Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TimeLess Tuesday: Kids Say? Kids Do?

I got some great stories and sayings that have been emailed or that I have found on the Internet! Here is one from Natalie about her sister-in-law...

  • For instance, my pregnant sister in law was throwing up in the car the other day when her 3 year old reacted and said, "Mmm..I smell yummy salad. Yummy, yummy!"
Okay so that is just gross...I remember driving with my sister Lisa aka "Dance Masta" when she was pregnant with her first child and I was helping her get somewhere because she was too sick to drive...and she said, "Shelle, pull over quick", I slammed on the breaks (probably causing a pile up behind me, but at the time I didn't care) pulled over...nearly hitting something I'm sure... and my sister proceeded to open the door and barf all over perfectly good pavement! I had to plug my nose and take breaths through my mouth.
***You see I am a sympathy barf-er...I smell it and I barf...so believe me, it has never smelled like salad to me!!! lol!

And I found this cool blog called busydadblog.com and he has some awesome fun stuff he does with his kid he calls "Fury". One of them being this cooking competition with a fellow blogger, I believe it's a different blogger and their child everytime but it is so cute and so creative, thought you would enjoy a bit from Iron Chef Fury: Kitchen Stadium Showdown
(Seriously take the time to read!) On his right side bar he also has a section he calls, "Kid Words" with funny things his kid has said...but I'll probably post a couple of my favorites in the near future! So Enjoy!

And BTW (because I love typing that and imagining me saying it like a Valley Girl) I'm having way too much fun with this! I could spend hours reading and laughing at this stuff...that could be bad, but don't think of it that way...think of it as helping me release much needed stress, because laughter helps with that, right?

Email me or like I said, put it in the comments section...Thanks for those of you sending me stuff and KEEP IT COMING...I don't think I could ever have enough!

Song of this week that I wish I could sing and play on the guitar is, "Best Days" by Graham Colton (I try to keep it just acoustic or as RAW and unplugged as I can find...but this is the best I could do:

This is my niece, "Addy"! Doesn't she have the most gorgeous set of blue eyes...Almost as gorgeous as my kids! :)! Anyhow, I was snapping away because I seldom get to see the young beauty! I'm going to post more pics on my Plush Moments blog later today...but thought I'd give you a sneak preview as always!

I love love her BIG smile! And you have to love the neck rolls (pictured in color photo)


Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures :)

thanks for "blog surfin" & commenting on my blog :)

oh yeah...thanks for the compliments, too!!! It's ALWAYS fun to make a new friend esp a Fellow LDS--there are not many of us in my neck of the woods!! YAY! And you have permission to post my daughter's story--she will be so excited!

i'm gonna add you to my blog list, too :) I'm looking forward to getting to know ya better!!


Anonymous said...

by the way...you said you got to my blog from "A Soft Answer"...who is that??

Amanda said...

I'm a sympathy puker too. Not good with 5 kids. I think I passed it on too. They all gag when I have to change diapers.

nick said...

(Kelly) That reminds me of when you drove me to Cafe Rio when I was pregnant with Emmy. But that instance was more like dry heaving. Oh, you are such a good sport! And I love that pic of your niece, it is adorable.

Angela Williams Duea said...

Bleah...barf. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I worked at a corporation. At lunch in the company cafeteria, I had to concentrate hard not to throw up all over the table. I'm sure my coworkers wouldn't let me sit with them after that!

Gorgeous pics!

Natalie Sue said...

Wahoo! I had no clue I'd make the front page! :) And those are darling pictures. Wow, you are good.

Shelle said...


bahoohahaha! I love that they gag! My brother-in-law gags so bad when he changes diapers...as I am plugging my nose with my shirt I am laughing as hard as I can because it's so funny to see him gag, with watery eyes, and try and change a diaper...he's horrible...and no...I don't feel bad for him...at least not enough to endure it myself...baby man poo sucks!

Natalie-I just loved that! So of course front page for yoU!!!

I do remember Cafe Rio...and I didn't smell anything, but you were such a nice barfer that I barely heard you! My sister didn't have any tact...she was loud and barfing all over! lol!

Merrianne-a "Soft Answer" is a place for Mormon LDS bloggers to submit their name to get their blogs out there... their widget is on my side bar LDSBloggers! I believe your site was featured...www.asoftanswer.com or something like that!

Angela-I feel for you...and your co-workers! lol! You are a writer! You probably cringed at my writing...I'm sorry to put you through that!

Mindy said...

I'm laughing at the salad puke.... Jason isn't. haha I think he remembers me puking while pregnant too vividly to find humor! I've done the whole "hurry, pull over, I'm about to throw up" so many times--and Jason always made every effort to pull over ASAP. Driving on San Fran freeways taught me how to quickly find a puke bag and elminate the need to actually stop (crossing 6 lanes wasn't happening fast enough for me). I'm afraid I gained enough experience to be the one driving and puke into a bag--without making a stop before, during, or after. Time saving!! Yuck, bad memories.

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