Monday, November 29, 2010

The Motorcycle Cop and I, and my late registration...

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So here's my story about me, a cop, and late registration.

See I got the thing in the mail that reminds you to register your car because it's coming due.

I saw it and put it in my pile for me to "remember to follow up on".

Then it sat there.

For three months.

My registration came and went... for two months I drove around on expired plates.

It's not that I didn't have money to do it... no... it's because I have somewhat of a lazy-last-on-my-priority-list-to-get-van-inspected-so-it-can-get-registered bone. I just never found "time" to do it.

Let me sidenote here: We have places around here that can inspect your vehicle AND register it... all right there. One convenient stop and you are all done.

Continuing on with my story...

Let me just remind you I have a sixth sense. I hadn't worried about driving on late plates for weeks and weeks... but this day, this particular day, I was a bit paranoid about it. Driving and looking around to see if there were any police officers around... for which I find out I had good reason!

I'm stopped at a red light and all of a sudden a motorcycle cop comes up next to me on my driver side window and gives the universal sign to roll down my window. I rolled it down. He proceeded to tell me that he needed me to pull into the gas station (as he pointed his whole arm diagonally). I nodded my head okay... knowing full well why he was pulling me over.

He then... pulls around me and stops traffic... so that I could get over to pull into the gas station. I'm pretty sure I made his day with all the humiliation. I may have huffed a few names that I shall not repeat, in my head, at him-- (they may have sounded like tummy but with a D).

Anyway... I pull into the gas station and he pulls up behind me and parks his bike and walks up to me.

Cop: "Soooooo... tell me the story. Why haven't you registered your vehicle?"

Me: at no time in my life have I ever been able to lie when someone straight out asks me a direct question like that face to face... so this is what I said, "Ummm" shrugs shoulders, "I just haven't found the time."

Cop: proceeds to quote somebody about "not finding the time" and "wasting" something or other. Then he sees the silly bands I wear because my kids gave them to me to wear and I couldn't say no (So yes, I wear silly bands, and with PRIDE!) and the cop tells me a story about how some little kids circulation was cut off from them, we are getting chummy, or so I thought, and then he says, "License, Registration and insurance card please."

Me: I say in my mind, "crap, he's going to write a ticket some friend HE is". Give him my registration and I.D. but can't seem to find the insurance card. I'm calling my husband, who doesn't answer... I say, "Uuuhhh I can't find my insurance card. I swear I put it in here? But it's not anywhere??? Let me call my husband again." He walks back to his bike while I continue to call my husband 10 times and he has yet to answer... so I leave a mean mean message... frantic and mean.

Cop: walks back up to the van and says, "It says in my system you are insured... so I don't need to see your card. I only gave you one violation (he could have ticketed me for not having my insurance card in my van) which will cost you $40.00 blah blah blah..."

The rest you know.

 I pull out of the gas station and my husband calls...convenient.

So I go on my trip to Missouri. As soon as I get back I go to this place where we know the owner and my husband follows me there. We pull up and our friend is working, so we walk over to him and shoot the breeze. Then... my husband proceeds to tell him what happened to me. I tell him WHY I hadn't registered the car yet, because I hadn't found the time to get it inspected... he asks me what year my van is. I tell him. He starts to laugh. Apparently, my car didn't need an inspection this year!!! I could have registered it online ANYTIME!

That's right.

I got myself a $40.00 lesson in reading all of the reminder when it comes in the mail.

Our friend registered our van and I was off to wallow in my stupidity.

So NO I didn't go to jail... but now that I registered my van, as long as I show proof of that... my ticket gets reduced to $30.00..lucky me...pppfffttt.

Learn from me people... learn from me.

It still didn't stop me from being P.O'd at the cop for writing me a ticket in the first place! Just sayin...


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SciFi Dad said...

In Ontario, it doesn't matter if they show you as insured in their system. No proof = ticket. Every. Stinking. Time.

Barbaloot said...

I wonder if the cop knew your car didn't need to be inspected, and thought he should punish you for not knowing?

At least you bonded over silly bands, right?

Garden of Egan said...

Unbelievable that he wrote you a ticket, you guys being all tight and close an' all.


We don't have car inspections in Idaho....that's why I drive the piece of (rhymes with trap) that I drive

Glad I didn't have to come and visit you in jail. I would have brought you a pair of tweezers though, cuz I know how you are about errant eyebrows.

Kristina P. said...

I was about 7 days over when I remembered to just do it online. And not a moment too soon! The next day, I had a cop follow behind me for miles!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

SciFi--that is why America is usually the way to go! hehehe... yea, I'm not one that has really ever been sly enough to get out of a ticket if I'm in the wrong... I wish I knew how to work it better in that respect.

Barb--you may be on to something... and yes, everyone should be wearing silly bands, they ARE all the rage you know... according to my kids! :)

GOE-NICE! I'd drive a clunker also if I didn't have to have a car that passed inspection! See that is why you are my bestest friend in Idaho... because you get me. I cried a bit when I read that about the tweezers.

Kristina P--you always have the BEST luck I swear. Not me so much. Luckily I don't gamble.

Gena said...

LOL all I can do is laugh! But I totally understand! I'm horrible at getting these kind of things done on time.

beth said...

I love how they can make a big scene over something so insignificant. Really, was it necessary to stop traffic? Oh well. At least there is some humor in it. Glad you didn't get hit with a ginormous ticket. Maybe the life lesson to learn is that we need to take a little bit of time to make sure we have everything we need taken care of.

~Kenny said...

Not for nuthin' but I just thought I add conjugal visits are hot...HOT!

Emily said...

You should have flung one of your silly bands at him as he walked away. He wouldn't have felt it but you would have felt better!

T said...

the crazy cops around here... you know I couldn't use my left blinker for about 3 weeks (seriously - we had to order a replacement bulb and wait for me to remember to take it in) and I have learned to drive this entire crazy city only making right hand turns - because there always seemed to be a cop behind me!

DCHY said...

Once went a whole year of not updating my license plates. DMV wasn't fooled and charged me for the previous year and the current year. Darn. ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Gena- yay! Someone like me!!! It's just not important enough to care enough!

Beth-the little things are what get me. I have my insurance cards to put in my van and have yet to remember to carry it out to the car!!?? There is humor for sure... Irony.

Kenny- you would say that!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh goodness, what a dumb cop. I think all cops are dumb. Especially the three that have pulled me over since I moved here. I'm like a cop magnet.

Happy Thanksgiving! LY!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Emily-bwahahahahahahahaha that was funny!!! I should have!

T-well that may come in really handy one day? Maybe???

DCHY-omgosh that is funny! I've done six months b4! :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

TDC-i know me too!!! Which is why we are virtual cousins!

Gena said...

Shelle. What's really sad is I am married to a cop! I should know better! LOL

DCHY said...

Then I got you beat on the procrastination of the plates department. ;) Can anyone else do better? (Should that be "worse" instead...? LOL)

Kritta22 said...

I just checked my tabs on my truck.....april 2011...phew!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Gena: oh yea!!! I totally remember that! And that's way funny! Lol! I'd probably be the same to be honest.

DCHY- hahahah yea can anyone do worse! You definitely one-upped me!

Kritta: lol! See! You can thank me later! Hehehe

Jessica Stier said...

Funny! I can so relate. However I want to say how jelous I am!!! My hubs got a ticket for expired registration up in Salt Lake, two days in a row. One was $90 and the other was $100. Lame!!!

Jessica Stier said...

Funny! I can so relate. However I want to say how jelous I am!!! My hubs got a ticket for expired registration up in Salt Lake, two days in a row. One was $90 and the other was $100. Lame!!!

Mindy said...

You are hilarious! Don't feel bad, I do the EXACT same thing! AND I have the same pile of "need to handle... later" pile. Ok, pileS.

Mae Rae said...

sorry but i just could not stop giggling. Cops suck!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Jessica-the cop actually told me that I could get a ticket each day it wasn't registered... lol. I love when you have so much conviction you say it twice!!! hehehe

Mindy--that actually DOES make me feel better :) It's nice to know I'm not the only one! What's your email so I can email you?

MaeRae--AMen girl! It's okay, I found it funny also!

Homer and Queen said...

I think you should have just flashed him. I would have been worth the 40 bucks.

Anonymous said...

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CityMom2 said...

Shelle! I wish I'd known you were coming to MO! My hubby has to handle the cars. It's in the pre-nup. Oops, I was married before those were invented!

annie valentine said...

If it wasn't for my husband our cars would have blown up years ago.

binks said...

I just know you were trolling for some police officer action,
sometimes I think you just live for danger.
I can relate to the pile, however my pile is in a file in a drawer somewhere & out of sight, out of mind. It is so bad, the water co charges me a late charge. Sigh, there is just so much to do and so little time.

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