??)

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just added many some other new emo backgrounds for my blog

Kenz said...

Wow a decade!!! Happy Anniversary to you guys! Hope you have a great day!

... said...

Happy Anniversary Shelle! You two are a really good match!! Glad I was there to be a part of the beginning!

SupahMommy said...

Congrats!! What a milestone !
Sweet pictures.


Joanna Cake said...


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Happy anniversary!

Congrats you guys.

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