Monday, May 17, 2010

I pay money for it? So what?

Things I've paid money for that I don't regret--

1. A Jigalow.

2. Okay I kid I kid. I never paid for a Jigalow, I talked them into not charging me. I kid I kid again. But that was funny.

Okay, to be serious. I've been thinking about this and I have come up with a bit of a list. I won't name them all, but I'll highlight the best ones.

My BLACKBERRY. Now I would say my iPhone because I would have that over my BlackBerry--but I no like AT&T, so they can suck it, and iPhone too, until they let Verizon have it.

They call it Crackberry for a reason people. I always have my phone, and for the most part, am ALWAYS connected. My hubs says that my Blackberry is like my Mistress (but the equivalent to a guy that a mistress would be). I may regret fractionally the problems my mistress has caused in our marriage. My husband says HE is neglected (I chalk that up to him not understanding, ignorance ya know?)... but "SHE/HE needs me" I plead to my husband, "unlike you who is sufficiently independent, my Blackberry 'JUJU' as I have lovingly named it, is like a child, it needs me to stroke it and give it attention so it can grow into the Blackberry it was meant to be". (For some reason he doesn't find that sufficient, nor funny). I agree, sometimes JUJU throws fits and I may go a little insane on him/her, but most of the time we get along and it has been a very loving relationship. And I love JUJU... with all my heart. Someday I hope my husband understands this and allows me to have an open relationship with HIM and my JUJU.

Moving right a long...

DVR-this goes without saying much. But who would shun something that lets you watch your favorite television shows at your whim?! Can't sleep at night? Watch that episode of "Grey's Anatomy" you missed last week because of an Elementary program that seems to think Grey's isn't important and schedules their program on that night. Alone for the weekend? Hello! Let's catch up on "24" that we've missed all season. On a flight during an important sporting event? No FREAKING problem--it will be waiting for you when you get home to watch. (sidenote here: Don't get on Twitter, Facebook, or the internet in general until AFTER you watch the Sports event, because without fail some jerk, who is your "friend", decides to say something that spoils it for you)How about hate watching commercials during your show because it leaves you hanging? Forget about it, record it, and fast foward--like manna from Heaven I tell you. So I love my DVR--

My 24 inch Mac. My first ever Mac and I shall never go back. I can't even describe what a good investment that was. Seriously. Once you get the hang of a Mac and switch over, it's night and day the beauty and miracle in which it runs and functions on a daily basis. Me loves it. To go along with that... my iPod Touch/iTunes/Apps/Words with Friends... sigh...oh sigh.

Also with those, I have to mention the new baby I picked up a few days ago (I have saved and saved for this beauty) and for which I'm typing on now to do this post. The Mac Book Pro laptop. Let me just say I cuddle this cute thing and feed it and burp it and want to take pictures with it and have totally fallen in lust with it. I get all giddy just trying to find excuses to play with it. (there is a joke in there somewhere, but I'll leave it alone.)

Hair appointments. I can't ever regret paying money to feel beautiful. I have a hair stylist that I adore and when I leave there I feel like I have just walked off the cover of a magazine, and until you have felt that power, you can't play hate. It's worth every penny I spend. That goes alone with the waxing of the eyebrows and such.

Expensive Jeans- When you find that pair of jeans that when you slip in them they make you look skinnier and make your butt look like those of the Gods... how can you fault that? HOW I SAY!? Don't judge. When you've searched the whole world (I may be a tad dramatic with that) to finally find that pair that works miracles, you buy them, and you get down on your knees and you thank the man upstairs for creating somebody who was genius enough to come up with them and bring them to life. Just sayin.

Okay, I'll stop. For now.

Anything you have paid money for that you don't regret?


P.S.--Full Disclosure--That isn't my butt up there showing off the jeans. All Images were stolen off of Google images.

P.S.S.--Go check out what Real World has going on today!


Barbaloot said...

Totally with you on the jeans. And one day I fully intend to buy a DVR---right now I'm good with my blank VHS tapes, though:)

I really don't regret buying much of anything---except maybe the second copy of Sword in the Stone. I didn't realize I already had one!

Garden of Egan said...

Well Shelle, I don't know what to say. The first time I met you I was worried that you were all shallow and stuff, but now I know you feel deeply and aren't worldly at all.

Seriously I love you!

Verizon is apparently getting the iPhone in June. So I heard since my daughter in law is faunching at the bit to buy one.

I have a droid and I haven't regretted that at all. I never thought I would want or need a phone with internet, but now that I have one I can't imagine sitting through church without one.
Just sayin'
(Also just KIDDING!)

Jack said...

Some days I think about scrapping it all- no BB, no DVR, nothing- the bliss of being unconnected.

Tammy said...

I would love a BB but until I can make enough money on this blog, we just can't afford to have one...bummer! I do enjoy getting those lovely highlights! Make me feel all "perty"! I love my laptop even though it's not a MAC. I couldn't live without it!

We live in a Zoo! said...

There is just no way to regret the Mac! ;D

T said...

love my Mac too... of course, my sad little PC laptop is inferior (but as all good parents I try not to play favorites)

and apparently I need to save up for an iPhone in June? (yeah, right who am I kidding - M.O.T.H. will get himself the iPhone and hand down the crackberry to me)

don't regret paying for... hmmmm... I think in a few years I am going to say a tummy tuck and a boob job... but for now I can't afford them :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barbaloot-let me just say, going from VHS to DVR is like going from a row boat to a cruise ship... it's not even comparable!!! I regretted buying a few cars I've purchased.

GOE-Hey girl! Me loves you! I can't I regret anything that isn't vain? I tried to come up with something, but couldn't. Let me know if you figure anything out! :)

Jack--you'd have to put me in a mental institution first.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Tammy--see I can't afford NOT to have one... see how that works? You do have killer highlights girl!

Mrs. Zoo-No, no there isn't.

T--sometimes one can't avoid playing favorites, in your case... the PC is inferior ;) I agree with the nip tuck!

Devri said...

Wow, ummm lets see.. still seeing.. never ever buy myself anything dang it! too many kids I guess. how bout I just live prucurisly sp? through my beautiful children. One thing I do that I don't regret. Leaving my children for 2 hours to exercise! I have never felt better, even thogh I still don't look better (yet) :)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I can't live without my Crack. And my hubbs can just deal cause at the moment he has not one but two Cracks (and he and his Cracks are currently in San Francisco so he double sucks).

I love my See Thru Soul jeans. I ain't gonna lie...I forked over my card for them and I'd do it again and again.

Also? Michael Kors. That's even worse than my Crack problem. I love him. I adore him. My closet is going over to the MK Crack. I'll even get a job to keep my habit if it comes to that.

My Mac. Sigh, love the Mac. Would love the iPhone but can't ditch T-Mobile without insane fees. AT&T is actually cheaper here in sticksville believe it or not. Scary.

Have the most awesome Tuesday. Cause by the time I checked in over here Monday was like SO over ;) (Don't hate me I watched Legally Blond tonight. I can't help it.)

Homemaker Man said...

I also heart my dvr. I might even give up cable before I gave it up. great invention.

Camille said...

You're living my dream - a DVR, Droid, and cute skinny butt! One day, though.. one day... :)

As for somethng I purchased that I don't regret? every.single.cupcake.I've.eaten in the past few months...

Maybe there's my problem to the lack of skinny butt?

handstowar said...

Gotta side with you on the DVR... def GREAT purchase.

My wife would side with you on the expensive jeans. That's her one guily pleasure and I don't mind. They do make her ass look GREAT.

I don't regret one bit spending oodles of money on my tattoos. I still NEED more if that says anything.

handstowar said...

Gotta side with you on the DVR... def GREAT purchase.

My wife would side with you on the expensive jeans. That's her one guily pleasure and I don't mind. They do make her ass look GREAT.

I don't regret one bit spending oodles of money on my tattoos. I still NEED more if that says anything.

handstowar said...

Gotta side with you on the DVR... def GREAT purchase.

My wife would side with you on the expensive jeans. That's her one guily pleasure and I don't mind. They do make her ass look GREAT.

I don't regret one bit spending oodles of money on my tattoos. I still NEED more if that says anything.

handstowar said...

Did I really just comment three times on accident. Damn. Sorry about that.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Devri--exercise is a good one for sure. It's warm now so I don't go to a gym, but in the winters it's worth it.

BMA-Wow we sound like sisters from different mothers! I feel ya on the jeans, honestly, I do! And crackberry's. I pray that your time speedly comes to an end with T-Mobile so I can be jealous of you and your iPhone!!! :)

Homemaker Man--You aint kiddin. Amen!

Camille--I don't really regret the cupcakes until AFTER I eat them, or I'm running and knowing I'm burning nothing but those calories.

HandtoWar--you just wanted to make sure I heard you... I get it. Frankly I'm just glad you are over here commenting! *Fist bump* See your wife and I... we would get along I think. I have a friend that feels the same way about Tattoo's. I don't mind them as long as the art is tastefully done.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Hey, in regards to the Crack. I've been reading about the HTC Droid this morning from Verizon. Supposedly kicks iPhone's tushy:

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are sooo cool and hip. I think you are the savvy twin. I do have the DVR, but I'm behind on all else. Unless my Mac is 24 inches. But I don't think so.

I did start a Twitter account though. I'm following you. Now I need to figure it all out.

Adoption of Jane said...

Of course that's not your butt, it's mine!

wendy said...

That is a good question. I'll just revert back to the Jiggalo.
can't ever underestimate a good jiggalo.
Love my DVR!!!!!!!!!!!
love my Hot Tub
love $$$ spent on a really good holiday with someone you love

Karena said...

I love it, travel to the Greek Isles, yes, great jeans, quality over art supplies!!


Art by Karena

binks said...

Well, spending all that money to come to Vegas to meet you, of course. Not an ounce of regret.

DVR and Showtime and HBO to watch Dexter, Weeds, True Blood,Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara. (I like 'em a little quirky)
Although someone else pays for them, I absolutely don't regret THOSE!

Seriously though, we spent quite a chunk for our Nikon P90, but I love it. And while I could never compare to the amazing photos that you snap, it is such a cathartic outlet.

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