Sunday, January 17, 2010

An existence beyond this Earthly Life... do you question it?

If you have ever lost a loved one or question the existence of something beyond this earthly life then you need to read THIS by Terresa at the Chocolate Chip Waffle post. It has to be one of the most incredibly beautiful things I've read it about someone and their experience with death and a loved one.

I am so lucky because I've never questioned that existence or the power of something more than we are. I believe in the beauty of creation and a loving Father in Heaven who loved me enough to send me to this Earth to learn and grow and become like him. To wade through the dark, rough, unbearable times so that I might appreciate the light, smooth, and joyful times.

Yes, I'm lucky.

Being able to look at the bigger picture makes smaller details seem just a bit easier to endure.

Seriously, read that post above. It's incredible.



Anonymous said...

that was truly incredible, thank you for sharing the was a great reminder


Shawn said...

What a great reminder of how lucky we are that know of Him and his love for us! I too, have this same belief---and it, literally, gets me through most of my days these days....

Just Jules said...

that my dear is a beautiful picture. It made me cry a bit. (shut up Sage)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I couldn't agree more. When we talked about the existence of God today in RS, someone made the comment that maybe life would be easier if we did not beleive in God. I could not disagree more. True there might be fewer rules, but to me the rules just make me happier and I feel so much more peace. We are so so so lucky to have that knowledge.

Kritta22 said...

Oh that is a great post. Thanks for sharing. I too, feel grateful to know that we will be helped on the other side. I sure hope there's at least one temple worker before or after in line at the gate...I have some practicing to do! :)

wendy said...

I had read that post, before even stopping by to see you. It WAS a very beautifully written post about death --and life actually.
Thank goodness for the knowledge of eternal life.
I haven't lost anyone REALLY close yet, but when I do, I will surely need the peace that that knowledge will bring.

and what a beautiful picture!!

Anonymous said...

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Susi von Soler said...

Your photo make me cry, Ist Beautiful, enjoy!.

American in Norway said...

Off to read the post.. I lost a dear friend this week to cancer... too young & too much to live for. I believe there is something better.. there has to be... because losing Bart just doesn't make any sense... if there isn't something else.... : (

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