Monday, April 14, 2008

Timeless Tuesday

April 15, 2008
Songs I would like to learn on the guitar!

I would like to thank my little niece for being such a great model!!!

Eeewww taxes have to be in today! Did you get yours in? Or do you have a party date at the post office today? For your sake I hope it's not the latter...I went to that party once, and it only took me one time to realize it sucked!

Well I have decided to start something new. Since I have danced since I was has been a BIG part of my life. If you read My Goals post, you would know that I am trying to learn how to play the guitar this year. Well I have a dream list of songs I would like to learn or teach myself once I learn how to play the Guitar. So every Tuesday I am going to give you a part of me by introducing you to my wish list of these songs! One at a time...don't worry my list is REALLY long and not very probable but that is why I call it my WISH list!

So this is the first one I want to post. "In your Eyes"-sung by Sara Bareilles


Livin' a Dopp life said...

Wow... I'm impressed by your adobe skills!! Those pictures are so cute!! It does help though that you have the cutest kids ever! ; )

I am feeling better these days... thank goodness! Dirk and I went to Cancun last week (I'll post about it soon) and I felt really good almost the whole time... that was nice!! We'll have to get together for lunch soon to catch up.

Good luck with the guitar. I can see you learning it pretty easily! :) Oh yeah, Dirk got our taxes done as soon as our returns came in back in Jan. on Turbo Tax - bless his heart!

Amanda said...

You can play the guitar? You are so cool. I can play too. I am awesome with really hard songs on Guitar Hero. : )

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