Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Pick Up.

Okay so I guess I should explain myself or what I meant by the last post. A lot of you hit it right on, but I didn't necessarily mean that all your children's and spouses and important people in your life's mistakes or successes define you... what I meant is the relationships you have with them define you... they become a part of you and help you to become who you are as a person. We are shaped and molded because of our experiences... the most important being those relationships with the people we love and who love us most. KWIM?


My husband is so freaking sweet huh? Loved his post and it WAS for my birthday. You want to know what else he did? May make you vomit it was so sweet. He did a "Great Birthday Race" (because I'm obsessed with the Amazing Race reality show-gooooo cowboys!) for me. Kind of like a scavenger hunt with clues all around town. I have it all on video and am going to try and cut it and make it viewable so you can see it all because I documented it on my flip cam.

But during that Great Amazing Birthday Race I had an experience...

I thought I'd share. LOL. It's a funny, yet complimentary, experience.

More to the story--not word for word... he came up to me in the fruit section of Walmart and asked, "How do you say this in English" as he was pointing to the Papaya's.

Me: "Um Papaya?"

Him: "Yea, that is how you say it in Spanish, but how do you say in English"?

Me: "Uhhhh..." silence for a sec, "Papaya"?

Him: "Oh! Whenever I go to the cashiers they always don't know how to say it."

Me: Smile.

Him: "I have a joke for you." and proceeds to tell me a joke involving monkeys... it's not clear right now.

Me: Laugh laugh. Start walking away.

Him: "So I see you have a Party Girl button on" pointing to the ribbon my family gave me to wear for my birthday.

Me: "Yea, It's my birthday today"

Him: "Happy Birthday! Hey it's my birthday next week! I'll be 27."

Me: "Sweet!" Smile, awkward giggle.

Him: "So you'll be what? 25?"

Me: "Oh... you're good. No, no... I'm 32"

Him: "Really?!? You don't look more than 27! At the most."

Me: "ha ha... you keep saying that."

Him: "So are you married?"

Me: "Yes." start cluing in that he wanted to ask me out. What!? I've been married for 11 years! I don't get picked up on.

Him: "Dang! I was going to ask you out!"

The rest is a blur... but I couldn't help but laugh.

And it was kinda a compliment... not going to lie.


Kristina P. said...

You are officially a cougar!! Haha.

Garden of Egan said...

OK, that's funny!
Of course you got picked up on.....he's probably thinking YOU being the older woman could "take care" of him....if ya know what I mean.

Cluttered Brain said...

That is funnny....
My oh my.
Good thing you love your hubby a lot...he is a good guy...
but what a compliment I agree...
You are a beautiful person...

3GirlKnight said...

That's great! Make sure you tell your hubby so he knows what he's got.

SciFi Dad said...

Sooo... the day your husband makes this awesome blog post for you, does this Amazing Race thing, and you thank him by flirting?


T said...

it always feels good to know that people still notice ;)

mother goose said...

Oh yeah, what a great day and great man you havethere. Love that you were asked out. But I soo got what you meant about people and experiences defining you

Melissa said...

Oh, Shelle, that is so sweet! you are both so very lucky (and funny as HECK)!

wendy said...

KWIM.....what is that??

A great amazing birthday cool is that.

and WOW, you got hit on in the papaya section. ( how DO you say that) that had to be somewhat flattering eh.

DCHY said...

That means "you still got it". ;)

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