Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday: Can you guess?

April 29, 2008

Words, Words, Words...Love em, Love em, Love em...but it seems that A LOT of you don't really enjoy the ANAGRAMS??? Sorry Natalie and Jessica...brilliant as you are, nobody else wants to play with us! Totally fine...I understand not wanting to use the brain more than needed...in fact, I live by that! So this Wednesday I thought I would try out my master PhotoShop skills and distort this picture. What is it? Any guesses?

A moment for DCar.... This is of him and his friend Kage! They are waiting to sit with their class for their end of year program...where they sang and danced to "All For One" from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! DCar: It was so cute and so fun to watch you...you are such a boy when you dance also...but boy kid, you know how to shake your hips! I love you bud and you did so good and we are so proud of you and your performance at your Spirit Festival! April 25, 2008

My son is graduating from Kindergarten...Kindergarten people...no my eyes are not tearing up because I am sad...they are tearing up out of joy!!! Next year he has ALL DAY school...can we hear the angels singing...ah yes...I can! Not only is DCar going to all day kindergarten, but my little independent PeePs...drumroll please...she is going to 2 hour pre-school!!! That means, ladies and gentlemen, that I get TWO whole hours of undisturbed time to myself...that's right...are you jealous??? I'm jealous of my FUTURE self... :) I'm sorry that if in your eyes that makes me a mean mom...but, come on, TWO hours!

Okay, really I'm not sorry...

But I will say that I hate to see them grow up...I want them to stay in that fun, young, and innocent stage...

I just want what every Mom wants...time...time to sleep, time to scrap, time to organize...REALLY organize without some rugrat sneaking after you to unorganize...ya know...time, time to re-discover who I am dependent of my children and yet be a part of them also.

* * * * * *

This young man pictured below is my nephew Z...who let me practice my mad obsession with Photography on him! Ten years ago when I met Z he still had child pudge and agreed with everything I said to him.

Now the graduating senior, Class of '08, has most definitely lost the CHILD pudge and has grown up to be a GUY, who most definitely doesn't agree with anybody...and like my husbands side of the family, he believes his opinion is rock solid right all the time! Still shocks me yet it shouldn't...I deal with it on a daily basis! Anyhow, I was taking Z's pics...because he's cool like that...and I kept thinking to myself...
"Self, he reminds me of someone"?

Then it hit me! He most definitely reminds me of what JACOB BLACK from the "Twilight" series written by Stephenie Meyer, looks like in my mind...what do you think? Pop over to my Plush Moments blog and check out the other pictures of him...I mean, kind of... right? You can't tell from the black and white picture but he's naturally tan...and believe it or not...has some Indian blood running through his veins!

Ya know when you first meet JACOB in the book and you imagine him awkard and just barely entering high school...but mid-Twilight series JACOB, I think, would and should look like my Nephew...just about to graduate high school!

When I told him that...he just started laughing and said, "A girl just told me that the other day!" Then shook his head...

Just throwing it out there! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Two hours alone means time for another baby : )

Merrianne said...

My youngest is starting kindergarten this year in August (and it is all day) and yes...i hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the Hallelujah chorus everytime I talk about it! Don't get me wrong, i love him....i know i will cry that first week because i will miss him...but it will be a bit of a relief!! i can finally exhale!

Phil & Jeannette said...

I'm right there with you shelle! Mackley goes to kindergarten next year and chase goes to preschool! 2 hours twice a week is HEAVEN!

and yes, I think he does look like Jacob Black!

Sue said...

I STILL have not read Twilight. WHAT is my problem?! (Wait, don't answer that.)

By the way, "Sweet mother of a badger" is just nonsense talk - it doesn't mean anything in particular, other than I got tired of constantly saying holy crap. ;>

Kass Martin said...

I am glad that you think my little Dayne is funny. He cracks me up all the time. Hopefully others will too and it can cheer them up like the barf story! That is so funny. On another note I could totally see your nephew as Jacob. I like it. I think I'm going to have to reread the series before the next book comes out in August. I can't wait. It's exciting to know that I will get back into my little Twilight world and back in love with Edward and Jacob. Ahh!

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