Thursday, March 13, 2008

I knew Signing Time was AWESOME!

It was so cool to see this...You all know how much I love and preach about "Signing Time" videos!!! Especially when my kids were younger! I was amazed to see this video and thought I would share it! Isn't that great!!!


Mindy said...

Come any Wednesday and we'll play! Or Thursday--but I have Kate's pre-school T/Th mornings. We can call Kelly and have all the kids play:) I can't think of anything keeping me busy any Wednesday's for at least the next month. What weekends are you free next month? Maybe we can try to go to San Diego for a day or two?!

Sorensen Family Blog said...

That is amazing!

The Wright Family said...

You're blog is freakin amazing!! Have fun at the "shoot" today!! I think you may beat Rance to stardom!! lol

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