Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Contributors Please?

HEY so I'm not looking for CONTRIBUTORS, but I'm looking for some GUEST CONTRIBUTORS over at my Real World Venus vs. Mars blog! (Okay I'm kinda begging) I want to change things up a bit. We are thinking, Vlogs and Podcasts

Please go over there and check out the whole scoop. Just click the Button below and it will take you there! I have listed some topics and I need YOU to help me out! ;)

And also, I know you guys are quality people, and I need that. So clicky click.

Venus and Mars



Barbaloot said...

As soon as I have good dating stories for you-I'll be happy to guest contribute:)

Right now, my thoughts just revolve around what NOT to say to your single friends once you're married. Some people are less than sensitive.

Garden of Egan said...

Would love too, but you guys are wayyyyy over my head.
I haven't figured out a thing yet and I've been married nearly 32 years!
I'm afraid if I start analyzing stuff I'll find out I'm not happily married! (giggling here)

Homer and Queen said...

My life is much too pathetic and I can't have people judging my typos and poor writing skills. Except Sage...I love it when he judges me!

Candice said...

I'm a quality person????

Awww shucks. ;)

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