Monday, December 6, 2010

Next year I think we should skype!

So our Thanksgiving was a blast. For the first time in, well a long time, my whole family was here. All of my brothers and sisters and their families. There was a lot of eating, and laughing, and tons of fun. Maybe also some bloating and napping and tons of fun...

As you can see in these pictures below taken of my kids and nieces and nephews:

I just had to add this in here because my daughter seriously wants a career in fashion and modeling so I told her to pose for me and this is what I got... lol... I hope it works out for her because, I may be bias, but I think she has that something special :)... PASSION! hehe.

My 13-year old niece and the oldest of the bunch... that makes me super old... sigh... she's one of my best friends, love the heck out of her.
So here's the thing. We had SUCH a good time during Thanksgiving.  My cup filleth over with happiness to be around all of my family... I'm a big family person.  

There is only one negative that came out of all of this and will change my way of thinking of having family over ever again...

Come Sunday when everyone left... we all got sick.  The 24 hour flu bug.  EVERYONE of us.  23 in all.  From baby to Grandparents.  We all got hit with it from Sunday to Tuesday.

I didn't have it on Sunday... which was convenient for my family because I became their nursemaid aka slave for a full 24 hours.  THAT's HARD work!!! Just saying.  They were throwing up out of their mouths and out the back end.  It was bad.  

Then come Tuesday, if you follow me on Facebook (which you should) you would know that I was sick, sick, sick.  I haven't been that sick in FOREVER.  I didn't eat anything, I was afraid to. Everyone was working and going to school so I had to suffer it alone.  Moaning to myself... you know how sad it is to moan to yourself???  It's sad, take my word for it.

So as much as I love my family I think Skyping Thanksgiving to be together next year might be the way to go... just a suggestion.

So anything exciting happen with you guys???  How bad did you feel for me when you read I had to moan alone???  Don't hold back... tell me in comments.



Kristina P. said...

Oh, that is miserable!! It sounds like you got the plague. Boo.

Good news is that your nieces and nephews are adorable!

DCHY said...

Great pictures, good time, and terrible conclusion. Sorry that everyone got sick. :(

Garden of Egan said...

Wow. You all got sick?
Who cooked the turkey?
Mmmmmm, maybe Skypesgiving is the way to do it.

My Thanksgiving?
Uh, ER
Hand vs Snowblower...
LOTS of vomiting and "other endedness"
Ya, great weekend.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kristina P--The plague is such a good word for what it seemed like!

DCHY--thanks. It was bad, but we are all good now! Thank goodness!!! It was fun though, until it wasn't :)

GOE--yea I read about your Thanksgiving, not sure it was any better than mine after or during or whatever! That's why we are such good friends :)

3GirlKnight said...

Oh no! When I read about your moaning aloning, I felt sick too. Call it commiseration? Reminds me of the first time I got sick after I moved away for college. I was alone and it sucked.

And your girl doesn't just have the passion, I think she has the looks too. Cute kids!

T said...

the bug here only hit one of us badly... but yes, Skyping Thanksgiving would certainly cut down on shared germs!

it would also cut down on the darling pictures you're able to take... you may want to rethink this... perhaps just take some preventive immunity booster next year?

PorkStar said...

Those pictures are amazing, Shelle, and I did feel really bad for you when I read you were sick. I tried making you laugh but I myself was afraid it would end up badly especially if no toilet was nearby lol

Some years ago, I remember, the very day after thanksgiving, the whole family got sick as well. Every single one of us. So much so we had to go to the unfinished house next door (luckily the bathroom was complete) and basically christen it.

Good times.

But other than that, nice to hear you had a great time with family.

The pictures, again, very beautiful.

Emily said...

Love the photos! And I'm a bit jealous you did the whole "flu diet" thing without me. Best way to lose a few pounds ever. (And I think Skype next year is a perfect idea!)

wendy said...

I am so glad you had a great thanksgiving with ALL the family.
YES, your daughter needs to go into modeling....she is rather gorgeous.
Looks a lot like you actually.
sorry you got sick
Nothing like throwing up...out both ends to really make things special.
We all got sick as well after the funeral.
Lots of germs out there it seems.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

3GirlKnight-Hey! Hello so glad to meet you! Yea, being sick sucked... especially alone. LOL @ Commiseration.

T--you have a good point.. no pictures no passion. No thanksgiving and skypesgiving... and no sickness. The choices are killing me!!!

Porkie--thanks! And if I remember right you did make me laugh! Luckily nothing bad happened :) Gross! @ Christening the bathroom!!! hahaha

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Emily--hahahah@ flu diet! I didn't mean to, if I knew I was going to be ON it I would have invited you. Please forgive me.

Wendy--that sucks you guys got sick after the funeral. Thanks at my daughter like me... I love when people say that because once they see her with her Dad he's a dead ringer for him.

Danielle said...

Why is it that we as moms, seem to get the "crappy end" of sickness. LOL

Papa K said...

Fashion model, eh? She's got a real shot!

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