Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eclipse versus Baby who should win?

Okay discussion time people.

I am absolutely floored.

A few weekends ago I was up North and I always listen to 93.3 because it is Country (shut up my fellow country music hating friends-it's like my YOGA-keeps me centered), as I was saying, I was listening to this country station and the radio hosts were asking listeners what they thought about people bringing their babies to the movies and what they should do if the baby starts to act up, cry, make noise, distrub... kind of thing.

I thought in my head... well DUH, everyone will call in and say that it is RUDE to allow a baby to disturb a movie theater during a movie.

So the Radio Host goes on to say that his wife was watching Eclipse and a baby starts to cry. The lady with the baby tried to console it, but didn't take it out of the theater, apparently she was on the very back row. So a lady a few rows ahead of her turned around and SHHH'd her. The lady with the baby ignored it and tried to quiet the baby, but didn't take it out.

I guess it got to the point that the whole theater at one time or another was turning their heads to give stares and their own shhh's... the lady that shhhh'd the first time, from what the radio host said, started calling out things like, "Quiet that baby", others joined in by saying, "Shut it off", "take the baby out of the theater", so on and so forth.

This was at the first of the movie and at this point nobody was watching the movie and everyone was trying to get the mom to take the baby out of the theater. The Mom defiantly started walking down the steps to take the baby out, but she stopped at where the first lady who had shhh'd was sitting and proceeds to kick the lady.

What the WHAT!?

That is the story relayed. Now the Radio Host opens up the lines to ask what people thought of it.

Let me tell you what I think. TAKE THE BABY OUT. In fact, I'm the one preaching to leave the baby home. It's true, I'm heartless. Rent a movie, make your hubs stay at home, call in a baby sitter, or don't go. Most any baby can wait an hour or two to be breastfed. If you are that worried about them not being able to cope without you there every minute of their life... then again I say, don't go to the movie theater, wait until it comes out on video. Everyone there is paying money (getting raped in the process but we don't care) to sit and watch a movie, relatively in silence, undisturbed, and for some...like me, to relax and escape from reality for a few hours.

In my mind, this applies to cell phones also. The bright glare from the phone isn't hidden in the darkness of a movie theater. And your life can't possibly be THAT important that you can't wait a few hours to text whomever may need to contact you back. If you ARE important (and who am I to judge ;) then don't go to movies!!! Don't distract and disturb me. Turn your phone OFF or to SILENT or don't go to a movie theater! I get the whole forgetting to turn it off and it accidentally rings or makes a sound... but please, please and please don't answer it... if you feel the undying itch to answer the phone then WALK OUT of the theater and call the person back.

This isn't asking to much is it?

Well back to my original story. On this radio show people actually called in and sympathized with the mother who had the baby who was disturbing everyone else! (Let's not forget these people were seeing Eclipse, which they probably had to wait in line for, for some HOURS, only to have this happen!!!)

Anyway, I'd like to hear what you guys think.

Okay or not okay to take a baby to the movie theater? And how do you feel about people texting on their cell phones during a movie?

I went to Eclipse on July 4th and I saw that sign (pictured above) plastered everywhere. I guess the theater up North wasn't the only theater that had to deal with these problems!



Andrea said...

I totally agree. No babies should be in a theater. I'm forking over a kidney (and and lung to the sitter when I get home) just so I can get two hours without kids screaming and crying.

So NO, no babies in theaters, thank you very much.

Not that I ever get to go to the movies anyway but if I did, I don't want to hear your kids. (obviously a kids movie is something else entirely, then wear earplugs.)

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

OMG...I had a recent experience in the movies that made me want to kick someone......but they totally deserved it. (But I totally didn't...cuz it's not Princess like.)

Mae Rae said...

i can't stand watching a movie with talking adults. I can not even imagine what I would do with a screaming kid. UgH! Me, i say leave the baby at home!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Andrea-exactly! People, other people, have taken the time and money to leave their babies at home. It's respect all around.

I agree at kid movies-but it's expected.

Princess-you did!? Gah! I want to hear about it! I've never wanted to kick someone, just punch them in the arm. Totally classy and princess worthy!

MaeRae- me either @ talking adults! Big pet peeve for me! Or when they put their feet up on the seats! So good to know there is some mormalcy out there!

Danielle said...

I am one of those moms that worry about how my child acts in public because I chose to have her, not anyone else. I try to keep her distractions away from other people.
I, even being a mom of a young child would have been pissed at that women.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I don't know what is up with Blogger? But it keeps saying I don't have any comments on my phone even though I'm getting them in email?


Danielle-pissed is a good word. I would have also been mad. I get she was attempting to console the baby, but take the baby out!?

T said...

still getting past the country music thing... ummm, I thought I KNEW you!!!

okay - if you HAVE to take your baby (and I've had to - twice - never again thanks to something called "growing up") then have the common courtesy to sit near the back and on the aisle so that you can LEAVE and leave quickly. Seriously - at the first peep - because nobody wants to hear your kid whining, or screaming, or suckling.

And yes, I'm a fan of breastfeeding - but poor ManOfTheHouse nearly died when the lady on the other side of him (in the middle of the row - not listening to my advice obviously) deciding to hush her child by breastfeeding. Ummm, couldn't you have at least brought a blanket? Or sat by your OWN husband? ugh.

Just Leave. Now that my kids are finally growing up I've enjoyed many movies in theatres - but for those many many years of teensy tiny kids, two movies a year (when I could manage a babysitter) was our max

Is there anything else you'd like me to tirade about or is my comment officially long enough now?


LZ said...

I agree to take the baby out. I think it's ok that she brought the child, but when the baby acts up, you take it out of the theater. I used to take my girls all the time, and saw lots of half-movies because they got loud. It never once crossed my mind to make other people suffer because of my choice. In a theater, you expect quiet, not crying babies. She was wrong.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure you have no question about how I feel about this. I almost lost a friendship over this very thing. Because my friend was ridiculous, and was so mad that I was very much pro-leave the baby at home. She gave me a million reasons why parents NEED to be able to go to a movie because they can't afford a babysitter.

I've actually eased up quite a bit, as long as they immediately get up. I saw Eclipse and aa woman brought her baby, and sat right in the middle of our row. We were on the end. I told my friend this was going to be a disaster. The baby didn't make a peep.

I do think that up until a certain age, like 3 months, babies sleep a lot, and it's probably OK, but after that, all bets are off.

Brittney said...

i totally agree with you! I mean I would in a heart beat take my child outside if he was disturbing other people! That mom was being selfish and the first shher should have kicked her back!

Adoption of Jane said...

I still haven't taken Tafari to an opening day show! I take him to AMC theatres... they have sensory friendly showings once a month of the latest kids movies. They dim the lights instead of making it dark and turn the sound down a bit.

I think its rude taking any child under the age of 5 to any movie above PG. If you must at least wait until its been out a bit then do it the first matinee show when there is like 3 people in the theatre.

Cell phones piss me off in public period.

Adoption of Jane said...

By the way the Sensory Friendly AMC Showings are Nationwide... the link is on my page if anyones intrested. I think its good for all young kids, not just special needs.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Amen...leave the kids at home until they are old enough to sit through a movie without bothering others around them!

615sWife said...

Ok I was one of those people who stood in line to see Eclipes, and I hate to say it but I am a crazy fan and I would have told that lady to get leave, I can not believe that the women did not get up and take the baby out, it just down right rude, and to kick the women wow really can we be anymore immature about the whole thing! I am in Oklahoma and we have a theater that has a quite room. It is a room where you can take you kids into and still watch the movie without bothering anyone else. But I am very much like you, DONT BRING A BABY TO A MOVIE!! My cousin came with us and she brought her baby and I was annoyed the whole time because I go to the movies to get a break from kids! ( thankfully he slept threw the whole thing) and think about the germs! Movie theaters are just dirty and they are packed with people, and we all know that dirty things go down in theaters. How selfish can you be? I didnt take my son to a movie till he was 2 1/2 and it was a childs movie.
Ok so since I have rambled on you now know how I feel about babys and theaters!

From Tracie said...

I would have been so angry! We went to a movie (that was rated R for violence and was in no way for kids) and this couple had brought their two year old, who proceeded to cry and scream every time something blew up(read that "every five seconds") and my husband *loudly* said something about "get that kid out of here" and the dad turned around and shushed him. So my husband went out and told the manager that we wanted a refund, because we weren't able to watch and enjoy the movie over the screaming. The manager refunded our tickets and kicked out the people with the little kid.

Any place like a movie theater, or a restaurant are not requirements for children. If they can't be quiet, they don't belong. When my daughter was a baby if we were in a restaurant and she cried....I immediately took her outside until she calmed down. When people pay lots of money to go out, they deserve peace and quiet-not my kid screaming in their ears.

Evonne said...

I can see if a mom has a baby in the theater because she took older siblings to see a KIDS movie. Outside of that, leave the baby at home with a sitter or don't go. And turn off the cell phone while you're at it!

Melinda said...

I admit to taking my lil ones to the ones to a movie when they were really wee. Everything went fine and they slept or nursed through the movie. I tried taking them when one was a toddler, was the last time. I had to leave the movie before it was even half finish because she was restless. I did not want to disturb other movie goers. She will not attend another movie until she is old enough to sit still for long periods of time.

So, we now stay at home or get a sitter to watch them while we're at the movie.

Justine said...

I am laughing at the part about the woman with the baby kicking the other woman who shushed her. People are nuts!

And I'm a mom who, like the previous commenter here, tries to be very conscientious with how my baby acts in public and what she does to disrupt the "natural order" of things. I definitely don't take her to the movies. She stays home with a sitter or we wait for the DVD. Crying babies cannot be helped, yes, but parents can do their part in being considerate of others who didn't pay money to listen to your child cry. Unlike a plane, where you can't really take the noisy baby anywhere else, a movie theater is different. You CAN exit in the midst of a movie, and you should.

And amen to cell phone debacles in the theater. I've yelled at many patrons with rude cell usage myself - I'm irked that I even had to go there in the first place!

Annette Lyon said...

Hope this comment comes through with stupid Blogger today . . .

I'm totally in your corner. Baby cries . . . it's outta there.

Untypically Jia said...

I was getting annoyed at all the screaming teenagers. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if there was a crying baby. I understand that Moms need to get out.

But you don't need to see the movie the first week it comes out. That gives you time to save for a babysitter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelle,

Almost as bad as having an infant or young child act up during a wedding cerimony!

Take the child outside and be curtious to others.


The Wifey said...

I have 3 girls. Currently they are 4, 3, and 11 months. I would NEVER have brought them to an actual movie theater to see Eclipse. Granted because my husband is in the Navy we was going to be gone for the midnight showing my friends and I had planned to take them to the drive in but any protest would have been contained in our own car as would they and they would have been able to fall asleep in their carseats. Thankfully his scheduled changed enough that we could leave them home.

I can not imagine bringing my children to a movie theater (especially at that hour) to a movie that is rated over PG. And no movie at that hour is rated G or PG. And the couple times I have brought my two older ones to see a movie (read TOy Story 3) I found a sitter for my youngest even though it was a kids movie. I just don't think that movies are a place for children (unless it's a sensory movie) under the age of 2 1/2 years old. That is my opinion.

If you DO bring a baby (or child for that matter) to a theater and they start to fuss or make noise then they should be taken out of the theater. Like I said, I have 3 young girls and as the mom of three young girls I would have been so ticked off if I had waited in line, paid to see the movie in a theater and then had it interrupted by a crying baby or child.

Shell said...

No babies in theaters. In fact, if it's not a kids' movie, no kids in there at all!

I think back when we saw the second movie, someone had their 3 year-old in the theater- he wasn't loud, but he he was climbing all over the place and I kept wondering why one of them didn't just stay home with the child. That's what dh and I do.

If it's a kids' movie, then I do think there is a certain amount of acceptable noise allowed- but even then, if your baby is crying, take them out of the theater.

Is it wrong that I laughed at her kicking someone, though?

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

A baby at a kid movie at the dollar theater? Fine.

A baby at an adult movie that people are paying full price and camping out opening night for? Not fine.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

T- lol@country music! You say that every time! That is all I ask. Just leave if they act up. Or actually I say, don't bring them at all!

Ps-i love ur long comments T.

Kristina P- see but bringing a baby in gives us that anxiety like you said. It's a toss up whether they will be fussy or not--so why chance it?

Brittney-lol! The woman should have! Maybe she did? They didn't say.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Adoption of Jane-those AMC theatre's sound awesome! And waiting a bit so the theater is more empty is a good idea. But they still need to be prepared to leave the movie.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HB&GP-praise u!Amen ur amen! :)

Tracy- yea-they should have left! How did they get her into the movie anyway? They wouldn't have let that kid in no matter. And restaurants I believe the same if the baby or kid is really making a fuss! But usually, depends on the restaurant, I am more lenient with that.

Evonne- exactly! A kid's movie is another story. The cell phones bug bug!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Justine- I admit, I laughed also! Hehe. Considerate is the perfect word! Considerate and Respectful. And the plane is just something that can't be helped-- a movie theater is. I need to grow a pair and say something to the cell phone users!

Annette- it came through!!! Just took a really really long time! Bleh. I love when peeps are in my corner!

Jia- oh don't even get me started on stupid teenagers and flirting during a movie! Hello? Ever heard of ice cream date or ice blocking where you can flirt as loud as you want!?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LZ- that is just it in my book- why go if there is a chance you can't see the whole movie? I agree with you though, you expect quiet in a theater.

615- I love that my fanatic twilight fans-friends sat in line and stuff to go to the movie-they would have been pissed also! :) Like I have said, when you bring the baby you chance the disruption for everyone not just yourself.

Melinda- yea toddlers are a whole other obstacle because they have such short attention spans and distract in other ways as you said. Good point.

Barbaloot said...

I'm SO opposed to taking small children to theaters!! That's the lamest thing you can do. Find a sitter-that's all there is to it. I guess it goes without saying then, that if you're selfish enough to take a baby to the theater, then you MUST take them out if they're loud. Who are the idiots that don't agree?

Even worse, taking small kids to see that movie. Late at night. A)they're kids! They shouldn't see the movie. B)Late at night? They should be in bed!

DCHY said...

I have brought my girls to the theater when they were babies. Whenever there was a problem, we left immediately. I tend to be the problem...if the movie is BORING (meaning mindless kiddie movie), I will fall asleep and snore. LOL

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Owl- oh a wedding ceremony is another place where you can quietly console them away from distracting from the couples happiness! How can one just not understand that?

Wifey- that's true--they shouldn't be at a movie that late, they want to be in their beds- the loudness alone of a theater should be another side of the argument. Me too at ticked off!

Shell- right, no babies allowed. That probably needs to be a movie theater rule or something. And I do agree with the kid's movie-to a certain degree, if your kid is screaming they still should be taken out like you said!

Char-yes--see it's about the money also! We only have the 2 dollar and fifty cent movie :)

Barb-exactly! I think each parent know their kid well enough to be comfortable in what movie they will allow their children to watch, but babies and toddlers should be out of the question! So I agree with you :)

DCHY- on that note--no snorer's aloud either!!! :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I am surprised a manager didn't come and kick her and the baby out. I have heard of theaters having to refund other peoples money because of disturbances like that.

James (SeattleDad) said...

I would agree. Don't have the baby there - subjecting him to that kind of garbage could be harmful to the poor little guy.

James (SeattleDad) said...
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Anjeny said...

Shelle, my belle(LOL), you know I love you girl big time, yeah? LOL

Although I agree to a point about what you said, I'm thinking that some of you may be a bit too harsh. I'm sure the mom had every intentions of taking the baby out but I'm thinking being that she is human like all of us, there may be some rebellion in there. She's probably thinking that lady who shushed her in the first place did not have any right to do so...I mean if you all were going to for courtesy and respect, the lady who shushed her shouldn't have done it too..maybe she could walk over to the mom and maybe suggested nicely for her to take the baby out.

I know by nature, I don't like people telling me what to do..so say if that was me, I was maybe getting ready to take the baby out, I may even be standing up to take the baby out and the first lady shushed me, I would definitely changed my mind about taking the baby out just as a payback. (Not that I've done this at any theater, I'm just using myself as an example.) By the way, if everyone was standing in line for that movie, I guess it's safe to say the mom was waiting in line too.

Ok ok, relax...I agree that you should take the baby out when it's start to fuss, I've watched many a half and bits of movies at a theater because I've taken my little kids to the movies..doesn't bother me. I just think that most of you are being way tooo harsh on your judgment of the lady with the baby. However her behavior is immature for kicking the other lady but at the same time, the other movie patrons' behavior were immature.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised to read that most people would put up with babies fussing in church than in a theater. Is it because we pay to watch a movie and not in church? Just curious.

Oh and on cellphones...TURN THE DARN THING OFF!!! Put it on vibrator if you happen to leave your baby at home and worried you might be contacted in case of an emergency...LOL.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Whatever Dee-Dee-I am also, but maybe it wasn't as long as it seemed when they were relaying the story?

James- lol. Hey eclipse is only garbage to the young. To us moms, it's fantasy! :)

Anjeny- I think regardless if she was in the line or intended to take the baby out, she could rebel another time- nobody said anything then because it wasn't a problem, but as soon as those light go down, so does the expectations that the baby won't be heard of.

See to solve any rudeness, she could and should have left the baby at home!

But Anj! I can't believe we don't see eye to eye on this! :) at least we do on the cell phones, our relationship is redeemable! :) lol

Southern Sage said...

Surely some person that was that self centered and that selfish and that stupid votes like all the others in that category, its a wonder she didn't abort.

She should be late term aborted, like whatever age the mom is. She is going to raise a child and has no more sense than that. Some folks ought not breed.

mother goose said...

Agree, take your kid out. But, really leave the child at home. If that chic kicked me! i would have been all over her! She better hope she was holding that baby, and I would have gotten myself a free movie and everyone in my party much less the entire theater with free popcorn and drinks because she just assaulted me! Now, I can also swing both ways. So, it would depend. I may have just offered her my assistance to helping her calm the baby down. But, it would have completely depended on the situation. But these are the two ways I would have reacted, with the latter being the first! and then if she went wonky I would have answered her with postal.

Anjeny said...

It's not that I don't agree completely that she should take the baby out. I guess I'm just always thinking about the other person..you know the one who's not here defending herself. I always try to put myself in their shoes and try to figure out what they are thinking or going through at that moment. Yes, she should've taken the baby out. And yes, maybe she shouldn't have taken the baby to the theater but I'm sure she thought since it was going to be a midnite showing, her baby might probably be dead to the world when the movie comes on. And she probably didn't trust anyone enough to leave her baby with. And of course, I'm thinking she really REALLY wanted to see the movie, maybe probably had been looking forward to it, who knows maybe gone to some extreme to go to that particular movie. Circumstances are different with each individual. I guess my comment earlier was to bring out the fact that I think every commenter on here was a bit too harsh...

And hey...having difference of opinions or even not seeing eye to eye on things makes for a great relationship...no? LOL Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier...I am big country song lover. I could sit and listen to country music all day long if I don't have kids messing with my music.. :) See..all hope is not lost!! ahahah

Que said...

I'm shocked with you that there were people calling in to sympathize with the mother. I have little children and my wife and I haven't seen a movie since 1970. Ok, that's not true but the point is we don't go to the movies or nice restaurants with the kids because we know they will cry, scream and yell. So a lot of the time we do what you said: rent movies or otherwise stay home. Also we have 3 kids so getting a baby sitter is out of the question a lot of the time. So, again, we just stay home.

I may be heartless, but the woman with the baby should have been arrested for battery. Normal people know that was NOT the correct way to respond in that situation. We teach kids not to kick anyone when they are toddlers. SO she should know better.

But instead of fining her money, I think her sentence should be that for the next month people with crying babies should follow her around. They should be able to go into her home when she's watching tv, cooking, cleaning, going to work, having family time or WHATEVER. And the parents of the crying kids get to legally KICK her any time she makes a comment about their children.

That should do the trick.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Southern Sage-- I think I agree with you. The mother was selfish. Did you mean aborted as in... she needed to abort the theater?

Mother Goose-- ha! I would have loved to see you in action. I would have wanted to do all that! :)

Anjeny--Okay I feel ya. And since you are a country loving girl... all is forgiven and we are one again.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Que- arrested for battery... hehehe that would have been quite the outcome. You should run for President... your solutions are flawless :)

wendy said...

YES it costs a fortune to go to a movie these days....so in that case, best not to take the baby.
get a sitter
stuff it in the trunk (relax, kiddiing)
or wait for DVD
It's hard being a young mom, but there are places to take babies and not to take babies.
My poor daughter has had a few run in's at resturants with some be-atches that voiced their opinion about her 2 year old "not quite boarding school bred"
piss on them
kick them
but, still ----best served to leave the babies at home in some places, like movies

oh, and what about the noisy freaking teenagers who don't SHUT UP during movies

I keep quiet, pretty much necking the whole time (relax, just kidding again)

Steph said...

Ummm... seriously? You take the baby out. No brainer. And you should be expected to be shhh'd if you are rude and inconsiderate. OMG... seriously... I need to move to a place where people don't piss me off. Like sibera... or a place that I can have a pet pocket eskimo.

Steph said...

Ummm... seriously? You take the baby out. No brainer. And you should be expected to be shhh'd if you are rude and inconsiderate. OMG... seriously... I need to move to a place where people don't piss me off. Like sibera... or a place that I can have a pet pocket eskimo.

Kristie said...

No babies in the theater. And no cell phone use, either, PERIOD.

People pay good money to see movies nowadays. For my family, going to the movies isn't just a "fun thing to do on the weekend" anymore as much as it's a "can we afford groceries next week if we do this" type of thing. And because of that, over zealous Twilight fans unwilling to part from their titty babies have no right to disrupt my movie going experience (a.k.a. financial screwing).

Jack said...

There is no reason to bring a baby to a movie theater. Part of being a grownup is understanding that sometimes you can't do what you want.

Get a baby sitter or stay home.

Cherie said...

There was a baby in our midnight theater of Eclipse. It cried once and then I never heard it again - thank goodness.
I love babies but a movie theater is not the place for a baby or I should say a movie theater that is showing an adult movie. If it is a Disney flick well then you get kids running around and lots of noice but a bunch of people at MIDNIGHT to see a movie that is not for kids you should not bring babies, or kids at all.
I cannot believe the mother kicked that woman - that shows the problem right there...white trash?
It takes all kinds - ha ha.
I think people can put their cell phones away in theaters, restaurants and even stores.
Yes, even stores. I get tired of shopping and having a real live conversation with someone only to have some woman come and browse at something standing next to me talking with twice the volume on her cell phone. Did you ever notice how people talk SUPER loud on their cell phones.

OK yes, I have some issues - ha ha!!

Have a Good one!

ModernMom said...

Mom of 2 here. That baby had no place in the movie theatre. then again, the women KICKED the shusher...so perhaps that baby had no business with that so called Mom. Who acts like that?

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

So where was the theater ushers (whatever they're called)? Someone should have gone and got the manager. And the theater should give refunds to everyone who was disturbed. It costs a lot to go to the theater. People go there to get away not to listen to someone's baby cry.

I'm just sayin'...

Candice said...

My thoughts?

If you take a baby to a movie theater then you're an asshole.


The baby was crying because it couldn't talk yet and tell the Mother that she was a fucking idiot for taking him/her to a movie theater where it's loud and obnoxious.

Plus, the baby thinks Twilight is gay.

Beeswax said...

Wow. There are some angry theater-goers reading this blog.

I'll just throw out that perhaps there is a little middle ground between keeping all children out of public sight til they are 16 and kicking shushers?

I have a newborn (my 5th), and I'll take him to a late showing of a movie that has been out awhile, so I can sit by the exit and away from anyone else, where the baby will SLEEP because it is his bedtime. No one even knows he is there. But I would never take him to Eclipse on opening night, or to any action movies that might wake him. And I wouldn't take him on a weekend night because it is too crowded.

But honestly, after reading the vitriolic comments here, and picturing you all giving my 8 week old baby the hairy eyeball, I might stay home and join La Leche League and grow out my armpit hair, because apparently I'm a hippie.

handstowar said...

oooooooh man. You hit a SERIOUS hot spot for me. I freakin' hate people talking during a movie... even if it's in my own house. I don't have the ability to listen to two conversations at once, never mind listening to some teenagers talking to each other or some fat, greasy slob eat their popcorn with their mouth open. If that lady had kicked me... I would have kicked her right back.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Wendy--Stuff it in the trunk! ha! Not funny :)

Steph--I think even people piss other people off in siberia... I could be wrong though.

Kristie--you hit on a good point. People are giving up something else to pay lots of money to see that movie. It's just considerate to take the baby out as soon as it starts fussing.

Jack--exactly at being a grown up and not doing what you want. That especially is true for parents.

Amber Lynae said...

Bring a baby to the movies is perfectly acceptab....Ok I can't even finish that and pretend. I think the mother should have been kicked out. And to have the gall to kick the shh'er blows my mind. Was this some teenage mother who hasn't learned how to see the world doesn't revolve around her yet?

I would be very mad.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Cherie-I'm sorry, I totally talk on my cell phone at Grocery Stores!!! But not in theaters. :) I have issues also, you aren't the only one.

Modern Mom-I thought the same thing. I was thinking, THIS CAN'T BE TRUE??? Like Cherie said, maybe white trash?

Kathi--I still think people just didn't want to miss the movie either to get the manager, I know I wouldn't have. I would have hoped someone else would do it, but I wouldn't have gotten up. And our ushers leave when the movie starts...

Candice-- I get this feeling you don't like twilight? More of a hunch?

Beeswax--yea... who knew it was a pet peeve for all these people also? I think it can be done, bringing a baby to a theater, especially with the rules you have set for yourself. If I had no idea the baby was there then no harm no foul. I am all for being a hippie. SO no worries.

handstowar--I roll my eyes when I get a bunch of giggly teenagers walking into a theater. I set myself up for getting really annoyed and then pray that the movie is LOUDER than their voices. And I could write a whole other post on people eating popcorn... it's like fingernails on a chalk board!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Amber Lynae--that's funny because that was my first thought... she must have been young and the baby must have been her first or something? I would NEVER dare kick someone like that!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Amber Lynae--that's funny because that was my first thought... she must have been young and the baby must have been her first or something? I would NEVER dare kick someone like that!

AzĂșcar said...

I'll take a baby to a movie, but I have RULES.

1. Never take a baby to a movie on a Friday or Saturday night. Those people are paying more money. Go a different night of the week or see a movie that's been out for a while.

2. Babies go best with movies before 4 months of age. After that they are more awake and want to play. Don't bring them to a movie.

3. Nurse or feed your baby before you go. Mostly because they'll probably sleep through the movie. And if they want to eat, go ahead, nurse the baby in the theater, it's quiet and who cares?

4. If you baby cries or gets loud GET UP AND LEAVE. I immediately get up and head to the side out of the way, and if that won't work quickly, we leave. Try again some other time, today was not your day.

5. Don't take baby to a loud movie. Action movies are loud and filled with banging crashing things. Not good for baby's ears and they will cry.

6. Above all, this is a communal experience, and you're all in this together. Be respectful of each other. This means taking your crying baby out, not talking on your cell phone or to each other, not bringing a preschooler to a rated R movie, and just having MANNERS. I'm appalled at that woman's behavior. It was rude and thoughtless of her to prioritize her wants (to see the movie) above everyone else's enjoyment of the movie.

Momma Sunshine said...

I can understand if you really want to go see a movie and can't make other arrangements, that you might want to try taking the baby to the theatre. But honestly, you've gotta do that with the expectation that if the baby starts crying, then you should LEAVE. You have be absolutely willing and completely prepared to do that in this kind of situation...

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