Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I got a call...

I got a call on Sunday.

We have a policy that we don't answer calls on Sunday's because it's usually someone from the ward... and you know how THOSE calls go.

Yet, I answered it. Don't ask me why because I can't tell you.

It was my Bishop.

NOT a good sign.

He asks me if I knew I had an appointment with him that was 5 minutes ago.

Me: "uhhhh no..."

Him: "hmmmm it has you scheduled on here? Can you come down to the church in the next 15 minutes?"

Me:  against my better judgement I say, "sure".

So I rush down there (a block and a half a way) and meet with the Bishop.

He wanted to extend me another calling.

Ut oh.

If any of you know me AT ALL you will immediately begin to laugh the minute you find out what I was called to.






I asked him if he was kidding. He said he wasn't.

Now we have a choice whether we want to accept the callings or not. But as I told my newest online BFF textpal, who I like to refer to as the other half of my soul, we will call her Doppleganger or DG for short because I will probably refer to her more often (and YES she is a real person-except she isn't evil which usually dopplegangers are, but she is my look- alike in personality-and so I'm going with it, she's actually a lot prettier than me, but we won't talk about it) we don't have to accept the calling, we can turn it down, but I figure if I'm getting called there is a reason.

And I think that reason is God is playing a joke on me, because I did make a New Year's Resolution to not camp at ALL ever again for the rest of my life...

Okay I didn't make that resolution... but I should have!

I avoid camping. I'll go and be so fun, but I don't love it.

I went to 2 years of Young Women Girl's Camp and I think only certified one year!

Now I am in charge of the girls in my ward to take them camping, and on top of that... I have to make sure they are fed physically AND spiritually... oh oh oh... and try to help them have fun!?

Pray for me...

Actually, better yet, pray for the girls!

p.s. Any suggestions you have to help me... would be much appreciated because I doubt twinkles and ho ho's are acceptable food substitute's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...



Barbaloot said...

Ugh---I'm sorry. I went to two years as well, and they were two years I wished I hadn't:) As long as I'm in a singles' ward I'm protected from that!

Good luck!

Kristina P. said...

Muwahahaha. Good luck!

nitebyrd said...

Sorry, Shelle. My idea of camping is a hotel without room service. ;)

SciFi Dad said...

The knowledge that you are responsible for the well-being of two young children is worrisome enough; now they want to give you, what? Twelve?

This isn't happening. It's all a dream.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barb- for this, you are lucky!

Kristina- I sense sarcasm

Nitebryd- me too!

SciFi- I know! I see you are the only one that understands how dire the situation!

~DokterKenny said...

Holy crap woman haven't you ever heard of an answering machine?

When I served as the Bishop's Executive Secretary I pretty much planned for the fact the answering machine was going to pick up whenever I called.

The thing is you could have avoided them for only so long because you know the next time you show up for YM/YW or Sacrament, or something else if they are there they will pull you in.

Good Luck...Hopefully they will send you out on the hike with the Senior girls and you can explain HNT while you are gathered around the fire with them singing "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God"

Kimi said...

Poptarts...granola bars...and some of those shake meals (like Herbalife) and you should be good to go. Sounds balanced and nutrious, right. Maybe throw in some BOM study and call it a day. ;)

Good luck.

Mindy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh man, that has got to be one of the most feared callings to get! You may hate camping, but you will seriously be AWESOME at that job because you are so fun, and funny! The girls will love you. :)

I'm ok camping, though I only decided that last year when we went BEACH camping. Now I'm hooked, but only if I can listen to the ocean all night and it is sand, not dirt, involved.

One girls camp that I remember may help you..... Our "hike" was to our leader's cars! We then drove down the hill to the Park City Outlet Mall (thank goodness our camp was close to the real world)! I'm guessing those leaders weren't exactly camp lovers either. ;) Just an idea. MODIFY traditional camping, lol.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

How am I suppose to explain that when I don't even know much about it? (HNT!) I see how u name drop! "when I was a Executive...." mr. Dr. Kenny!

Kimi- sounds good to me! Love how I wrote twinkles instead of twinkies!!!

I thought that was nursery!!! I was called to that also and those kids survived... I could go for beach camping at the ocean side hotel or something? Hehehe

~DokterKenny said...

yes of course what was I thinking...meh also been Sunday School Teacher, Scoutmaster, and Ward Computer Specialist..

T said...

I actually went TWICE one summer growing up - no lie. I'm a glutton for punishment like that. (my g'ma was in her stake YW presidency and asked me to help out with something)

and twinkies and ho-hos sound like food to me :) maybe throw in a few twizzlers for color and maybe some granola bars for... well... fiber...

wendy said...

funny how these things find a way of "biting you in the butt"
I NEVER went to seminary growing up...it was early morning seminary here in Alberta and NO WAY was I going to do that.
Then.....years later, I became an early morning seminary teacher when I lived in British Columbia and had just delivered a new baby besides.
Dang near killed me....but I learned a lot.

I think you would be a blast as a camp director. The girls will love ya

Staci said...

o that is seriously one of my fave callings ever right after we got married i got called to be one and loved it you will do awesome you are super fun and creative and the girls will love ya

Cecily R said...

Would you believe I'm totally jealous? Because I am. I LOVE Girl's Camp!

Your girls will LOVE you!!

Cherie said...

OK I only feel like congratulating you! I think that is THE BEST calling in the world. Then again I love YW's and I love to camp so there you go.
I know you are a fun fun person, beautiful and talented and you will do an awesome camp for the girls!!!

DCHY said...

Ohh...I have experience in camp counseling. Hit me up for some advice if you ever need some. :)

3GirlKnight said...

My advice is that if you think it's ridiculous, then it probably is.

I'll bet they assume anyone with kids is fit for kids camp duty.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH DEAR! OH DEAR! I am so feeling for you! I can't think of a worse purgatory. You musta done something really really really bad in your past life. ;)

Love the new term Ut oh.

Mandi said...

Sad but true this is like my ultimate dream calling I would love it. Anyways what is the theme of girls camp I would love to help you come up with Ideas...

Andrea said...

My sister is in charge of a young women's group...I don't know about camping though. I mean thats a lot of work right?

Blah, you'll be great at it I'm sure. You're like the energy queen. You'll keep everyone moving!

Melissa said...

I am so sorry for you. But I would take that over Seminary teacher any day! Good luck!


P.S. You will do a great job!

Melissa Bastow said...

I am laughing. At you. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm doing one of those "we're laughing together as friends" things. I'm straight up pointing my finger and laughing raucously. I have a good reason though: BETTER YOU THAN ME! (And also because I'm heartless.)

jess said...

Bless you!! I had a friend who did a Wizard of Oz theme a couple of years ago.. they focused on "Love" "Courage" and "Knowledge"... she sent me all of her ideas and handouts.. I will totally forward them to you if you want?!?

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