Monday, March 21, 2011

I got worked and other stuff...

We had the greatest time up north hanging out with cousins for my son's birthday. I loved that he would rather have a birthday party with family than one with friends... is that weird of me? I didn't make him choose that, he wanted it... ftr.

But one thing, we had his birthday at this place where there is a bunch of trampoline's. It's called Jump on It. It's a crazy fun place for kids. Only thing is, they nickle and dime you, like any thing else.

Except I hate falling for it, and fall for it I DID. We had family coming in from an hour and a half away to spend about that same amount of time with us for DCar's birthday (which we were SOOOO appreciative). I thought I could do his party cheaper if I paid per person rather than rent the party room and get their package deal. So the original plan was to go eat after we jumped at the place... ya know, like grab $5.00 pizza at Little Caesars. Only, the nearest pizza place wasn't so near and I didn't want to make those family that had come a distance, travel any more. I found out that we couldn't BRING IN outside food (of course), but that they DID have a pizza place they ordered through and we could get pizza that way--(how kind of them right? *rolls eyes*).

It was $14.00 per pizza. I ordered three. I figured at 14.00 dollars these pizza's were going to be pretty awesome and from a pretty classy place right?

Wrong, as we see the 5 BUCK PIZZA guy walk in with my three pizza's he was delivering.

Yea, so I got worked. But that was the only downer of the whole weekend... and my boy is worth it... I think ;)

I jumped right back into work and have been editing like a mad lady for my latest photo shoot... here's a preview--I've taken this girl before when she was just barely walking, I love REPEAT customers, and whom I consider friends. It's soooo good to see how these children grow up! I know, cliche, but oh so true! :)

What did you guys do this weekend? And would you have said something to the Owners of the Jump On It about the pizza... like... Where's my 9 bucks per pizza you pretty much stole from me?


DCHY said...

I would've jumped on the con men. That's almost 200% markup and they obviously don't care about you. I do all I can to steer my family and friends away from the likes of Jump On It and Chuck E. Cheese - they don't care about YOU...just the $$ in your wallet.

Mercifully, the bounce house in my town cares about the kids and they do allow pizzas, just not chips and drinks. Easy on your wallet. :)

3GirlKnight said...

Yeah, that markup is a bit extreme. They probably don't get many people to make that mistake twice. They could have at least brought it in through the back door.

I had sushi for the first time this weekend and watched Inception.

Emily said...

Jump On It really is fun but those places are ridiculous for everything else. Of course you can't grab lunch/dinner before or after if nothing is close, so what do you do? They're totally worth it, those kids!

wendy said...

what did I do this weekend....sit and watch the snow fall and celebrate hubbys birthday.

and YES I would have given the owners a PIECE of my mind, maybe written on a piece of paper, as I handed them a piece of pizza telling them what a rip off that was.
usually doesn't change anything, but I at least like to let people know how I FEEL abou things.

but yes, he's worth it I am sure and we do crazy things when it comes to making our kids happy

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