Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm kinda a debater-er

Hey guys! I've kinda been whacked upside the head with life this last week. So sorry about the no posts.

But I did make/ join the Debate Club... well not really, but I'm debating something over at Real World Venus Mars today and I'd like your opinion!!!

Venus and Mars

I'll be writing a post about the change in our lives soon... so stay tuned. In the meantime give that cute button a click and read my HE Said/SHE Said post!


Dopp Family said...

Change in your lives soon?? Can't wait for that post.

Steven Anthony said...

funny how life always seems to get in the way... :)

American in Norway said...

GOing to check it out. Hope everything is OK

wendy said...

SO what's going on in your life?? I am nosy --NO, not nosy, concerned. Hope it's nothing to earth shaking.

As for your debatable self.
I read it all. I KNOW I am a very needy person. I hate that I am so needy.
so I guess the debate would be in the definition
emotionally attached --or emotionally dependant

In life, I think the key is being dependant --on YOURSELF, only you can really control your destiny.

but, wait, I let many other things control MY destiny through out my life.....back to that "needy" thing

oh wow. I am a mess.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Change in your lives? You got a bun in the oven, girl?

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