Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where are all the parents??? Based on a true story.

I have a story I must tell.

One that may shock you... or not.

See there once was this girl, cute, fun personality, smart, and totally excited to start school. I may have added to that excitement by reminding her she was going to start her first day of school every day for at least 7 days before she actually "started" school.

Me: "Aren't you so excited to be a big girl and go to your Big Brother's school!"

PeePs: "Mom, I'm 5, not 2. But I'm so excited!!! Yay me!" As she jumps up and down clapping her hands.

See here where I live they tease Kindergarten-ers. They say, "Today you start school! Well you kinda do. You get to come and meet your teacher and sign up for a day that you can test and we can see where you fit and watch your progression through the year. So you don't actually go to school, no, you just meet your teacher and then come back later that week to test. Then NEXT week you get to start school."

So we did that. We had her meet her teacher... she tested (she rocked it-and teacher was somewhat worried she might be bored-but we are going to play that by ear...) Then we patiently waited for the day she would actually get to go to CLASS and LEARN.

Proud Mom fact and a bit of a sidenote: I should tell you that my daughter has this incredible drive to learn. Everyday she makes her Grandma sit with her (I can't because I'm at work) and do "homework" with her. And I'm not just talking 10-15 minutes worth, no, I'm talking an hour and a half later her Grandma is firmly telling her she has to stop for the day-where my daughter is none-to-happy about it. I don't know where this drive comes from, but I'm not about to worry about it.

So back to the story: Monday this week rolls around and my daughter and I get her dressed for her FIRST day of school.

Keep these images in your mind... they may break your heart later.

So as you can see.  She was ready and excited to start BIG GIRL school.  And I'm telling you... like DisneyLand excited!

It's 10 minutes until her first day of school should start and I grab her hand and we head out the door, to brave the heat, and walk to her school.

As we approach her school and the area where the Kindergarten kids meet I start to notice something is wrong.

Where are all the parents?

As I'm running off of fumes because I had little sleep the night before, I just shrug it off and we head to her classroom door.

Just as we are about to open the door her Kindergarten teacher opens it and looks at me, a bit surprised, (her Kindergarten teacher, BTW, is a friend of mine, we worked as lifeguards together), she says "Hi" and hesitantly shuts the door.

I sit there, befuddled for a moment.

Is my daughter late?  Is she teaching me a lesson?

I look at my phone and we are one minute early.  That is WAY on time for me.

Hmmmm... maybe she is still getting things ready...

I look around the area... WHERE IS ALL THE PARENTS?  It was just me and another lady (who I found out through polite conversation didn't speak much English) smiling at each other and looking away.

My friend, my daughters Kindergarten teacher, pokes her head out the door and has a super huge smile on her face... like the smile you have right before you are about to laugh, and says, "Shelle, did you know that school doesn't actually start until Wednesday?" bwahahahaha... hahahaha... holding her stomach, bending over laughing, and she sees the light bulb go off in my head, "we are still testing until Wednesday." hahahahahahaha... still can't breathe, she is bending over laughing at me.  "Shelle!" heave, breathe, heave, laugh, heave, breathe, "you haven't changed a bit!"

I'm feeling totally embarrassed and dumb right now, even though the only audience to this faux pas is me, the teacher, my daughter, a few other first graders playing on the play ground, and the cute non-english speaking lady.

And when I feel embarrassed I laugh.  And when I laugh, I cry.

When I could breathe again... and she could breathe again, and I grab my daughter and start walking away I say over my shoulder, "You know this won't be the only time something like this happens!"

The End.

This story is based on a true story.

So today we try again.  TODAY she is going to her actual first day of school!  We didn't take pictures again because she looks exactly like she did in the pictures above.



Kmama said...

Aww! Was she heartbroken?

That is totally something I would do though!

T said...

SO hilarious! I think the teasing of k'garteners is evil and should be banned. won't make a lick of difference in either of our lives now, but it's still just mean!

MomBabe said...

Um, that's awesome, and totally something I would do.

Andrea said...

I laughed...cause that's funny. I love how you said it wouldn't be the only time something like that happened :)

School started today for my oldest (3rd grade - what the what??? already??) I was ready to flip his little sister into his backpack though for some peace and quiet...she starts Monday.

I hope Peeps has a great day!

Garden of Egan said...

You. Are. A. Dork.
I can see why she is such an overachiever. She gets it from you.
You have to be first at everything don't ya.
Hope she enjoyed her first day of Disneyland.

PJ - Our life said...

Oh Shell, you crack me up!!! I hope peeps has a great day today!! P.S. Don't forget to pick her up!! lol!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Oh no! LoL! I hope she had a great real first day of school! :)

Steph said...

You are teaching her a valuable lesson... The early bird gets the worm.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Kmama- I think she was, but I made up for it by taking her to a movie, just her and I.

T-Amen girl... she is so excited today though. But yea, just mean.

MomBabe--thanks for making me feel normal. It's funny how one can still feel totally stupid with no one really around to witness it. :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Andrea- SEe that's me. I LOVE school to start because of the peace and quiet. ONly now I get to go to work... no fun :(

GOE-I want to be first at everything, but my problem is no motivation. But bonus if my forgetfulness makes me first at something... I'm not going to complain! I am a total dork! lol.

PJ-I know right? THat would just be the cherry on top. Don't worry, her older brother gets to pick her up and take her home. WE will see how that goes... (crosses fingers)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Meeko-hey guy!!! So good to see your avatar! I'm betting it will be the best day of her life up until now. :)

Steph- way to make it a positive experience... that's what I'm all about... the teaching of the lessons.

H.K. said...

I truly believe that you are not the only parent to have done that, since I have done it...a few times! And I have also heard other parents doing it too- Welcome to the club!

Your daughter is so adorable and photogenic, I loved her school clothes!

... said...

She looks sooooo cute! Too bad about that, but hey I think that makes you overly prepared!

Paul G said...

I wore something very similar on my first day too.

Jack said...

hee hee- that is funny.

Papa K said...

That's great. Sounds like something I would do actually.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

H.K.-Oh that makes me feel not so alone. I seriously couldn't believe I was so off... well I could believe it... but you know... I couldn't BELIEVE it! :)

...-I know right. Which is a phrase not usually associated with me. Interesting isn't it?

Paul G-I bet you looked smokin hot in it also! Send pictures... I don't mind using my blog as an outlet for you to show your true self on :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Jack--HEY YOU! Where have you been. It's not nice to ditch on friends like that. Come around more often would ya? And thanks @ funny... I'm here all day... well not really, but you know what I mean.

PapaK--that is exactly why I get your humor. I get you.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

awwwww.....poor Peeps! She does look adorable!
Dang teacher could have been more understanding. At least not gone into hyperventilation with her laughing....just a little snicker or two.
I hope she had a wonderful 2nd 1st day~

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Lilly- I know poor girl... will she ever recover.

It was okay that she laughed... I would have been a lot less tactful about it... I'm horrible at laughing at people, so karma and all that!

Plus I laughed with her. :)

Annette Lyon said...

I got very close to doing the opposite last year--bringing my 7th grader to the jr. high a day LATE. Yikes!

Cherie said...

Love it Shelle - You are "That Mom" too!!
Your daughter is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!!

The Wifey said...

She looks so ready and happy. My daughter loves her outfit too! Congrats on her first day of school!

Candice said...


I was wondering if she was going to wear the same outfit again. Would have been a terrible waste! :)

Jillybean said...

Awww, poor kid.

I did something similar to this last year on the last day of preschool and they have the kids dress up like circus performers and the parents come and watch them sing.
As I was walking into the school with Max, who was wearing a bright red sequined vest and bow tie, I noticed the lack of parents, and the lack of costumes on the other kids, and I thought, "Wow, these parents are really lame"
It wasn't until the teacher asked Max why he was so dressed up that I finally figured out that it was another week until the last day of school.

Jack said...

Ok, I am back.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Annette--you wait and see... In a few years I will be writing about just that very thing!!!

Cherie-Gah... thanks so much! We think so too but then again, we are bias. I read your "that mom" post and I AM that MOM! lol!

Wifey--Thanks... she felt like the bomb dot com for sure! lol.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Candice--Come on now girl... we don't waste at this house, unless it's done in the toilet. Just sayin.

JillyBean--OMGosh! hahahahhaha... that is way better than my story! Did you blog that? HA! That's awesome. You are going to be a favorite person of mine... I can tell.

Jack-Thank freakin goodness! :) My world is complete now.

Que said...

My personal opinion on this is that YOU were the only one that got it right. That happens to me all of the time. I just continue to do my thang and wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

wendy said...

How did your "over achiever" daughter handle this calamity of her mothers? (tee,hee)

your daughter is Rocking It for her first.....which wasn't really her of school.

what a doll, I think she has your eyes
Hopefully not your timetable

People in the Sun said...

That's how trend-setting works, you know. You go there a few days early, and by Wednesday I bet everyone was wearing rock'n'roll clothes.

Kazzy said...

If it makes you feel any better, I teach kindergarten and every year I have to remind parents that K starts a week after everyone else so that we can test the kids and plan accordingly.

She is a cutie!

The Urban Cowboy said...

That is too funny! Cute little girl, must take after her mommy.

jenni kaufusi said...

too funny and way too cute!

American in Norway said...

Oooo bless... I have totally done stuff like that... LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.... can I just fly overe some photo classes?? hmmm?

Stacie's Madness said...

well..she looked cute as hell. :)
better luck next time. ;)

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