Monday, January 4, 2010

What is MY song???

As much as I like to jump on the bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing... I just can't bring myself to write resolutions or give you a low down about my blog for the year!!!

I sniff failure in the air and those of you that have gotten to know me know THIS... I fail a lot... so WHY would I set myself up to fail again when I can prevent it???

Plus who has time to think of crap like that? Besides all of you that have written them?
Let's talk about more important things like... my kid DCar, has decided he has "a song".

Yes. He announced on our drive down to our annual BreakFast in a city south of us, that he has made THIS song HIS. It is HIS, if any of you try and steal it and make it YOURS or YOUR kids' I may have to slap you on the wrist with one of those SLAP ON WRIST bracelets I use to covet but my parents could never afford. (When I turned old enough to make my own money and buy my own stuff I owned now less than 5 slap on bracelets... and they were totally out of style, but I rocked them.)

Here is HIS song:

Now his Dad, MountainSport Man, is an avid fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers... thinks they are a band that is pretty much infinite and eternal so no surprise that whenever they needed to run to the store he would play his Red Hot Chili Peppers CD's.

One snag... my son is like me in so many ways. He sings the songs at the top of his lungs but doesn't ALWAYS get the words write. So when the song says, "FINALLY" he thought it was saying, "FAMILY". And even after we corrected him he says he likes it better the way HE sings it. (I wonder if RHCP will redo the song for my son... since it is HIS song? What do you think?)

My daughter has vowed that this song(DCar's song) is also hers... even though not the day before she said this was HER song and made me play it no more than 999,989 times while she shook her booty better than Shakira ever has and I pounded my head against my desk. But now I like it and find myself listening to it when she isn't even around???

The reason I mention this?

Cause I feel now the need to find my OWN song.

Maybe in lue of you guys, my friends, I should make THIS my song?

Well I'll leave you with that today. And my goal for this week is to find MY song. But I'm all talk usually so we will see...

ANybody have suggestions on what you guys think would be MY song??? If you come up with a good one and I choose it then you will be RICH for the rest of your LIVES!!!

Do your in-laws get involved with raising your kids? Read how Sage's do over at Real World today! :)

OH! and this kinda sorta ROCKS like BIG time if you have time to view it! CLICK HERE!


Steven Anthony said...

well I dont know you well enough yet to know about your song...I do love your sons choice it just rocks!


Barbaloot said...

I resent that "low places" business. I'll have you know I was born in Price, UT. The classiest of white-trash towns there is to find in Utah.

About the song thing; I used to HATE BEP's "I Gotta Feeling" for oh so many reasons---first and foremost being the gross grammatical error that is the title. Seriously-makes me angry. But anyway, it was one of the few recognizable songs my cousins and I heard on our Australia trip and we heard it SO much that now when I hear it I get a little nostalgic. It's annoying. And kind of nice.

SciFi Dad said...

OK don't go taking shots at your son for choosing RHCP when you go and pick Garth Brooks.

Personally, I think "Witness" by Screaming Trees (google the lyrics) suits you better.

Kristina P. said...

I love the song idea. Sadly, since my work uses Internet Explorer SIX, I can't see the videos. :(

wendy said...

What a great idea --to come up with your OWN song for the New Year. everyone should have their own song.
and now I know for sure that I am one of your friends --since you like friends in low places.

I have got to think of a good song for you ---as I could certainly stand to be RICH for the rest of my life.

did you know the Beach Boys wrote a song about ME --"Wendy." HmmHmm, yes they did.
and what about "Everyone Knows It's Wendy" (or was it windy??)

Southern Sage said...

You got one! FILP that is.

I think I did your song a few HNT's back?!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

A song...a song...something with energy for sure. I can't suggest anything though.

I could do with something involving whiny kids...that would be fitting this evening.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

And low places? Baby I'm movin' to Kentucky. Yea, I said.

{help me please...}

T said...

Red Hot Chili Peppers rock...

Garth? umm... my roomie and I in college always referred to the Low Places song as the "pap smear song" - because we'd rather have one of those than listen to that song. I think she actually took a recording of that song with her TO her OBGYN appointment and listened to it DURING her pap... to decide which was worse.

and no, I did NOT make that up just to rip on "your" song :)

Kritta22 said...

LOL I think after T's comment, you are giong to need a new song!

I'm going to have to think about this song's serious stuff!

Just Jules said...

hmmm you can share my song fitting for both of our hotness:


Mae Rae said...

i like the garth! We are friends in low places. I wish I listened to the radio more or had the attention span of more that a pea and could remember singers and names of songs, but I cant and now I am at a loss. Sorry.

Motherboard said...

I think everyone should come up with a theme song! But, I LOVE the idea of a yearly song too. Me thinks I shall be copying.

I noticed the Celiac button your blog... do you have it? My cousin just opened this AMAZING bakery that is 100% gluten free (as she has celiacs)and I'll tell you WHAT! Her stuff is TASTY! If you want more info, email me.

She takes internet orders btw.

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