Thursday, August 5, 2010

VLOG and leave on a plane... again

Okay so I did a VLOG over at Real World today. If you want to go see my mug shot live and in person then click on over there:

Venus and Mars

I'm leaving on a jet plane... again... (back off SciFi :P)

This time I'm luggin my two kids with me. We are going to go and visit It Is Just Jules!

I met her in Vegas for the first time last year and we went to the PBR Championships together. It was love at first bond.

Now I get to go visit her home town and I'm super excited.

The thing is, I may or may not have pushed the idea on her. And I may or may not have threatened her livelihood if she didn't cooperate and let us crash at her house. And I may or may not... well, never mind.

I'm excited, my kids are stoked, and well my husband gets 5 days to himself.

I wonder what he will do?

There are plenty of things I would love to have done before I got back. But he's a grown man and making him a list of things only encourages him to avoid doing them. My guess is there will be a lot of watching T.V. and napping.

That's what I would do... except exchange T.V. for reading a book.

Anyway, back to my point, my kids are exceptional travelers. We like to watch people walk by us at the airport and then make fun of them. I'm encouraging growth that way and teaching them that if they choose to wear things that make them look ridiculous and/or enhance already ridiculous features, that they will be made fun of. Although if the public school system is doing their job correctly, they will have already learned that and perfected it, but I believe in the double up theory... that is to learn something again and then double up the learning so that you get it perfect.

And that is my goal before I die... to raise well-mannered, perfect kids, who judge.

Now go watch my VLOG and practice making fun of someone. I have already done it 3 times and I just uploaded the video!!! I have all day tomorrow to laugh at myself. I am cursed with cheeks that look like they always have something in them...

It's all for you guys and my besties over at Real World.

Your. Welcome.



Barbaloot said...

Have fun on your trip! Hope your husband survives without the family:)

Kritta22 said...

I will have my kids judge too! Connor pointed to a lady yesterday and said, Eww! (she was flipping out her teeth and putting back!)

I said well done!!

Danielle said...

1st, I am so jealoud that you get to hang with Jules. I want to hang with both of you!
2nd, you confirmed my idea of you being one of the hottest gal bloggers. You looked so darn cute!

T said...

oooh, I love judging all the freaks at the airport - best entertainment ever!!! enjoy your visit!

Kimi said...

That is my EXACT same goal! Crazy!

Have an amazing trip.

PS...I was gonna use another exclamation point, but I figured three in one comment might be overkill.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barb-He'll survive... he's a survivor! lol.

Kritta--justified judgment because I read that and said, "eeewwww" :)

Danielle- You come around here often okay? Because you can tell me that anytime, maybe I'll believe it one of these days and then WATCH OUT!!! hehehe.

Kimi--Here at blokthoughts we don't judge people by how many exclamation marks they use. Let em go... be free!

T-hahahahahahaha@ freaks... that's an understatement. I wonder what the freaks think of me? Do they think I'm a freak? hmmmmm something to consider.

April said...

Bein' all judgy sounds good until the ones you are teaching turns the judging back on you. THAT'S when you know you have taught them well!

Que said...

I'm the opposite of your husband. If my wife wants it done it'd better be on a list. That way I can check off as I go. If she gives me a list, half will get done. If she relies on my memory... none.

Que said...

I'm the opposite of your husband. If my wife wants it done it'd better be on a list. That way I can check off as I go. If she gives me a list, half will get done. If she relies on my memory... none.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ooh... people watching is the best!

And have a blast girl!

My computer is lousy at playing videos, I''ll have to confiscate my hubbys!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Que said...

I'm catching up on my blogs and I was finally able to go to your vlog. It was great. It's always more fun when you can put a voice to the words. Especially when you consider that I read some people's blogs in an Oscar the Grouch voice. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that. But I don't know what they sound like so I can choose whatever voice I want!

Just Jules said...

alright so I was so busy cleaning my house before you got here that I didn't get to read about what you were saying.

Pushed the idea? yeah- it went like this....

"Hey, I was thinking about visiting you"

me--> "OK! Do! please! Come!"

the end

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