Monday, February 15, 2010

Harv's Soul-and his Valentine.

First Challenge for the BLOGVIVOR is to make a Valentine for Harv. Here is Harv. In case you couldn't see, he's a puppet. This needs to be noted for when you read my poem at the bottom of this post. Thank you. And continue...

We had to make this Valentine with our BARE hands. No E-cards or WiFi/3G internet allowed.

Scissors, paper, and glue... like the pioneer days.

Since I'm not that old which means I'm way bad at crafts so saying old justifies why I'm no good at them I had to google "How to Make an Olden Time Valentine".

I kid I kid.

i didn't.

But I did drag my husband and I with the kids to the local Walmarts (I meant to say Walmarts people... that's not a typo. My MIL calls it the Walmarts and it makes me laugh every time) to pick up that old fashioned construction paper. And some glitter pens.

Then we got home and had a family night out of it. My husband cut out hearts and I thought up a poem and taught my kids how to take Elmer's glue and put a bunch of it in the palm of your hand and then spread it out thin all over your hands and let it dry and then peel it off like dead skin. Good times.

Here is the by-product love child of our family Valentine craft night.

I know...I know. I should do a blog where I do a Valentine a day for 365 days and then have a movie made about it and a book published.

Anyway. I also have to share the poem I wrote...I did this all on my lonesome which is why it sucks rocks... but it makes me laugh and my husband is totally embarrassed that I'm even allowing people to read it... or that I'm claiming it. But if you think of SOUL and PUPPET... you should get my sick humor in this poem. (When your dealing with monkeys bouncing around in your head all day... this is the kind of stuff that comes from it. Just sayin.)

Harv's Soul
a poem written by Shelle Blokhead-a zero published poem author nor has she ever written a poem ever in her life except for in 11th grade English because the teacher would let her get out of it and she had no other choice but to write a poem and then I'm sure someone else really wrote it.
tap tap tap *uh hmmm*

I wish your soul
Could be my hand
Making two become one.

Then we could start a band
And sing about love... or not.

Because it would be our band
And your soul would be my hand.

I know. I've missed my calling in life.


P.S. You guys should know that they have already made the teams for this BLOGVIVOR contest. So you can't play... but you can support! And you will have to put up with reading about the challenges and giving me great ideas to win all the great prizes. If your idea helps me win... I for sure split the loot with ya'll!

P.P.S. I also wrote a post over at Real World yesterday. It's about cutting the apron strings. And basically... I believe you guys may have some opinions on that!!!


mother goose said...

LOL, you are one of the most funnest, that's a word, people, I don't know that wanna know! LOL

SciFi Dad said...

Maybe next time you could... I don't know... PUT THE CARD ON THE TABLE to photograph it so that it's not backwards?

Krista said...

HEe hEee...Like pioneer days...

Anyway, awesome card!! Villains Rock!!

SupahMommy said...

You make me laugh so hard !
Pioneer days..

OIden time valentine

365 valentines

and your poem... is stellar!!

I love that it's backwards. I hope that it really is and it's not just your webcam....


well done shelle... you are a force to be reckoned with


*i am not judging

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Don't worry that your poem is lame. I'm going to win immunity, but I'm not voting you off. ;)

Mama Belle said...

Um ... definitely missed your greeting-card writer calling.

Jessica Jones said... shoul submit that and mnaybe the olympic committe will let you right a peom fo rtheir opening ceremony!

it's good...but nt good enough


now i will go follow ur blog!

tysdaddy said...

I'm with SciFi.

Reminds me of the little cheerleaders at the weekend's Upward basketball game. They had the cute little painted letters on cardboard, and they held each one up and said, "Give me a . . . !" Only they had the letters backwards, so when they screamed "What's that spell?!" I shouted, "DRAW-PU!"

Very cute . . .

And I loved the poem. You got mad skillz!

Southern Sage said...

I mus that that is without a doubt the worst poem ever. Hey next time let one of the monkeys write the poems!

Tammy said...

You must be calling us crafty girls old as pioneers??? lol

Oh and you made a mistake...should be Go HEROES!

Homer and Queen said...

A poem and a valentine? So impressed!

I totally remember the glue thing!!! Loved it. And eating paste.

♥Georgie♥ said...

LOL...i resent the fact you equate old and crafty in the same line...cuz i am old and i aint crafty LOL

shelle you CRACK me up!!!!

Adoption of Jane said...

Villans Rock!

wendy said...


my poem didn't have a chance against that
and I love homemade valentines!!!!!
like in the "olden days"

wendy said...

gotta love Sage

Anonymous said...

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MommyBrain said...

your card is all olden and adorable

your poem ... so deep!

now i am off to play with some elmer's ... i totally forgot about that skin-peeling fun!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

You Rock....

Let's GO VILLIANS!!!!!

Just Jules said...'re a villian?

Anonymous said...

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hi Shelle!

I LUB your poem! You are such a cutie patootie! I miss you much! I am going to try to stop by more often because I always get a good vibe over here.

Give MSM and peeps and DCar a big hug and an aloha from me.

P.S. I lol'd about the Walmarts. hee hee My MIL always say "The BY" when she talks about BYU.

The Boob Nazi said...

But why would you do a Valentine for every day of the year?!? WHY?!?!?

April said...

Ummm....go Shelle! Cause that poem was....ummmm..... go Shelle!'ve got a little glitter on your chin.

Motherboard said...

Hey you! It was absolutely FANTASTIC to have finally met you! I may have did a little *SQUEE* inside my brain as I got to talk with you! You are even more delightful in real life!

I have an idea about the CBC for you... email me and we'll talk!

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